For a short time, all the world was again joined except for Australia, and the last great world-wide animal migration took place ten million years ago. North America was connected with both South America and Asia, and there was a free exchange of animal life. Asiatic sloths, armadillos, antelopes, and bears entered North America, while North American camels went to China. Rhinoceroses migrated over the whole world except Australia and South America, but they were extinct in the Western Hemisphere by the close of this period.

The animal life continued to spread with the cat family being dominant, while the marine life was almost at a standstill. Many of the horses were still three-toed, but the modern types were arriving; Ilamas and giraffelike camels mingled with the horses on the grazing plains. The giraffe appeared in Africa, having just as long a neck then as now. In South America sloths, armadillos, anteaters, and the South American type of primitive monkeys evolved. Before the continents were finally isolated, those massive animals, the mastodons, migrated everywhere except to Australia.

Signs of an early ice age became apparent five million years ago as the climate gradually became cooler. And while this happening, the land plants began to move southward.

At first, it was increasingly cold in the north that stopped animal migrations over the northern isthmuses; subsequently these North American land bridges went down. Later, the land connection between Africa and South America finally submerged, and the Western Hemisphere was isolated much as it is today. From this time forward the distinct types of life began to develop in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

The BOOK does not mention how this happened, the changes in the weather leading up an early ice age. We, as human begins, at the present time in the year 2020, are beginning to notice changes in the weather. We are experiencing more and more hurricanes on a large scale, as well as high temperatures and blazing fires destroying plant life and dislocating animals from their native habitats. There have been reports of whales dying in large numbers, a large herd of elephants falling to the ground, dying, as well as large flocks of birds falling down from the sky. Now, as stated in the BOOK, what occurred in dramatic fashion took millions of years to escalate; unlike what is happening now. We caused what is happening to our planet and not from natural causes!

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