“Your path ahead isn’t the purpose, but rather your gifts within open the doors of your life purpose.” ~Rick Hayes~

Many would assume by glancing at my life path these past nine years would be considered strange, bizarre, and even somewhat mystical. The reply to these assumptions may be not what is expected, and quite possibly shocking!

I agree these past nine years possess spectacular experiences, memories, and opportunities –each a door that one hopes will open along one’s life. Experiences that I never would have expected just ten years ago, including public ally sharing messages from those who have moved on. Memories filled with visitations to many famous locations considered haunted. Opportunities of literary, television, radio, and personal connections with those in celebrity status.

Yes the abilities given to me have been well publicized these past few years, defined as a psychic medium gift, possessing a unique outlook on life and this supernatural life, and energy of positive influence. All of these I am very grateful with a compassionate need to share with others worldwide, but this is not the reason for sharing these words with you.

The reason is simply this – before you can understand the life-after; you must first learn the purpose of your life daily.

I believe that each one of us is a creation of a unique spiritual body within a physical body. You’re given many gifts upon creation including spiritual abilities, talents, and learning skills. You are given a unique purpose in life, a destiny like no other to be unique like no other. A path of purpose guided by and including loved ones who have completed their earthly life path and now in their spiritual body, but still around you. How you choose to follow your path of purpose is determined by you, and how you apply the gifts given is chosen by –you.

With the ever increasing growth and curiosity of the paranormal, I find that we are focusing more on answers to the life-after. New technology advancements are introduced to assist in validating or debunking the ‘spirits that crossed over’. Many more are announcing that they are to be titled as ‘psychics’, ‘mediums’, ‘sensitive’, or creating and/or joining paranormal investigative groups.

Recently in the media you will find my name with the following – ‘Living Life Supernaturally’. The tag line isn’t to define that, due to my psychic medium abilities, I am ‘living one foot here and one foot on the other side’ – but more importantly that I truly embrace how our life each day is just as important in this supernatural life.

Are you ‘living life supernaturally’? Are you embracing the value of you life each day, believing that you are created with a purpose and walking through your opened doors with guidance?

Begin today to learn your purpose life – and live life supernaturally.

Author's Bio: 

“Amazing and very real - The best at what he does”
Christopher Saint Booth – Producer/Director Spooked Productions

Rick Hayes is the founder of LifesGift, Inc. – an association that supports his consultation and speaking engagement services. As a psychic medium and life consultant with unique abilities, Rick consults on a daily basis with those that have questions on life and the life-after.

As a speaker and lecturer, Rick has shared his unique insight with inspiration and enthusiasm to thousands since 2003. Rick’s speaking invitations range from a small organization group to major events and conventions attended by thousands. Rick’s wide range of topics is designed to accommodate each speaking invitation.

As a published author, Rick’s books include ‘Stepping Stones –Thoughts Along Life’s Path’ (ISBN# 0-9765434-1-9) and ‘You’re not Crazy, You Have A Ghost’ (ISBN# 0-9765434-0-0). Rick’s articles appear on numerous print and online publications.

Rick is a media favorite appearing on television, film, radio, and print media including appearances on The Travel Channel, SYFY Network, Fox Television, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Rick is also the host of the weekly internet radio show, ‘Reflections with Rick Hayes’.

THE Psychic Medium from SYFY’s ‘The Possessed’

Rick is featured in the docu-film ‘The Possessed’ (NBC Universal/Spooked Productions) and ‘Soul Catcher’ (NBC Universal/Spooked Productions) on the SYFY Television Network. Rick also appears on the Travel Channel’s ‘Most Terrifying Places In America’.

Rick Hayes
Living Life - Supernaturally