The speed at which technology changes our lives is almost impossible to comprehend. It feels a bit like dancing on a volcano that can erupt at any moment.

But especially in a positive way, because in the future we will become (healthier) older, the world is cleaner, we are more prosperous and we will become smarter. We are on the eve of major changes. Changes faster than ever before. In below few sentences, I take you to a future that is too good to be true, an inspiring and exciting journey in which you fall from one surprise to another.

The future seems like a far-from-your-bed show, but the changes are happening much faster than you think. With clear, interesting and exciting examples and beautiful illustrations, I will show you that our meals will really come from the food printer and that the basic income will mean that we may no longer have to work - unless we want to, of course. Potato chips in our body give us a signal when we are in danger of becoming ill, which means we can prevent many diseases, live longer in good health and perhaps even bring immortality within reach. Still other chips, for example in your hand, make keys and debit cards unnecessary. Your front door will open automatically when you come up and your groceries will be automatically paid as soon as you leave the supermarket.

Our homes are also getting smarter and are fully adapting to our preferences with the help of sensors, be it your reading lamp that switches on automatically when you pick up your book or the heating that goes down when you think “what is it warm here” . The invention of Electric, self-driving pods replace our polluting cars and ensure that we arrive at their destination safely and rested, before heading back to another passenger or delivering a package. We are also going to do much more directly with our brains. For example, it is already possible to control a prosthetic limb with your thoughts and scientists have succeeded in making a direct 'brain-internet' connection. Telepathic communication is the next step.

Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace and thanks to deep learning and natural language processing, robots are becoming an important part of our daily lives. Intelligence machines are going to take over many of our jobs - and not just simple, repetitive work. Lawyers, surgeons, teachers and artists will also have to compete with robots in the future. Fortunately, many new jobs are being created. Within a few years, we increasingly have direct contact and even relationships with robots, be it at school, at work, in the store or in the hospital. But we also get robots at home. As a cleaner, personal assistant or full - and perfect - partner with whom you can have in-depth conversations and even have an intimate, physical relationship.

Everyone will soon have solar roof tiles on the roof and we will even get solar energy directly from space in a while. Thanks to these unstoppable developments, the coal industry will probably - and fortunately - never recover. So, there is a lot of good news to say about the world of tomorrow: the future looks cleaner, healthier and brighter.

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Technology is truly changing our way of living