The law of attraction has been doing the rounds under the lights of high profile media since the movie 'The Secret' was launched in 2006. Years later, stories abound of people who have used it to magically make millions and turn their lives around etcetera. Some people bought into the concept of the law of attraction and others despised it claiming that it was misleading.

One of the main criticisms held against it was that it seemed to skip out the action part and focussed rather too much on the visualisation and magical thinking part giving the impression that there was an indeed an easy way to success, to cheat life and receive rich reward for little work

Well, as many people will now attest, without action of some sort, nothing is going to happen. So what exactly are the best actions to take and what brings the results in the fastest possible manner?

Well, once you accept the idea that you do have to some sort of work and that effort is required to achieve success then things become a lot easier as fortunately there are a variety of scientifically proven things you can do in order to make faster progress towards your goal.

Most targets that humans set themselves require some sort of skill to be used and practised in order to create some sort of product or service that others can benefit from. For, example a footballer may want to practise free kicks, a business person may wish to practise their negotiation skills, a skater may wish to practise their throws and routines and so on.

It is perhaps fair to say then that most success will depend on the effective appliancation of some sort of skill. Now, if your success depends on the successful application of this skill then the better you can do it or the quicker you can improve your skill level the better.

One of the best ways to improve any sort of skill is to stretch yourself. To illustrate my point here, I recently came across the interesting anecdotal fact that advanced ice-skaters fall over more times than beginner ice skaters. Yes, that's right, contrary to what you would think these highly trained athletes hit the ice more time than their novice counterparts. And the reason that this is true is conversely also the reason that they are so good, it is that they push themselves to the limit.

Top skaters do not continually practise the same old skills doing the same routines that they already know, they continually strive to do riskier more complicated more advanced moves. In doing so they improve and develop their skill levels exponentially faster than if they were simply operating within their comfort zone.

So, the lesson is to look for every opportunity to practise the skills you need to succeed in your field out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Push yourself in new ways, take the risks, allow yourself to fall over a few times, pick yourself up and continue. Doing so will dramatically improve your skill levels that you need to achieve success. No wishful thinking involved just effort, persistence and the will to stretch yourself and improve.

Once your skills improve, your confidence will undoubtedly grow and success will be much more likely to come your way and your new self belief will be built on solid effort rather than wishful thinking.

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