The Healing Power of Hypnosis

Why Hypnosis?

There are many reasons why one would choose hypnosis to improve emotional or physical health. The most important reason that comes to mind is safety. It seems that if you visit the doctor for anything these days, they will most likely give you an expensive prescription medication that could come with a series of potentially serious side effects. Not everybody needs this type of rigorous and stressful treatment. Sometimes the path to the greatest amount of healing can be found by becoming deeply in touch with your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis was first deemed medically valid by the American Medical Association in 1958. As recently as 1996, hypnosis has been described by the National Institutes of Health as being effective in reducing pain from cancer or other chronic conditions. Hypnosis is a real treatment that achieves real results in an unconventional and powerfully effective way. From depression to anxiety, from unhealthy habits to unhealthy thoughts, hypnosis can provide many healing benefits.

How does it Work?

Hypnosis works through introducing the client to a trance like state, which opens up the power of suggestion. During waking consciousness, we have little to no control over what goes on in our subconscious mind. Sometimes our subconscious is responsible for holding onto negative feelings that can cause real physical and emotional pain. When a hypnotherapist guides you to break down that wall, you are then free to begin releasing the bonds that have tied you up in a repetitive means of existence. Hypnosis is about influencing the mind to work with you, instead of against you.

When your mind enters a state of deep relaxation, such as hypnosis, the healing begins immediately as your brain releases a higher amount of endorphins and serotonin, which relieve stress and create that “pleasant feeling” that you usually feel after doing a rigorous workout. In fact, hypnosis is truly a workout of the mind, forging healthy new habits and ending destructive cycles of thought.

Applications and Benefits

The applications of healing hypnosis can range from simple relaxation techniques to rigorous mental and physical healing. Professionals such as dentists and obstetricians have been known to use hypnosis with their clients for a variety of uses. For example, patients who undergo hypnosis before an invasive surgery often suffer much less physical trauma as a result. One of the most commonly reported benefits of hypnotherapy is improved sleep, which occurs because a deep hypnotic trance state is extremely similar to REM sleep. Sometimes, all it takes is the powerful relaxation achieved during hypnosis to immediately create a sensation of being full of wellness and healing energy.

Hypnotherapy has been used for quitting smoking, weight management, and relaxation. While this process is useful for all of those, the most critical use of hypnotherapy is healing. Anybody suffering from psoriasis, asthma, cancer, eating disorders, or depression can find treatment and comfort through time tested hypnotherapy techniques. When you experience the self-empowerment that healing hypnotherapy offers, you will realize the hundreds of possibilities that hypnotization can offer you on the quest to better yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Cathrine Margit Moller was born and raised in Denmark

She began her career in radio and television, and worked in that capacity until moving to Canada in 1998.

For the past twenty-five years, she has pursued a career in the healing arts at the same time, focusing on alternative health care and healing. By training under some of the leading wellness experts in the world, Cathrine keeps escalating her quest toward personal excellence, so she can offer you the best of the healing arts. This has included studies in Denmark, the U.S., Canada, and England, studying under leading experts in alternative medicine, such as Martin Brofman, Matthew Manning, and healer Geoff Boltwood in England. Additionally, she has studied Silva Mind Control and taken sessions at Chris Griscom's Light Institute in New Mexico as well, as she continually keeps her education as hypnotist up to date.

Her background in hypnotherapy is extensive. In 1999, she was certified Hypnotist by the 'National Guild of Hypnotists' and certified Master Hypnotist at the 'Ontario Hypnosis Centre' in 2000. Her work in hypnosis and hypnotherapy is diverse, and includes clinical use of hypnosis designed to empower her clients in areas ranging from the stresses and problems of their everyday lives, to past life regressions, and Self-Hypnosis training. She has also been certified as a hypnocoach by Dr. Lisa Halpin.

Her expertise also includes Somatic Healing, Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NGH, and Reiki, all of which offer powerful but simple solutions to a range of physical and emotional issues. She also offers NLP, which offers additional access to identifying self-limiting behaviors. These techniques are discussed at more length elsewhere on this site.

Her Personal Mission Statement

Cathrine sees people as incredible beings of infinite potential, whom she can empower and guide toward fulfilling on their goals and their dreams. As an Intuitive, Cathrine knows the Universe and trusts it to steer her in the right direction. Her goal is to help people, and enable them to find their full potential, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her greatest joy is in seeing a person evolve into all they can become, on every level.

She looks for the miracles in everyday life, and uses them to connect strongly to the forces that enable her to tap into the forces that have shaped a person’s life. As an intuitive, she uses her abilities to uncover the old and unproductive patterns that keep people “stuck,” working with them to purge the unproductive patterns that entrap them.

Cathrine’s own life has had personal challenges that have informed and transformed her, the most significant being when she was diagnosed with apparent MS. Rather than regarding this as a limitation, she has embraced it and used for personal transformation. Working with it in her personal practice, she has not only brought herself back to good health, but has used it to inform and illuminate her life’s path.