Sleep paralysis is the physical paralysis of the human body while it is asleep or half asleep. Sleep paralysis works by creating a temporary disconnection between the consciousness of a person and their physical body. When in a sleep paralysis state, the person cannot move, speak, or do anything until the paralysis is over, which is usually within a minute or two.

What most people do not understand is that sleep paralysis is a condition that can be cured just like any other problem in existence.

Based on the scientific explanation for sleep paralysis, there is really no evidence that supports the scientific theories of why it happens.

Its important to understand that we as humans are energy beings, and that the physical body is only a mask or cover for what we really are. Being that we are energy beings, our energy can be manipulated if we are not in a powerful state of being. If we are dis-empowered on an energy level, then we are not whole, and are open to things that are on a lower level. To understand this in depth, you have to see the cause of why we would be dis-empowered energetically.

Whenever we have a physical or emotional trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body in order to survive the experience of the trauma. These parts of our soul go to a place of healing in a nonphysical dimension. Sometimes they refuse to come back to the person they have left in order to avoid any future pain or trauma. When a person has had parts of there soul missing or lost what happens is it creates openings or holes in the energy field. When a person has holes or openings within their energy field, dark or lower level entities or non physical beings can enter through the holes and openings in the energy field. The more energetically vulnerable a person becomes the more that person will be open to the attachment of non-physical energy beings or entities.

The true cause of sleep paralysis is not a psychological, emotional or physical disorder. It is also not caused by your soul being out of your body and it also not caused by chemical changes in the brain.

The true cause of sleep paralysis, is an entity attached to a person which is creating an energetic disconnection between the person and their mind and their body. When this happens paralysis occurs which causes the person to not be able to move, speak or do anything until the paralysis is over. What you will find with most people that have experienced sleep paralysis is that they continue to experience it over and over and they usually never find the cure to stop it from happening. They might find ways of combating it or attempting to stop it while it happens, but that is not a cure. A cure would be to never experience sleep paralysis ever again, not to fight it or try to stop it while it happens.

The only permanent cure to stop sleep paralysis is to clear, and remove whatever energy is interrupting or blocking your sleep cycle. Because it is only energy outside of you that would cause a person to become paralyzed while they sleep.

You must have what is called a clearing of any entities that are attached to you, you will also need what is called a soul retrieval which will close any holes and openings in the energy field and restore lost energy and personal power. Both of these methods combined is what has been proven through research and experience to permanently stop sleep paralysis.

All of this work requires nothing more then for you to choose it.

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Peter Michael is an angel healer, exorcist, clairsentient, clairaudient, and teacher of dark force and spirit attachment.