In 1972, a group of Stanford University researchers did an experiment that highlighted a critical tool for fast weight loss. If you want to lose the pounds, this discovery makes all the difference . . .

The researchers placed an enticing marshmallow treat in front of each child participating in the study. Then they promised the children a second marshmallow if they could wait 15 minutes before eating the marshmallow.

Now obviously some children waited and some gobbled their marshmallow down. But that wasn't the amazing discovery . . .

As researchers tracked these children through the years – the ones who exercised restraint tended to have less problems with obesity and drug addiction.

These kids had something that’s key to enabling us to succeed in everything from love to career to health . . . to losing weight.

What was this special something that makes all of these challenges so much easier? Emotional intelligence.

And as you set off to lose weight or make other healthy changes in your life this year, learning how to build your emotional intelligence may be one of the most important moves you can make.

You Can Make Healthier Eating Choices With Emotional Intelligence

First of all, let’s define emotional intelligence better . . .

Emotional intelligence (also called “EQ”) is the capacity to recognize your own feelings and those of others. And it’s the ability to manage emotions in yourself and in your relationships.

Basically, it’s about being perceptive and exercising good judgment in how your emotions direct your actions and reactions.

It’s only a part of you. But it can have a huge impact on your life. Multiple studies indicate that 90% of top performers are people with higher EQ. People with high EQ tend to earn $29,000 more than people with low EQ.[1]

We used to think that IQ (not EQ) determined how successful you’d be. But now we understand it’s really your EQ which makes the biggest difference.

It’s not how smart or talented you are. It’s how you use it.

But don’t get worried if you think you’re low on the EQ scale. Because here’s the exciting thing about EQ . . .

Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence And You Can Increase Your Chance Of Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals!

See, EQ’s not something you’re born with . . . it’s not genetically determined . . .

There’s lots of room for strengthening it and refining it. We can always increase our EQ.

And the key to building EQ is in building self-awareness . . .

See, back during that 1972 experiment, researchers noticed something interesting about the children who held out for the second marshmallow. The children who exercised EQ didn’t just turn on a switch that allowed them to sit there calmly staring the marshmallow down until they were allowed to eat it.

No, they did something to distract themselves . . . They kicked the chair leg . . .They looked away . . . Or – as researchers found out later on - they imagined the marshmallow was a fluffy cloud or something other than the tempting treat.[2]

What does this tell us? It tells us that people who exercise EQ aren’t necessarily superhuman in their restraint. No, it’s that they understand what’s going on in themselves. They know their tendencies. And then they are strategic about how they let these feelings impact their behavior.

This understanding explains why some people can make healthy life changes easily and others have a harder time doing it. See, it’s not that the successful ones don’t crave pasta and chocolate cake. Most of them do just like you do. But they understand their tendencies and have figured out ways to take actions despite their emotional leanings.

Build Your EQ With These 3 Tricks And Lose Weight Faster

So if you’re planning to go on a diet, exercise more or reach a specific work goal. It’s not about setting the goal, turning on your EQ and going for it.

No, it’s about understanding why you cave into your cravings . . . or get stuck on the couch or procrastinate.
And then developing strategies to counter these emotions or even use them to help you accomplish your desired task.

Essentially, it’s about shifting your perspective so it’s easier to do things that will benefit you in the long run.

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