Holistic healing and the holistic approach to health have been with people for centuries of their existence. Long before pharmacy and medicine have come with the perfect solutions for humans’ health issues people used their wisdom and nature’s products to succeed in healing.

The concept of holism emphasizes the importance of a whole, the unity of the parts. Therefore, a holistic healing method will not concentrate on the specific problem or condition only, but it will consider it as a part of the bigger picture. When a problem occurs in the human organism, it is always a result of a disrupted balance. A holistic treatment tends to restore and maintain balance among the whole person, by including the body, the mind, the spirit and the heart along with all the life circumstances. Moreover, holistic healing means taking the responsibility for our own well-being and for all the consequences of the choices and actions we take in our every day.

The holistic healing method is the most reliable method when it comes to dealing with the problems of anxiety. Anxiety, in fact is a way of your body and mind alarming you that something inside you is out of balance. This may be a result of an internal cause as well as an external cause, the fact is that, you should find it yourself. Defining the cause of the problem is the first step to healing.

Conscious Observation of your Life

Most of us who live in modern societies have a very hectic lifestyle. The constant running and chasing for important things in life, makes us live very unconsciously. The truth is, we are driven by influences and we live by somebody else’s rules, therefore completely neglecting our needs. These circumstances cause us a lot of stress and damage our physical and emotional health.

Anxiety is most commonly a result of a prolonged state of stress. Therefore, if this is the case you should seriously think about things that are making you stressed and unhappy. We all have choices in life and we have a right to choose whatever is best for us and our well-being.

Consciously observing your life and circumstances, you may find what triggers your anxiety. Is it your dissatisfaction with the job you do, do you communicate with a lot of “toxic” people, are you taking good care of yourself and devote enough time for your personal needs? Your choices and actions result in your good health and your illnesses.

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Regaining good Balance

If you want to use a holistic approach to heal your anxiety, you should consider many factors of living and approach to positive change.

1. Environment is the most important factor to help you with healing. The artificial environment we live today is interfering with our natural biological rhythm. Exposing to enough sunlight and fresh air is crucial for your healing. Enjoy the change of seasons with regular walks in the nature.

2. Nutrition – your diet is either going to be your healer or your killer. To make food your accomplice in healing, you should consider a well-balanced diet consisted mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in fiber and low in cholesterol and sugars. Drink a lot of water and avoid stimulants as they may uplift your anxiety.


3. Sleep – the sleeping hygiene is very important for successful process of healing and for healthy life overall. People that are experiencing anxiety may sometimes have problem with insomnia. Planned and organized sleeping schedule will provide a quality sleep which is fundamental support for dealing with anxiety. The use of weighted blanket

is also advisable.

4. Exercise – the modern way of living leaves us with no room for exercise. However, incorporating activity in your life is very important part of the healing process. A good exercise is the one that you will practice regularly. Find the right balance of practice and recovery according to what you feel is your pace of exercising.

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Mind-Body Techniques

Mind and body techniques are exercising techniques that will help you re-establish this inevitable connection. They are proven to help in reducing anxiety, as they help you achieve relaxation state and mindfulness. Holistic healing approaches with the following techniques:

Yoga. Tai Chi
• Progressive relaxation
• Deep breathing
• Guided imagery

Healing with natural Products

Holistic healing promotes completely natural remedies and dietary supplement. There are a lot of nature’s products that are proven to be good remedy for anxiety issues. These remedies can be in the form of teas, oils, tinctures, powders, syrups capsules, or lotions.
Teas that help with stress-reduction and anxiety are:

• Peppermint tea
• Chamomile tea
• Lemon balm tea
• Rose tea

Among most popular remedies for fighting the anxiety issues nowadays, is the CBD oil. The growing popularity of CBD and many satisfied consumers have made this natural product the most commonly used remedy to treat anxiety and other stress related issues.

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