Desire, belief and expectation. Three small words capable of evoking many great things. If you can get your head around these three concepts you will put yourself firmly on the road to success.

Desire is the starting point, where it all begins. Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich hit the nail on the head when he stated:

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything”

You have to firstly know what it is you desire, what it is you want to devote yourself to. If you haven’t worked this out then no amount of hard work will help as you simply do no know which direction you need to be travelling in or what you will find when you get there. Your desire needs to be genuine; if it is not, and the time comes to take action or you run into problems, you may not have the inner drive to continue successfully.

Belief: If you do not think you can do something you are unlikely to do it. You must believe enough to give the goal you desire your very best efforts.. For this reason it is best to set your heart upon a goal that you can believe in, your desire maybe to become a millionaire but if you don’t believe you can then once more you may as well not start. In this situation it would be better to set a goal of say $10,000 which may be a more realistic goal, a goal you really do believe you can achieve this strategy would be much more likely to succeed for you.

Expectation, expect success. If you have completed the first two steps correctly there is no reason why you shouldn't expect success. This should especially be true if you have started to take positive action towards your goal. When you expect something to happen nine times out of ten it will. Call it the secret and the law of attraction, coincidence whatever you like but expectation equals success and you can create expectation in your mind by following the first two steps.

Putting into place the above three steps is not a difficult process, the key however is to persist with them day after day week after week, even year after year if necessary. That is the Think And Grow Rich secret of Napoleon Hill and is how dreams are made reality and that is how you can achieve anything you desire. It's up to you!

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