Our soils all over the world are so depleted and so ravaged that our fruit and vegetables cannot produce enough of the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they normally contain. This also goes for our meat, since cattle rely on the same nutrients.
So we think we are eating healthy by the good choices we make but in reality our foods do not properly provide for us. Personally, I do not believe in man-made vitamins. We just simply cannot digest them. And who really knows what we are taking?
I would like to introduce you to the first point of our health triangle, Spirulina. SPIRULINA  is a blue-green algae known to me as Earth’s natural wonder. One kilo of Spirulina is equal to 12 kg of leafy green vegetables. It also contains anti-cancer properties and is full of iron and all the vitamin B’s and essential amino acids. N.A.S.A is growing Spirulina on the Moon’s space station as a possible food source.

The second point of our triangle is Chlorella. CHLORELLA is also a blue-green algae and is known as the richest source of chlorophyll. It is full of anti-oxidants and all the vitamins and most minerals including a small amount of Silica. The amazing thing about it is its ability to disperse all toxins and poisons from the body naturally and in a relatively short amount of time. Some clever doctors are telling their cancer patients to take Chlorella after chemotherapy, although if asked, they probably will not admit that.
The third point of our triangle is SILICA. Without Silica, no nutrients or vitamins or minerals can be transported throughout the body. It is the vital ingredient that makes Spirulina and Chlorella work their unique form of natural magic. Star people living on Earth are Silicon-based not Carbon-based and they simply cannot live without Silica. Currently 10 % of the Earth’s population are star-seed souls here to help with the shift that hasn’t been able to energetically vibrate due to a lack of Silica.

Spirulina and Chlorella are not vitamins or medicines. They are foods - super foods, in fact. This makes them highly absorbable to the human body unlike man-made supplements. On their own they are truly amazing. They restore energy, strengthen your immune system and generally keep you super healthy.
But something miraculous happens when you take the three of them all together at the same time. They interact with each other, working together as a team delivering supreme health. The body will be finally able to do its job dispelling cancers, correcting neuron pathways in the brain and producing a superior immune system.
The three points of the triangle taken for three months (12 months in severe cases) will repair, rejuvenate, correct and heal every molecule of your entire body. You will sleep better, function more acutely and be able to fight off infections before they can take hold.
A normal dose of the Golden Trine to maintain health and create a super immune system is 2 grams of Spirulina x 2 grams Chlorella x 2 grams and 1 or 2 of the Silica Tablets and/or 15 ml of the Silica gel (this is one dosage taken once a day with fresh clean water).
If you are severely ill and need to be healed from whatever illness you may have, then my suggestion is to triple the above dosage and cease taking man-made drugs. Tablet form for Spirulina and Chlorella suits most people best as the powder, in my opinion, tastes utterly disgusting. Silica on the other hand, is tasteless.
With lots of love and light I give you the Golden Trine. May we all prosper and bask in abundance and health.

Author's Bio: 

Ian has over 30 years of experience and is an Amazingly accurate Psychic Medium. His intuitive connection with a clear direct channel brings forth past lives, messages from beyond and emotional healing. Ian demonstrates this through his aura scanning and his unique way without any use of tools.

His ability to channel through information from those who have gone on to the other side and beyond is nothing short of astounding. Ian has deservedly amassed a huge “fan base” wherever he has read. A reading with Ian is an unforgettable although often highly emotion-charged experience.

Ian is also a Spiritual Healer and is the author of Nature’s Oracle http://thriveonnews.com