“... At one time there were very few words, and a time will come when there will be even fewer words.
At that time there were big 'yes', the big 'no', that were born from the heart, from a deep wisdom, the union of the heart to the Light, the deep connection with the Great Light.
When there was a 'yes', it was a luminous 'yes'; when there was a 'no', it was a luminous 'no'.
When the 'yes' was pronounced, it remained 'yes'; when the 'no' was pronounced, it remained 'no'.
A few words, clear words, consistent with these words.
This is the Assertiveness.
And if there is the union of the heart with the Light, the words will be always expressed with Love.
The Assertiveness will help you manifest what you have chosen to be and to express, to manifest also the Essence of your warrior of Light, and, as such, assert:
– I am a warrior of Light. I fear nothing and I do not move – .
The Assertiveness also accompanies the action, where you will be able to say:
– If I choose to go, nothing can stop me. My goal, my target, are luminous and I will continue my Way beyond everything, beyond every obstacle – .
The Assertiveness comes from the illuminated depth, it is always manifested with Love.
So, when you express yourself, you will reveal yourself, you will act, you will do everything with Assertiveness and Love.
This is disconcerting, but it also attracts. That is why with the Assertiveness you can awaken other ‘Hearts’, you can help and donate.
And with it you can go away or remove who wants to stifle the Light, or wants to tarnish your Light."


“... The Candour is expressed by acting, with the words, one’s eyes, it is manifested in the whole Being, it vibrates in the body and around it.
With Love I will help you to express the Candour with words and actions, but remember it will be manifested first of all from your eyes, from your vibrations.
For this reason, be attentive to the vibrations you feel when someone expresses with the words he chose the Candour. And if you have doubts, observe his eyes.
Always remember what you feel when you are next to a little child, how his whole Being expresses the Candour, how even his vibrations are candid, how his eyes express the purity of the heart.
Remembering all this, you will be able to discover where Candour really is and not."


“... A very sensitive person often feels fragile, vulnerable and sometimes afraid that one’s heart so open brings her or him to suffer more.
In reality the expression of Sensibility shows great strength and great courage.
Who chooses to keep open one’s hearts to hear, to what vibrates throughout one’s Being, to listen to everything there and to what vibrates in other hearts, has a great courage and a lot of strength.
It is much easier to protect oneself from one’s own and others' feelings, closing the heart, raising walls, creating barriers, but so you lose your joy, you do not live Love.
Sensibility is choosing to feel every feeling, every sensation, every emotion, whether it is birthed by one’s heart, or it comes from other hearts.
It is always about expressing every feeling, every emotion, and live them fully.
The Sensibility leads to compassion, because one can perceive and intuit what is behind every word, expression and action.
It brings to live in the heart and be guided by the Soul.
And when you choose to be in the heart, to live with the heart wide open, to understand everything with the heart, you let your mind go.
Sensibility brings to welcome, to love, not to fear, to envelop lovingly every ‘Heart’, because you understand every need, every desire, every fear.
Sensibility helps say things in a way and at the right time, giving what is needed at that time, loving totally.
It helps know how to stay still in order to wait for the request, and to seize the right moment."


"... The Lovingness is the expression of Love that envelops, nourishes, accompanies, welcomes, and the all-encompassing.
It is necessary first of all towards oneself.
Be loving with the Little Girl that is inside you, be loving with your heart, accepting your needs, the needs of the heart and body.
With Lovingness speak to your heart and to your body, to be able to accompany them beyond the needs.
This, so that the heart and body are always free: the only way the Soul remains free.
If you are loving with the Little Girl that is in you, with your heart, with your body, you will be able with Love to envelop every ‘Heart’ you meet, to accompany every traveler who comes close to you.
The Lovingness is necessary when you choose to donate your knowledge, your wisdom, your experiences.
So every ‘Heart’ that will receive these, will be facilitated in making his choices, his steps, his actions, and above all, will be able to open up to you, feeling that you will understand and help him lovingly.
The Lovingness draws, because everyone needs Love.
Let the hearts open, because they feel they will not be judged, but only accepted and loved.
It nourishes the body because it needs caresses, tendernesses and warmth.
The Lovingness, the sweetness, the tenderness, are not at all far from the strength and firmness, but, to be fully expressed, they should be accompanied by these ones.
Only in this way they will have the great sound that will enter the depth of the heart, to nourish, illuminate, heal.
If you choose to express them so, you will also be certain that there will not be the ‘affectations’ that are not good for anyone, because they do not nourish or support, but they remove and manipulate."


“... You reach the Calmness when you have attained your heart, when you remain connected to the Light and Love.
The Calmness requires always to remember to be free Souls, travelling towards a great goal, to be luminous Souls who have chosen the Light and Love.
Remembering that what is happening is chosen by the Soul, and that, beyond appearances, it is good for one’s Soul, one lives everything remaining calm.
Everything is expressed calmly if you remember that whom you meet is a luminous Soul the Soul has chosen to meet to give or to receive.
The difficulties encountered in the daily life can often make lose the Calmness.
Therefore, in the morning when you wake up, stay a little with 'Me’ and breathes My Love.
Bring inside you all the Love and Light that in those moments I give you and ask Me:
– Help me become Love, to emanate the Love today in anything with anyone – .
Then, when you feel that something could make you lose your Calmness, stop for a while, breathe Love, and remember what you asked me in the morning, so you will be able to behave with Love, express yourself calmly.
The Calmness is lost when one is away from one’s centre or one is not in connection with the Light, with one’s luminous Essence.
And when one has not discovered yet to be luminous Souls on the way, one is away from one’s centre.
So, you cannot know if whom you meet is an awakened Soul or not, whether it is in her centre or not.
With this in mind, you will have the total understanding and therefore the total Calmness.
Do anything to stay in your centre, to remember who you are, to repeat your choice to donate Love, to become Love.
If at any time you forget this and walk away from your centre, have understanding and compassion for you.
So you will for others, too and you always behave with Calmness.
Slowly, with My help and My love, you will be able to stay in your centre and be, therefore, calmer and calmer."


“... Patience is the ability to wait with Love and Serenity. Recognizing that nothing is known of the Past Lives that can lead to an action, expression, or difficulty.
Accepting not to know the purpose of the Soul and, therefore, not to know the time required to make one’s own achievements, to let go of one’s personality, to complete the healing of the heart, to overcome obstacles, to cope with challenges, to win a battle.
Patience helps you repeat the lessons, not only until you have fully understood, but as long as you can live them uninterrupted, anytime, anywhere.
It helps you give your wisdom, your knowledge’s, your awareness, even after you have realized that whoever is receiving them, has learned, and until he or she have felt them deep in the heart.
You will be able to give them with Love until you see, he or she has turned them into action and steps, of course if this is his or her choice.
It makes you accept with serenity the time needed by your heart and by your body, to wait for each of their times and their being ready.
It brings you to give water even in greater quantity than you deem necessary for that lawn, remembering perhaps that has been barren since long, and so it needs a lot more water than it may seem.
Patience makes you stay calm if you sometimes stumble, or fall, or slow down your steps and helps you start over with a new enthusiasm.
It pushes you to repeat actions or steps to conquer what you have chosen, and not to get tired, without having the anxiety to reach, or to do everything at once and in a hurry.
Patience helps you accompany with Love every traveller. To be able to stay next to him with Love, even when he does not take the steps and the needed actions, of course if you see his efforts, if he continues to choose to walk towards his goal, in the Light."


Patience allows the realization of the purpose of the Soul, because you will be able to live with Equilibrium, and to understand when it is necessary to act, or wait, or allow it to happen ...
You will not trace the roads in a hurry and your will, but you will walk serene on the Path chosen by your Soul.
So you will fulfil your task in the manner and at the right time, you will anticipate nothing and you will allow everything.
You will not know anymore what worries and concerns are, but only sweet expectations.


"... Compassion leads to giving and loving in a total, deep, luminous way, up to donating oneself.
When you get close to a person, think this is a flower which you can give water.
Compassion brings you beyond that, makes you become that flower, while remaining in your Essence.
So, it helps you enter his or her sufferings, fears, concerns, in everything, without being overwhelmed by them, without the involvement that you might fear. So, you will be able to make shine yours and his or her treasures.
With My help, you will be able to accept with compassion each part of you that requires to be illuminated, transformed, healed. To recognize with joy all your qualities, to live fully all your skills.
So you will be able to donate your experiences, to envelop with the Light and Love anyone you meet, to live Compassion with everyone.
Remembering your difficulties, your fatigues, your loneliness, what you experienced, you will be able to understand what a person is going through, and so to be compassionate.
If necessary, you will be able to push with Love and determination, recalling that everyone has the necessary strength to live everything.
Compassion will help you be infinitely loving and friendly, but firm and clear, too.
It will make you understand how to accompany a person to take the steps and actions, as he or she is ready to take them.
It brings you closer always and totally to the hearts, the Souls, who need your help, while remaining in that detachment necessary to keep smiling and stay with a light heart, whatever their troubles.
Compassion makes you participate in their steps, their actions, supporting, walking alongside, supporting, sometimes acting with them, and remembering that though you can neither act, nor walk for them.
Only in this way, what they will achieve, what they will conquer, will be sealed in them. "


How can I find the Equilibrium between patience and assertiveness?


"Compassion requires to be always very patient, enveloping, loving.
To discern between bringing awareness, clarity, or to wait, because even if yours is the necessary 'balm', maybe that heart does not feel it as such at that time or fears it.
If you keep uninterrupted the connection with the Light, with Me, I will help you understand what are the right moments, things to say or do, the wisdoms to bring the experiences to tell.
Compassion needs to be like a mother, who welcomes joyful in her arms her baby, loving him as he is at that time, she wraps him with her tender Love, reassures him, loosens his fears and doubts with her smile.
To be like a father who knows how to support, understand, accompany, instill strength and courage.
To be ready at all times to take care of that heart, of that Soul, in any known way, in every situation.
So you will be a luminous Soul that knows how to love in totality.
Only when a heart is enveloped by all this, and it opens up to this, you can indicate the steps to take, actions to be made, and give the lessons that moment requires.
It may be necessary to do this several times, with infinite patience.
If, despite everything, the heart does not choose to heal or do the necessary actions and steps, yet patience is essential to continue to accompany, and repeat the donated lessons.
Only when you are certain that there is a real and clear desire not to choose, not to walk, not to act, the Equilibrium will bring you not to waste more water.”

Acceptance and respect

"... Acceptance is the beginning of each change, each transformation, of each healing.
It is essential when you choose to love and help.
If one wants to change something about oneself, one’s own expression, of one’s personality, the first step is to accept serenely and joyfully what one chooses to change.
The second step is to love what one wants to change, because there is a true Acceptance only when you love unconditionally.
If you love without any conditions, you will accept yourself with serenity in everything, in every aspect, you will accept your whole being.
From this loving acceptance, you can begin to change, to transform, what you want, both in you and around you.
And all this can happen, if you first choose to continue to accept totally, unconditionally, lovingly, what you want to change, although it will not change despite your efforts and your attempts.
This, because you do not know the required times, and you cannot always understand the real meaning of what is or happens in you and around you. Some of them you can understand, others you can intuit, but not all and not always.
Acceptance gives also room to the healing of the heart and of the body, because you can understand the meaning of a disharmony of the body, a wound of the heart, only after you have accepted it.
Acceptance allows you really to help others when it is unconditional, total, loving.
Those who choose to be helped by you, feel if you accept them and love them as they are, if you try to understand them without any judgment.
Only then they can open up to you, and find in themselves all what is needed to do what they wish.
That is why the acceptance is the basis of loving, healing, helping; it is the beginning of each change.
It brings you to respect your body and your heart, to respect the required times for the changes, transformations, and healings.
Then, you will be able to do this with those you meet, with those who choose to love, to help.
If you accept a heart as it is, if you totally respect its times, its choices, its actions, you will be able of compassion, to donate the real help, to donate yourself, too.
This will require equilibrium and integrity: you will accept the times, the actions, the expressions of a heart, but it is also essential that you observe if you can still stay beside it with serenity, or if something of it brings emotions, feelings or tensions, that take away the calm and peace from you.
If this happens, recognize your reactions without judgment, and agree that it is better for you and for it, to detach lovingly.
This is how to respect and accept with Love the other person and oneself, in clarity, in equilibrium."



The acceptance and compassion, combined with the Love of Souls, lead to forgiving oneself and others.
Reminding to oneself that we are Souls on the way, that we have chosen this journey to become even more luminous, lead to continuously forgiving everyone and everything.
That because one is aware that one may not know the experiences that a Soul has chosen to live, nor the time required to take the steps and actions.
One cannot understand all the causes and reasons of her actions and expressions, because we do not know the roots.
Remembering this, always brings you beyond everything, thus forgiving.
Forgiveness is essential for oneself and for others, to heal oneself and help heal, to love oneself and to love unconditionally, to respect one’s and others’ time, in the steps, changes, healings, transformations.
Forgiveness is a great achievement that requires many steps, actions, healings, transformations.
And it takes a long time to understand everything, to accept and to love.
Therefore we often believe to have forgiven, but then a fact or situation show us that we had not reached the total, deep, unconditional Forgiveness.
Living as free Souls allows to know the true Forgiveness, and reaching the moment when the need to forgive disappears.
This happens when you see it all as experience, when you quit the judgment and you have become untouchable.


Forgiveness is a great achievement, it is a target that can be reached slowly.
It requires the use of many other 'Keys of Light', and then to do several times, checks.
That is why I will talk about this more widely in the next books.



Humour is essential in life to know how to deal with everything that happens, and without succumbing without being overwhelmed by events.
It is even more in the wake, on the Way of growth, because it allows you to rediscover all, to deal with serenity the difficulties of growth, to live life as a game.
Above all, it leads to joking about oneself and about what is necessary to transform, to dissolve, to let go.
Humour makes keep vibrations high at any time.
If one is able to laugh at oneself, one accepts one’s personality and all parts not yet illuminated. Therefore we are able to act with Love.
For someone Humour is innate, but we can all learn it, and live it with ourselves, with others, and with everything that surrounds us.



The Self-esteem comes from the awareness of being Divine Sparks.
Recognizing ourselves as such, we feel that all that hinders the expression of one’s Essence, potentiality, creativity, strength, can be dissolved or overcome.
We have the certainty that, as Divine Sparks, in us there is Light, there is the Strength of Light, the Power of Light, and therefore, we can do and overcome all.
Being aware of this, helps us to avoid these statements: - I cannot do this, I am not able, I'm not up to it, and so on -.
However these expressions are sometimes used in order not to live responsibly one’s life, in all its aspects, or to have advantages, or to manipulate, or to tarnish.
As luminous Souls we can say: – Until now I have not been able to do this, but I know now that I can do it with the Strength of the Soul, the Power of Light – .

Our Angel is always beside us and helps us in everything.
Around us there are many angels, and we can ask Them to help us in everything, to do everything with us.
And with Them, everything is possible.



All conquerors reached the chosen achievements because they had a great Motivation, which helped them overcome any difficulties.
In everything we do consciously, we are driven by a motivation, by a purpose.
For those who choose to walk on a luminous Path and to follow the Soul, there is no greater Motivation than reaching one’s goal, realizing the purpose of the Soul, becoming more and more luminous, loving, giving, helping.
If we keep our gaze to these goals, inside us there will be the Motivation that will create the impetus and enthusiasm needed to continue along the Way, to do the actions and required steps to always express our Essence, beyond any difficulty.
If the Motivation is great, great will be our strength of will, and it will lead us to achieving each goal.

Determination and Prudence


When a choice is made, then, in order to live it, it is essential to act with Determination, at any time, continuously renewing the choice.
When you want to reach a goal, it is necessary to go towards it with Determination, and with this to overcome all obstacles, to walk in any weather, whether it is sunny, rainy, or windy: only in this way you can reach it.
And next to the Determination Prudence is necessary.
It helps us remain vigilant, attentive, careful. It makes us be responsible and be able to assess the situation and times.
Prudence enables us to understand how to act and to wait for the right time.

Discipline and Constancy


Discipline is a word that often creates fears and reactions, because it is associated with rigidity, imposition, having to live under effort.
While it can be made sweet, with Love, joy, and enthusiasm to achieve one's set goals.
Living it, one understands how it is important to realize each purpose, to reach any conquest.
Discipline is subjective. It must be chosen assessing everything and observing oneself with integrity.
Only in this way one will be able to live peacefully in everything.
For example, if one wants to strengthen one’s body, one chooses what is good for oneself, what one feels to be able to do, the time one can have or one chooses to dedicate to strengthen.
These ‘fully' choices make feel to be free, and freedom leads to loving what one does and one lives.
Thus, every effort, every fatigue, will be lived with serenity and enthusiasm, thinking about how the body will be after, what it will donate, what it will allow to live and to do.
It is essential to act in this way with all the chosen achievements, even those of the heart and the Soul.
Discipline requires Constance: If one uses the means from time to time, one conquers nothing, one does not get to the desired goal.
Of course there must be no rigidity, neither in action nor in thought, because this leads to reaction, rejection, and to getting tired of it all before you reach the chosen target.

Openness and Positive thinking


The Path of the Soul requires to open the heart totally, to be ready to receive, give, and live, everything that the Soul has chosen.
If the heart is not open, the intuition will not come and there can be no understanding.
Only if the heart is wide open it can accept the Love of the Angels and the Great Light, it can be filled with the Light, that all creates and allows.
Only in this way you can receive the Love of those near you and those whom you meet on the way.
Love is the manifestation of Light, it is the means through which the Light creates.
So, a heart not totally open to Love, limits the realization of everything.
The heart wide open to the Love and Light, can feel the Love, help, protection of one's Angel and Light. So it will be natural to have a Positive Thinking.
If you really, totally, deeply, believe to have beside you an Angel who is there for us, that acts with us; if you believe that many Angels collaborate to help us achieve our goal, to make the Soul, more luminous, it is natural to feel loved, protected, helped, guided, and then only think positively ...
This leads to accepting serenely what happens and living with Love, feeling that everything is useful for one's Soul, that goes beyond if you understand or not.
And one is certain it will be in this way also as to what will happen in the future.
So thoughts will be only positive.
It has long been scientifically proven the strength of the visualization and the power of the Positive Thinking.
They allow to achieve what it is set, because they bring the gaze to the objective, to the goal, and not to the difficulties one might encounter.
The gold miners would never have found it if they had thought about the fatigues of the research ...
The Openness and the Positive Thinking allow and also attract what we do not know yet, and therefore, not even dream, wish, ask.
If we are open with no limit, if we also expect the unimaginable, we will find the unexpected, and we allow gifts and unthinkable magics to come to us.

Letting go of the past and being able to adapt


When one chooses to leave the past, everything that happened inside and around us, until the moment before, one is really ready to become new, to receive the new that can happen at any time.
Detaching continuously from the image of oneself, allows to express more and more one's Essence.
Keeping the gaze only on the present leads to grasping everything that every moment can give, can permit.
It is good to take one's gaze to the past only for that moment that allows to learn from these experiences, to avoid having to repeat the same 'lesson', and to always behave in a new way. But this time must be truly 'a moment', and then the gaze must be kept on the present, it must be brought to the Sky.
Our mind constantly reminds us of the past or the future, whereas our Soul asks us to think only of the present, in order to grasp everything, to do and live what we are required to, what has been chosen, and to give what it is possible for us.
And the Angels remind us that in reality we can only live the present ...
So one can express the Essence of the traveller that continues his journey, with the enthusiasm to live a magic adventure each day.
When you live your life as an adventure and you always feel on the way to new experiences, nothing of the past is difficult to let go, because that is a foretaste of the joys the new places will donate, and the fulfilment of the heart for the achievements you will reach.
If you choose to leave the past continuously and to express the Essence of the traveller with enthusiasm, one is no longer attached to the places, to the things, to the habits, and it becomes natural to be able to adapt with joy in every new situation.
And if the heart is open to the new, the body is ready to experience everything that happens and everywhere.
This is the Adaptability.
With it one gets free from everything, from everyone, and above all, from oneself.
One is free Souls rising joyous to the Sky.

Living the solitude without feeling lonely


When one can live alone and with serenity a thing, an event, a situation, one has the confirmation of one’s abilities, of one’s own strength, one’s own Essence.
One can add to this remembering that, in reality, one is never alone, because our Angel is beside us, there are many Angels and, if we wish, we can always ask for Their help and do everything together with Them.
Our Angel can help us more than anyone, because he helps us with the Light and Love, because he leads us to discovering and living the Strength of the Light, the Power of Love.
And the Angels know unknown means and ways to mankind and to our mind ...
Although we do not see our Angel, if we still cannot perceive His presence, His touch, He manifests and also helps us through someone or something, and acts with us in everything.
Recalling this, one overcomes the need of having always someone next to you, the fear of not being able to live alone a situation, or do by oneself a certain thing.
If you can live with joy this solitude, it frees us from attachments, illusions, needs, and that part of ourselves that makes us live compromises and do non luminous actions, in order to have a person near us.
Solitude is an achievement that gives the total freedom and makes us appreciate wholly the person next to us, a received help, the Love that was given to us.
When we are alone the messages of the Angels are easier to grasp, to discover the language of Nature, of the Beings of Light and Creatures that live there.
And so, we have the confirmation of how much in reality, the silence 'talks' ...
In the serene Solitude we can feel more intensely the Love of the Great Light, of the Angels, of the Universe, and so feel joy and so intense satisfactions that we cannot explain with words.


Since Solitude lived in peace is also the result of other 'Keys of Light' and of experiences that are lived on the Path of Growth, it will be a topic that will have more room in the next books.

Final Comment

What we have seen now, are just some of the 'Keys of Light' that can help us, that can create much in our lives and in the Path of growth.
There are others equally important, among which:
the Freedom, the Transcending the Untouchability, the Invincibility, the Belief, the Detachment-Union, which are understood more and more during the Path of growth.
They will be dealt with in the next books, although they will be sometimes mentioned also in this one.


I feel these 'Keys of Light' indispensable, but I am afraid I do not know how to use them.


"Reassure your heart saying:
- I forgot them for a while, but I have already used these ‘Keys of Light ' on other journeys -.
Then, ask Me to help you:
- I am happy and proud to have chosen to take again a Luminous Path. Help me remain humble, remember the Past Lives, prepare myself for the New, use well and always the 'Keys of Light' -.
And smile at Me and to the Sky, feeling yourself a Luminous Light.
In doing so, all the fears will go, and you will feel something getting inside you: it is what I will give you so that you can act on your Soul, feel all your strength, rediscover your Essence.
You will feel inside you My Strength that awakens yours, and in that moment say:
– This strength of mine is nothing compared to the true strength that is inside me, that my Angels will always give me –.
You will feel as physical strength is very important and very beautiful, but it must be combined with the real strength: the 'Strength of the Soul'.
It can always happen something that takes temporarily the physical strength away, or decreases it, whereas there is nothing that can take the 'Strength of the Soul' away, or decrease it, and there is nobody that can choke it. "

“... And now you can understand how important it is to hold in your hands all the 'Keys of Light', and keep them polished to have them ready when you will have to use them.
Do not fear or be troubled, if you have not always expressed or totally used them so far.
With joy give room to the thrust of the Soul that takes you to resume them, one by one, to polish them to make them luminous and ready.
Bring them into your heart, so that when it is necessary you can take control of the required 'Key of Light' in that situation or from a thing.
Remember to always keep them very luminous, and to remain attentive in order that the dust does not cover them again.
Stay ready to use them, because you cannot know now when you will need a 'Key of Light', or which one will be needed for what you are going to live in or do.
If they remain inside you polished, if you protect them with Love, if you pick them up proudly in your hands and observe them with humility, you will not fear anything, because you will be certain that at any time you will have the necessary 'Key of the Light', and you will know how to use it.
And using them with Love, for the Light, they will become more and more luminous and shining.
So the time will come in which they will be part of your Essence: they will not be 'Keys of Light' any longer but your expressions.
With joy I am next to you to help keep them luminous and protected in your heart.
With Love I will help you to realize which one must be used at all times, the situation, thing, and how long. "

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Heal yourself and help heal

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.