The Quantum Half of Me

The Wisdom of Rhiannon

In Celtic Wales long, long before the Romans invaded, Rhiannon had been a Druid High Priestess. Later in Norman England Rhiannon was a healer. Still later, in Henry the eighth’s reign, Rhiannon was burned as a witch. Through her many lives Rhiannon has always been female. On the other hand I, as the lower half of this duality, have always been male.

Rhiannon has always been known by the old Celtic name of Rhiannon because that is her soul name.

Rhiannon is the higher half of me, while I’m the lower consciousness bound around with finite limitations. I can learn new things: I can evolve; while Rhiannon, as my higher mind half, cannot.

She is the wise old soul with all the memories of all our shared lifetimes to draw upon. She can guide me: but only after I evolved to the point where I could consciously ‘reach’ for her. Once at that special point in the evolution of mind and soul I could receive intuitions, insights, ideas and inspirations from her.

In alternate life-cycles or ‘reincarnations’, Rhiannon and I reverse roles.

If you are confused by that it’s no more than I was when I first discovered Rhiannon, the other ‘half’ of me.

You see, as a hypnotherapist specialising in regression therapy, I was used to clients unexpectedly leaping in memory to fragments of their past lives. It happens also to the clients of many of my contemporaries around the world, a few of whom have written fascinating books about it.

Yet though clients remember lives of being of either sex, when I began my, as yet, still unfinished biography, writing in a semi-trace state, all the lives I recalled were male.

I never gave it a thought. Until one day a young lady client spontaneously and effortlessly regressed back through many, many fascinating lives in session after session, all of them female. When I questioned her about this while she was still under hypnosis, she replied: ‘I’ve always been female. I like being female.’

This gave me pause for thought, so, during my self-hypnosis sessions, I concentrated on recalling my own female incarnations. There was many: and then I found: Rhiannon.

Even now her voice is clear in my mind as she speaks mind to mind to me. A far wiser person than I, Rhiannon has remained with me though many years now. Perhaps, in reality, she is only a very small percentage of what Seth is to the famous Jane Roberts, but Rhiannon to me at least, means just as much.

When I write Rhiannon writes with me. When I am lost and so ‘reach’ for her wisdom, she is always there.

But then where else would she be, for Rhiannon is, after all, the other half of me.

Finally I learned that we all have our own ‘Rhiannon’, our own higher mind of the opposite sex to advise us: when we learn to ‘reach’ for them that is.

Author's Bio: 

Rhiannon is the higher mind of a reincarnated soul. That soul is me: Tom Leigh. M.Sc. CMH. C.HYP. P.NLP.
Rhiannon, with the ability to remember all our past life cycles, knows vastly more than I ever can who - as the temporal living part of the duality - on the whole remembers, clearly, only this one. Through me Rhiannon writes the blog posts and through me she has written a quantum mind and soul tuition novel called ‘The Rhiannon Blade’. It is an exciting book, which teaches, through an action packed adventure/romance story, the ins and outs of reincarnation and how we all evolve in groups. Serialised in fifty-five parts at one part per week, you can buy it now and also get a free ebook gift, and a deal more, by clicking on the web-link below.