Beloved Luminous Soul,
in the two previous books we have seen the importance of certain expressions.

In the 1st book Your hand in Mine
the expressions:

of Love,
of Joy,
of Smile,
of Gratitude,
of Prayer,
of Silence,
of Meditation,
of' Expression of one’s Essence,

In the 2nd book I am beside you
the expressions:

of Choices,
of Humility,
of Simplicity,
of Abandonment,
of Enthusiasm,
of Game,
of Song,
of Dance,
of Responsibility and Commitment,
united in the Intensity and Lightness,

These expressions are essential to live peacefully, to express our Essence, to achieve peace, to satisfy one’s heart, to walk on a luminous Path.

Angels help us understand their importance, what we can guess when we live them, what we can understand as they express them in all, continuously.

This, because each of them opens a 'door', behind which there is a new dimension, unimaginable before, that cannot be described in words.

For this, we can define the: Keys of Light

From personal experience, I can confirm that these 'Keys of Light' open the door to wonderful dimensions that I am still experiencing, and, at the same time, close the doors to what creates difficulties and suffering, what prevents from receiving aid from the Angels and their gifts.

Of course the 'Keys of Light' are innumerable, all of great help for ourselves and in our relationships.

So are they when we choose to give our help and our experience to those who are beside us or we encounter on our journey.

Some of them are:

Observing the present moment
Acceptance and Respect
Determination and Prudence
Discipline and Costance
Openness and Positive Thinking
Letting go of the past and to be able to adapt
Living in solitude without feeling lonely

Observing the present moment


The past is no longer ours.
Although we recreate a situation exactly equal to a previously lived one, however we cannot live it in the same way, feeling the same emotions, because something in us has already changed: we change moment by moment.
The future is not in our hands yet, and as long as we have something, we cannot enjoy, savour, use.
So the present is our only richness. It is the only time that we can live, in which we can act.
And the present is made of 'moments'.
All Masters invite to live with full awareness the 'here and now'.
It is an immensely important, vital achievement because it gives us a chance to live life fully, to seize everything the moment gives, creates and allows.
At the same time it leads us to donating, creating and allowing.
It gives us the opportunity to love totally, to savour completely, fully exploit everyone and everything.
So regrets, guilt, bitterness will not raise for what you have not lived, done, given, taken, permitted.
In the heart there will be the serenity and peace for having always given space to all this.
If we observe carefully the present moment, the thing we are doing, what we are experiencing, we will be aware of everything, fully, without interruption, and, therefore, we will act with responsibility.
In this way, no situation, person, sensation, emotion, feeling, will lead us to reacting, nor overwhelming us.
Reflecting ourselves in the present moment, we will know ourselves, and recognize all what is within us.
If we live consciously the 'here and now', we will express our Essence, we will manifest our choices.
Holding the attention to the present moment, the mind will move away naturally.
This allows that in the heart fall the true knowledge, wisdom, intuitions and messages of the Angels. In it all our talents will awaken that attention itself will allow us to live at all times.
So we have the possibility to express all our human and Divine potential.
If we are in the 'here and now', we do not scatter energy in concerns and anxieties, thinking about the past or the future.
Indeed, the physical energy, psychic and mental clarity will increase.
We will not make anything out of habit and without realizing it.
We will live in the same way small or big things, the daily or exceptional ones.
Consciously experiencing the present moment, we will enjoy fully the Love that will play that moment of infinite beauty and preciousness.



I believe that the courage is a 'Key of Light' we also used before the birth: the Soul already manifests courage when she chooses to incarnate on the Planet Earth, where evolution occurs overcoming obstacles, difficulties, experiencing sufferings, almost always in forgetfulness of one’s Essence, of the chosen project, the lived Ancient.
Remembering that what the Soul chooses to live requires less and less of what there is in our potential, we can be sure that inside us there is also the necessary Courage.

◊ To rejoice what we are courageous of, we observe the things of our lives that require us
constantly to 'use' this 'Key of Light':

- to face difficulties;
- to overcome obstacles;
- to accept what happens and what surrounds us;
- to live the interpersonal relationships in freedom, without suffering or making suffer.
- to make the necessary choices;
- to take steps and actions that require choices;
- to be consistent and integrated with the choices made, with what one says;
- to express one’s thoughts;
- to say and tell oneself the truth;
- to speak clearly;
- to leave free;
- to respect everyone, fully;
- to express the feelings, the emotions, the sensations;
- to share fears, doubts, difficulties;
- to act with determination, intensity and responsibility.

◊ And if you have chosen to grow and evolve as Free Souls, it is necessary the Courage also to:

- walk on a Luminous Path;
- express one’s Essence;
- live the learned of the Soul;
- act with the Power of the Soul, the Light, remembering to be Divine Sparks;
- manifest one’s Creed;
- testify in all that is lived, what we have manifested;
- detach from oneself, from one’s own personality, needs, fears, etc.;
- detach oneself from everything and everyone, to have a real and complete vision;
- challenge one’s convictions and beliefs, learned during life;
- live outside the patterns, convictions and social beliefs when they are contrary to our choices,
hinder the Path, restrict freedom.

◊ And above all it takes courage to:

- 'travel’ towards oneself;
- find oneself completely;
- accept oneself fully;
- recognize what and who hurt us, who did not love us or does not love us and forgive unconditionally;
- observe what the heart contains, also what is not of Light and Love;
- ‘touch’ the wounds of the heart, and seek for the causes and roots;
- recognize what the physical disharmonies express, require, and act consequently;
- choose to live and do whatever healing requires;
- dismiss the mind to live and learn only with the Heart
- go beyond the needs of the heart to follow the Soul;
- leave people, safeties, benefits, to be consistent and free;
- live abandoned, in total confidence;
- leave the heart wide open;
- love unconditionally everything and everyone;
- give Love in all its manifestations and expressions.

And all this: always, anywhere, with anyone.

If at times we do not feel the courage to do something, we ask our Angel to help us and fill us with His strength.
This will awaken the strength that is within us, and it lets us feel ready to go into action.
In the action we will feel the essence of Courage, because it is a flower that comes from the 'Strength of the Soul'.
And let us never forget that nothing is impossible when we act with the Angels, in the Light, when we hold tight the hand of our Angel.


"... It is the Clarity in oneself, in one’s own feelings, desires, needs, it is making Clarity around oneself, that leads to peace.
When all is illuminated, fully and with everyone, we are placed in a clear way, many things change for themselves. Others are easy to change because they have been recognized, others require a new commitment or they might let go. "

"... Clarity must be accompanied by compassion, lovingness, humility.
Those who choose to see clearly, to hear clearly and to speak clearly, can find themselves in situations that require firmness. And here there is a risk of making feel the hardness if there is no compassion and humility.
With these, combined with the memory of one’s difficulties, the Clarity will always be surrounded by lovingness.
So, although expressions can be intense and steady, the listener will never feel any hardness. "

" ... We also help you with Clarity, always and in everything.
Sometimes you can lose your Trail, you can stray in the world, you can look away from heaven, and not realizing it.
With Love I will help you recognize this, so that you can resume the Way with a new safety.
Therefore, this help and all My helps, feel them just as clarities I give you because I love you infinitely, because I want your happiness, because My task is to help you experience the purpose of your Soul and reach your goal.
Bring Clarity as a gift of Light and Love, too, and do not observe or judge anything that doing so will create or not.
In your heart there be the certainty that no donated ray is lost.
The occasions that require you to be clear may be many in a single day.
So, pay a lot of attention to all of your daily routine, to everything you live, in order to always act in a clear way, to always make Clarity in you and around you, fully, everywhere, at all times.
Clarities are essential because Light does not allow any shadow. "


I chose to bring Clarity in my entire life, but I fear a little to lose what I have, what, at times, gave me the strength to go on, although now I have realized that many are illusions.


"Those illusions removed the strength from you, they did not give it to you.
Illusions never give strength, indeed, they also create the illusion of strength.
Look at your past, and you can see that your strength came from other sources, and you have always got a lot of strength.
That strength did not come certainly from illusions that always blur and suffocate it. An illusion can deceive your mind, it can deceive those who are beside you or whom you meet, but it cannot deceive the deepest part of you: you cannot deceive your Soul.
That is why the illusions create disharmonies in and around, and remove the strength.
If you want to live in Clarity, this will bring you the true strength, and will always illuminate what takes it away or diminishes it.
It is the mind that makes you believe what you fear.
If you observe those who behave clearly, you see they become stronger in everything.
Clarity gives the 'Soul Force' that nothing and nobody can take away, and it also increases physical strength.
For this, let go of your fear created by the mind, saying:
– I am strong and I am acting with Clarity to become even more so, to use all my strength – .
In you there be always this certainty, and ask Me for help.
Now you cannot know how acting and expressing yourself always in clear way, takes you and will take you, which is why you fear: the mind fears all that is unfamiliar.
Merge to Clarity the joy and the pride of having the courage to live like this, to bring Light in and around you, merge the lightness for opening the heart and keeping it open.
Who brings Clarity brings Light, and the Light illuminates the hearts.
Acting in a clear way creates vibrations that can birth situations unimaginable before. It brings to dissolutions that allow what seemed impossible.
It recall always great gifts.
The non-clarity removes not only the strength, but also other possibilities, it limits much, stops the growth and creates difficulties to the involved ‘Hearts’.
It can also create disharmonies in the body, whereas the Clarity can dissolve and heal, much can happen in it, much can lead to donating to it.
But only by living it fully, continuously, anywhere, with anyone, you will discover all that it creates, gives, attracts.
What you really must fear is the non-clarity, because it is dangerous, for you and for others, for the body, the heart and the Soul.
Clarity creates unimagined possibilities when it is held with Love, for the serenity of the heart and the growth of the Soul, when it is made with Us, with the Light, to fly even more towards the Light.
Sometimes, what being clear requires, pushes to do and leads to living, it can create some difficulties initially, but they will melt in the gifts that come immediately, in the fluidity and serenity in the relationships that Clarity allows.
When you feel some difficulties or resistance behaving so, remember that this is essential in order to live what the Soul has chosen, to conquer the High Peaks, to live in the joy, harmony and peace. "

"... Have much compassion in giving clarity and in making it inside you.
Often, one chooses Clarity, but then, unconsciously, one acts not clear, for fears, desires, benefits, habits.
When you do not understand, with much Love and sweetness, ask for clarifications, knowing how much they are important for anyone, anywhere and always.
With Love and sweetness, be always clear in every relationship, thinking that what is understandable for you not always is for everyone, at all times.
Remembering this, you will do and donate the clarities with compassion, you will envelop them with lovingness, and you will observe everything with detachment.
If you choose Love, remember that it is a flower that can grow only in Clarity, and die in the non-clarity.
If you choose the Light, remember that it can shine only in Clarity, because this creates the room to Light, whereas the non-clarity stifles and removes any space. "


"... Being aware is to have a clear vision, and then to be able to observe, accept, let it flow, dissolve, act, and always remain alert and vigilant."

"... If you have Awareness of your fears, you will discover them more and more. And the more you will recognize them, the more you will discover your beauties.
If you are aware of your insecurities and your fears, you can go down in your battle field with the right weapons, and you will be able to request the necessary help. "

"... If you choose to live consciously, you will be first of all aware of you, of your Essence of the Luminous Soul, of all parts of your Essence that are in you, that you can express in the Light and Love.
If you know the meaning of life, the purpose of this journey, with awareness you can act, listen, express yourself.
With it you can even intuit the non-visible and discover unknown worlds to you now.
If you live consciously you do not need to always understand what is happening, the reason or the cause of everything, and however remain calm.
If you are present in everything, you will intuit and understand what is happening inside and outside of you, even far away from you.
Live so intensely and let it all flow.
With uninterrupted Awareness observe everything: what happens, moves, makes itself felt, what you perceive and see inside you, around you, away from you.
So you will understand and see many things that will help you accept everything with Love and live with serenity.
Attention allows you to live the small and the big things as opportunities for your growth, your evolution, for your achievements, without the need to understand, not now, not tomorrow.
Awareness allows you to surrender peacefully and totally certain that you are living the purpose of your Soul, you are having great opportunities, receiving great gifts.
In the total abandonment, in not understanding, you can still consciously observe, understand, listen and express yourself.
Living in this way, you will remember what is necessary to remember in that moment, you will understand what is good for you to understand.
Be in the 'here and now', like a guardian who watches everything, like a witness who watches all from above, to have the total view, the necessary distance to live all peacefully.
Be vigilant and careful, to welcome everything and to be conscious throughout. "

"... Live the Awareness with Love, because with it everything will be different.
With Love, be attentive to what is being transformed inside you, what has opened, what you have started.
This will take you to realize the awakening of the Past Lives, and the approach of the New.
The change happens when you live consciously, because everything is allowed in this way, every opportunity, every gift is seized, and room is left for the New to manifest.
Give room to the Past Lives and New in all its expressions, remembering that the Past Lives and the New will join in the heart.
It is in the heart that everything joins together, it is the heart that must blossom.
You can help it flourish immersing yourself in the Nature, leaving inside you its language, its sounds, its images, expressions.
You will become a rainbow linking the Sky to Earth, bringing the Sky to Earth, raising the Earth to the Sky.
In the Nature to bring out the Past Lives will be easier, to open the heart, feeling the Whole, feeling in the Whole.
Listen in silence to everything Nature tells you, everything that the Creatures living in it, suggest you.
Discover the Whole remaining silent, observing in silence, listening with the heart.
Immerse yourself in Nature and I will take you on my lap. Immerse yourself in Nature and I will bring you up.
Run into the Nature and you will become a happy little girl.
Speak loudly with Nature, with its Creatures, and afterwards listen in silence.
Then, talk with your heart and listen with your heart.
Alternate between these two ways of speaking and listening: you will be able to grasp the language of the Soul those whom you meet in the Nature, you will be able to talk with the heart.
And that is how Nature and its Creatures will help you become fully aware of everything.
With Awareness protect your Light, with Our Love nourish your heart. "

"... The Awareness of the obstacles and difficulties you encounter, of all that is in one’s heart, can never grieve, because it gives us the courage to take the steps and actions necessary to overcome the obstacles and difficulties.
Living aware of everything and therefore responsible for everything, requires a great courage.
Many ‘Hearts’, for fear, do not even allow to donate them the awarenesses.
Others, to retain some advantages, hide the acquired Awareness and claim to be unaware: trying to cheat, deceiving first themselves.
It is feared that the Awareness obliges to take the steps and the necessary choices.
Instead it is the opposite: it also allows you to choose not to take the steps and make the choices that you do not want to do.
As you can see, it is necessary to have a lot of courage to accept the awarenesses, live them, and with them observe where one is, how one is, where one is going, how one chooses to be, where one wants to arrive.
And it takes even more courage then, to make choices and take the steps the Awareness requires.
It is natural to reach the desired goal, it is not enough to be aware of if then one remains stationary, or excuses are found not to go.
In this case you must be intact and say:
– I understand, I understand my difficulties, I see my obstacle, but I choose to stay still – .
It is to make a choice for everything: the choice to continue the Way, to live responsibly, or to stop."


Perhaps you have heard that it is not easy to live with Awareness because it requires strength, courage and continuous choices.
When we choose to 'awaken' and consciously choose to live the life, and everything that happens in us and around us, we can no longer hide the reality, neither ourselves nor others.
If we do it for the benefits, for fears, for the weariness, a voice inside of us still reminds us the truth and reality.
We cannot understand what has happened or is happening, but in the heart there is the certainty that it has a purpose, that it is an opportunity.
And we know that, if we live it consciously, we can guess the meaning.
Living consciously really requires a lot of strength, great courage and a total responsibility in all, at all times, but it donates an unimaginable freedom, true freedom.
Only when you are aware you can actually choose, and the choice is real.
If you do not know, you choose the mind, certainly not as free Souls.
One chooses driven by desires, needs, wounds, trauma, by the lived.
So the choice is influenced and therefore it is not real.
While when one chooses consciously, one is able to stop and listen to one’s heart. You can go beyond the desires and needs of the heart, to listen to what the Soul is indicating to us.
So we can perceive what the Angels are suggesting us, so that the choice is for our benefit, for developing the purpose of the Soul, to make it even more luminous, and leave her free.
We must never be afraid of the Consciousness, for any reason, and even think that it forces us to do something.
It helps us remember that we are free Souls, and therefore, we can choose everything, at all times, in total freedom.
We are free to decide to continue the Way to the goal, or stop, or restart, or stop.
Awareness allows us to choose to overcome obstacles or to surrender to them, but without feeling victims of the situation.
It helps dissolve any difficulty in everything, even in relationships.
And when we choose consciously not to deal with the difficulties, however, we feel not to suffer from anything or anyone.
Awareness leads to doing all what is necessary to live in freedom, to conquer the High Peaks, to reach the goal, to go to sleep in peace.
It also allows to choose not to do anything, despite being aware of the prisons, illusions, everything.
It makes feel free to change the choices made, whenever we want it.
Awareness is not just a 'Key of Light', it is also a precious stone whose value we discover day after day, all living consciously.



How can I be more responsible?


"You feel that you are really a free Soul, fully, at all times, in every choice, even then able to change the made choices.
Recalling this, make now the choice to live responsibly everything.
Try and bring attention to everything you do, big or small, and to each thought of yours.
'Do this with serenity, feeling and thinking that you are training, and that you will live with Responsibility everything.
You will discover how to live responsibly, makes you feel great, brings you to be humble, gives you new joys.
When you meet someone, or you are acting with someone or for someone, you feel that you are acting with a heart or for a heart, and that, therefore, the total attention is required, a great Responsibility, an infinite Sweetness, the Love of Souls.
So you will remember that, in reality, you are acting with a Soul, you are behaving with a Soul, and you will feel even more the indispensability of Love, of sweetness, attention, and to be responsible.
Train with the little things of everyday life, with small steps, small changes. If you remember that they are aids to train the Responsibility, the attention, you will not see them small or little important, but you will feel that everything has the same importance.
Pay more and more attention to your way of thinking, speaking, acting, how you live your daily life, because the big training is there that will bring you to live life as a responsible Soul.
Sometimes, when you start to learn about the beauty of being detached from the things that happen, you may feel not easy to live in the everyday, because at times you feel the futility, non importance.
But if you live everything responsibly, you know that the training, learning, occasions, opportunities, to become who you are, to make the conquests you chose, to reach your goal, are in the everyday life.
That is how you will live fully all your expressions with Responsibility, feeling everything as a training, as a means, and that everything is part of the purpose of your Soul.
If you live all responsibly, you will give a lot of room to Me and you will let Me help you to live everything, also the opposites, and, above all, to go from one opposite to the other with joy, with happiness. "


During this period I feel the fatigue of being responsible in all my things.


"Remember that in you there is the Essence of the warrior of Light.
If you contact again and express this Essence, you will not feel any difficulty in a so natural thing for a warrior as is the Responsibility.
Feeling in you this Essence, you will feel the joy of being responsible of your life, your actions, your steps, your thoughts, your intentions, your desires, each expression of yours.
The warrior of Light is proud to be responsible for herself, in all her totality.
If you continue to choose to be a warrior of Light, you will feel the excitement of being responsible of your life fully, to take up the Responsibility of your expression in everything, continuously.
Responsibility is part of the Essence of the warrior of Light, and this leads to living responsibly everything with enthusiasm.
A warrior of Light loves her Essence and all that is part of her Essence, of her expression.
Observe your heart with clarity, awareness, and feel what it is that makes you afraid of being responsible.
With courage express what is in your heart, in order to understand what is preventing you from expressing your Essence of warrior and your other Essences.
So now you will find what is creating you difficulties or fear.
If you find they are the benefits you do not want to let go, needs you want to satisfy, things that slow down your Way or limit the expression of your Essence, remain still serene, and choose freely what you want.
What matters is to bring light into you, and recognize what is in it.
So you will understand that being responsible does not create fatigue and even difficulty.
If a ‘Heart’ is ready to let go of everything and really believes in its luminosity, in its magnitude, if it feels the immensity of the chosen Way, of its Soul, the chosen Peak, it put them ahead.
And that makes feel all the enthusiasm, the pride, to live all expressions of one’s Essence, to overcome every difficulty, feeling the joys, the gifts, the gratifications, which instantly dissolve all fatigue, every effort.
So if you choose to still live your Essence of warrior of Light, that you will experience the joy and the pride of being responsible for everything and in everything. "


"... Integrity means expressing with serenity what in that moment you have chosen to live without fear of being judged, whatever the choice.
Knowing how to listen to your heart and follow the directions, and then go beyond the needs and desires of the heart, to follow the Soul.
And acting as Souls, and not allowing the mind, the needs of the heart, the advantages to influence the action.
Not accepting any compromise to have what you want, let alone to offer it.
Knowing how to get away from situations, things, people creating trouble, or disturb the harmony and inner peace, or obstruct the chosen Way.
This, of course, after doing the necessary steps, actions and clarities, to resolve the difficulties.
Having the courage to choose everything with awareness and responsibility, and making choices, steps, actions, even the hard ones, to be consistent with the chosen and with one’s own Way.
Having the courage to abandon the easy trails and choose those difficult, when you realize that only they will lead to the chosen destination.
Always expressing gently and firmly one’s own feelings, thought, one’s own truth, even if it means losing friends, companions, benefits.
Walking straight on the chosen Path, without stalling in unclear situations, to hold securities or have advantages."


“... Sinks deeper and deeper your roots into the earth so that we can more easily bring the gaze to the Sky.
If your roots are very deep in the ground, you will be able not only to keep your gaze to the Sky, but look around you, inside you, the horizon in front of you.
Look inside yourself, listen to the feelings of your body, the invisible bodies, to understand your Being, and the vibrations of whom or what is close to you.
Look at the Sky smiling, remembering that it will protect you, will infuse you the strength to live and to do everything.
Look at the horizon to see who is approaching.
So you will be able to throw open the doors and prepare the table laid for travellers, or close even more your doors.
If necessary, you can quit your village in time, to protect it, going determined towards those who are advancing to the horizon.
Sink your roots into the earth to become a strong tree that no wind can shake or bend, and learn how to move your branches fluidly, lightly, with joyfulness, to preserve the ability to bend totally and stand firm, strong, unshakable.
So in everything, in every expression.
This is the way in which everything joins and is created, is lived.
If you live with Equilibrium, you create the room necessary for everything to come in and be manifested in you. "

“... With My Love I will help to approach the 'centre', that important 'centre' from where you can act observing everything equally.
Imagine being in the middle of a large circle, and try.
You will see from there in the same way from every part of it.
You can do this also really, to enter more this understanding.
From the centre you can move to reach a point of the circle where an action, an expression is required to you, but then you return to the centre and observe all again.
Getting to the 'centre' of oneself is a great goal.
It is not easy then stay there, because an emotion, a feeling, a not being careful, cautious, totally detached, is enough to lose that place, to move from the centre.
And that 'centre' is called Equilibrium.
From the centre you can raise with detachment: from the top and in the centre you can observe better everything, to understand fully, and then know how to act in the requested manner.
Reaching the 'centre' of oneself, and from there being able to detach oneself to watch everything from above, can become easy living as free Souls.
If you feel the fatigue to arrive in 'the centre', to live with Equilibrium, smile and think that you feel it because it is not simple to detach oneself from everything, but this goal is a source of joy, peace, serenity.
Any effort, however great it may be, is nothing next to all that this source can give you and it will really give you.
So go to this ‘centre' with the joyfulness of getting there, the enthusiasm to achieve this goal.
Walk and act smiling, with the certainty of arriving, although sometimes your steps slow down, or some obstacle takes some time to be overcome.
As you approach, you will savour new joys, a new serenity, a deep peace.
You will feel freer and freer, because in the 'centre' you will be free from anything that can choke your heart, remove the serenity, obstruct the path."


"... The Strength is in everybody, but not everyone chooses to express it.
Remember that sometimes, behind an expression seemingly fragile, weak, there is a great unenlightened force, commanding, imposing, demanding, governing.
It is often used an apparent weakness, fragility, shyness, showing of not knowing, not understanding, not knowing how to do, to induce someone to act in one’s place, to do what one wants, to behave how one wants, or to receive something, or to obtain advantages.
For this, it is not always easy to discover and recognize the true Strength, or where the not luminous Strength hides.
Together with Love, we illuminate your Strength, so that you can express all its magnitude fully, with all the Light it requires.
The real Strength is the Strength of Love, of Light, of Soul.
That is why it can be expressed with the sweet and tender Love.
The not luminous Strength can be expressed with violent actions, with harsh expressions, but these often conceal a weakness, or fears.
Sometimes the Strength requires firmness, but this can always be expressed with sweetness, kindness and tenderness, too.
Be aware of all this, to remember that in you there is a great Strength to live, to cope with and do everything.
So, feel that it will always be a choice of yours to extract it totally, then it will be another choice to express it only with the Light and Love.
With this awareness observe who stands with you, always remembering that everyone has within oneself a great Strength.
So you will be able to understand who is afraid to pull it out, you will be able to have compassion with those who do not pull it out to his advantage or to manipulate.
You will know how to go beyond words, tears, expressions of weakness and fragility.
And if someone, to obtain an advantage, does not choose to use his Strength, you will be able to bring clarity, and if necessary, to get away.
Expressing with the Light and Love the Strength within you, you will be able to protect yourself, donate, help and love with intensity.”

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Heal yourself and help heal

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.