7 years ago we were on a family trip. My son was 12. We saw a container where bees were with a rape ground.

My son said: Universe, please give me a family of bees.

Then he explained why it would be good if there were bees.

He painted all the benefits of bee breeding.

Do you know what happened?

In the afternoon when we came home a black cloud fluttered on the porch.

A family of bees moved into our attic.

With a friend we managed to capture them, buy a hive, settle the terrain.

We laughed at our son: You have manifested a bee family! How did you do it?

My son replied: "I love honey, and you always say ‘ask and you’ll be given’. Well, I got it."

This was his first and most powerful experience of creation.

The process has continued since then.

And I'm endlessly grateful for it ...

Don’t you think that the manifestation process would be worth taking up in the curriculum of

Don’t you think that our children could benefit from the knowledge of the Universal laws?

I think that manifestation is a topic that affects everyone.

This is a topic that everyone is curious about.

What is manifestation?

How does it work?

Are you born with it or do you learn its methods?

Who can manifest?

What is the manifestation process?

What is needed for it?

How can we use it effectively?

What can we manifest?

How do others do it?

How to apply the law of attraction?

I was also concerned with these issues.

That is why I decided to find people who actively use the Law of Attraction and teach the science of manifestation.

I'll look for them and ask them questions that will surely help you.

I've been in the Universe. I used my own methods, but above all, I used the Ho'oponopono method to cleanse myself and find the source of inspiration.

I'm thankful that my trip led to great people.

I'm thankful that I could interview people(Reba Linker, Patricia LeBlanc, Karen Wiltshire, Wendy G Young, Toby Negus, Marisa Ferrera, Joanne Cruise, Dr. Steve G Jones, Nabil El Hady, Krystal Lynch, Valerie naidoo) who shared their thoughts with you and me in order to grow.

Isn’t that kind of interconnection great?

Isn’t it great that there are wonderful circumstances in which we can contact all the greatness, which shows and increases?

Accept the book with love and use it with a good heart.

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy is #1 Bestselling Author, Author of How To teach The Universal laws To Children and Bell's Spiritual Tales of Life International Best Selling Book, Certified in Indigo Studies, Hypnotherapist. Theresia coach female and young people to discover and find their passion, develop the personality. Her main aim is to teach people how to use their creative energy and the Universal Laws, Angel Guidance to complete their Life.

The Path of Manifestation http://a.co/4wCrXeA