"A vision without action is just a hallucination."– Unknown

There is one thing you must remember on your journey to achieving success in life and business.

Intentions are never enough.

Intentions are never enough. Repeat this out loud "intentions are never enough.”

It's not what you intend to do, but what you actually do that matters in the long run. The only winning combination that will get you from where you are to where you want to be in your life or business is [Belief + Good Strategy + Consistent Action].


Belief. It’s the breakfast of champions.

All great things and people are born out of belief. Belief is conviction. It’s you being fully persuading and accepting that the goal you are going after is true, real, and attainable. Belief builds businesses, lives, and everything in between.

One of my favorite quotes on the belief comes from Harry Beckwith, famed author and Fortune 200 Marketing Consultant, in his wonderful branding book You, Inc

“Triumph then belongs to those who believe. Belief steels us with the courage to take the risks that the faithless void, and to reap the rewards that follow- to realize that our lives grow in proportion to our courage.

So the next time two paths appear before you, avoid the one of least resistance; a path with no obstacles rarely leads anywhere. Take instead the path that runs along the cliff- that one, the one without any guardrails. Take that path, and know that the exhilaration of the ride and the pride you feel when you reach the end will inspire you to take that path again and again and again.

And that experience, one day, will make you more money. But that experience every day, will make you more fulfilled, more complete and more alive.”


A strategy is simply a plan of action designed to achieve your overall goal.

Whenever I’m sharing the importance of strategy with my business clients, I give the analogy of taking a cross-country trip. If I lived somewhere in the Eastern United States, for instance New York City, and I wanted to take a trip to Los Angeles, California (the clear goal), I would need to follow a certain route to get there. If I’m driving, I need to know how much gas money I need. I also need a map or GPS to show me where to go.

But the most important thing is that I head West.

If I got in my car in New York City, and decided I wanted to try to find my own route to California, and instead headed South, no matter how much I believe I will hit California, no matter good my intentions are, I will never reach California. Maybe Miami, FL, but never California.

Why? Because Los Angeles, California is West of New York City.

The principle is the same with your business and life goals. While the exact details may be fuzzy, you still need a clear destination, a understanding of your resources, and a sense of where the right direction is.

In order to create a good strategy, you’ve got to know four things:
1. Where you want to go
2. The problem or the challenge (why you’re not there already)
2. The decided solution for dealing with the challenge ( how you’re going to get there)
3. The set of actions that need to be completed to carry out the solution. (What you actually need to do).

In case you’re interested, here are two of the best books on strategy, Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt, and the Art of War by Sun Tzu .


Action is so crucial. Nothing in this world is ever done without action. Think about that. There was no magical wand. No magic bullet. Only action.

As I'm writing this to you, I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes by personal development and success trainer Brian Tracy:

"Action orientation is the most outwardly identifiable quality of a winning human being. The world is full of people who are mentally vacationing on "Someday I'll." They are always planning, preparing and thinking about what they are going to do someday. Don't you be one of them."

I really want to encourage you to choose the action that will get you the results you want. Do not, by default, simply choose the easiest or safest path. To succeed you will need to grow, and growth can be uncomfortable - if not agony - at times. Take it a step at a time. But no matter what, take the steps.

Your season of dreaming must give way to the season of action. Even if your steps are small, they must be significant.  

Belief + Good Strategy + Consistent Action is all you need to achieve success.

That's it. 

3 Tips to Achieve Success Faster

If you know you've needed to take the steps, but you've been stalled. Or you're ready to take the next steps, but you just don't know which ones to take, here are some things you can do to get going again.

1. Take One Small Action Toward Your Goal Everyday. No matter how small, keep taking action everyday. Breaking down your goal into bite sized chunks, keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and allows you to build momentum.

2. Set Up Regular Accountability With People You Trust. Talk to a friend or family member about what you are doing, and regularly meet with them to give them and update on your progress. Give them permission to pester you, to bother you, and to ask you about your progress. If you can gather together with a group of 2 or more other people who

3. Get Professional Coaching to Achieve Your Goals 10x Faster. Change is hard. And changes don’t happen by themselves. Knowledge and intention alone does not translate into changing behavior. (Otherwise everyone would be keeping their New Year’s Resolutions.)

Everybody has had the same experience of wanting to change, but never seeming to get around to it. The format of coaching allows the focus, accountability and growth necessary to make changes happen and stick. Often times, if your goal is to get across the ocean, coaching is the boat that helps get you there.

Even the world’s most talented athletes, singers, and performers use coaches to make themselves better. So should you.

As a coach, this is my job! I love it, and I believe in the results you are going to get for yourself, and the difference you will make for others once you start to shine through action.

Which method with you use?

Remember: Belief + Good Strategy + Consistent Action = Success

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