Article Three of: Quantum Mind Information

Consciously evolving oneself and moving on from where you are to where you dream of being, lies in understanding the energy links of consciousness that create time and space.

1. It is these energy links of consciousness that create the present moments of each of us.
2. It is those energy links that caused us to be born to the parents, the siblings, friends and yes, the enemies, the sex and even the countries of our births.
3. It is those energy inks of consciousness that drew us to those particular people and situations and them to us. In fact consciousness links everything together and those energies will go on to create all of our individual futures for good or ill – unless we personally take control.

By understanding something of where those energy links of consciousness came from and why, we can begin actively and consciously to evolve ourselves, turning the negatives into positives and turning the positives into mind-directed energies that create the futures we so desire. The tools we need to begin we already have: our consciousness and the information in this series of articles.

Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution explains that the primal energy that began our universe ten to fourteen billion years ago contained both consciousness and information. The consciousness evolved the information in a Darwinian manner of ‘try it and see, if it doesn’t work try it in a different way ‘. Through the ages consciousness has evolved itself by working and reworking the information of which the universe is made. In other words in creating the universe consciousness evolves itself.

Since consciousness evolution eventually arrived at us, what part do we play in the evolution of the earth, others and ourselves and what can we do to play our parts better?

The thought that began my life-long journey of discovery of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution arose in my consciousness as a teenager many years ago. It was that if there was nothing of which to be conscious then consciousness could not exist either. It was a short step to my understanding that it is the information encoded by consciousness that actually evolves as the ‘material’ universe we see around us. It also degrades - remember that it is doing exactly that right now and because of us – by transgression of the first law of the quantum universe.
The First Law

The First Law of the Quantum Universe had to be discovered by an evolving consciousness very early on. Simply it means that should destruction equal construction only chaos could exist. At this moment in time looking around us we - the human race - are evolving many things to complexity that are of great use to us, but in doing so we are breaking this first law.

But before we get to that, important as it is, we have to have an understanding of how and what the universe is and why life and us in particular are important.
Dead or Alive

Less than a hundred years ago science thought that a dead universe – that is to say one completely devoid of consciousness - somehow sprang into existence from nothing, then accidentally evolved into ‘life’. This totally accidental process continued over billions of years and becoming conscious as biological life led eventually to us.

A slightly different story is immerging with today’s science. The new scenario emerging from science philosophy and metaphysics is that both consciousness and information evolve together. The universe has purpose, which is that it is necessary for consciousness to evolve by trial and error experimentation. This universe is one in which consciousness evolves information and encodes it as matter. Recalled to consciousness the encoded materials are ‘read’ in a three dimensional format and unfold as the third dimension we call time. Each of us recalls encoded materials to mind each second of our existence. We see it also in three dimensions of space and one of time. Time is the passage of information through our consciousness and Einstein being aware of this told us that time is relative to the observer.

Each of us inputs a lot of information to the universal mind each moment of every day and in doing so we receive information back through the bio-energy feedback loop we have with universal consciousness. This information is received into our minds as insights, inspirations and sudden ‘brainwave ideas’ that spring out of the blue in answer to our ‘reaching’ for information.

Our minds have evolved to receive information only in ‘tune’ with our wavelength. This means that we tune into information on a par with our own. To receive higher quality information than our own minds possess, we have to consciously learn how to ‘reach’ for it with our minds and souls. This demands some discipline on our parts because normally we receive only the information that is on our own wavelengths. Because this is so what we think we know is merely reinforced by feedback from minds on the same evolutionary level as ourselves. If we consciously structure our lives to imparting and so receiving information that will evolve others and ourselves, we are ‘reaching’ for higher levels of information than we and others on our evolved ‘wavelength’ could normally access.

This method of ‘reaching’ is simply one of using ‘The Einstein Visualization Formula’ discussed in Article One. This method of ‘reaching for insights inspirations and eureka moments’ is the other and quantum half of Charles’s Darwin’s theory. It is one that can take us all to the next level of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.

To have evolved this far we had to pass through many stages of life with each life cycle reaching always to be more than it was. As the universe evolved so did our own minds. Our individual souls are the database of the time-tracks of where we have been and the pointers to where we can go. The time-track of each of us is unique so making our individual souls the seat of our supraconscious mind. Our souls contain all that we have been and are.

It really is an information universe and we information-hungry beings, being made entirely of information, are an integral part of it.

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Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming and herbalism. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
His teaching novel: ‘The Rhiannon Blade’ backed up by ‘The Cosmic Net Course’, though set in the present time, explores the quantum mind and soul evolution of a group of people evolving through a four-hundred year period. This begins with the rape of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s army and its effect on two young people, soul-mates, who found themselves on opposite sides of the created divide.
With the untimely deaths of the two young people from the prejudice and hate that surrounded their love, an informational time-lock is created within and around them.
This time-lock cycles and recycles their own and their groups, reincarnations. The quantum energies imprisoning them could be broken only by the young girl and with a secret ‘Excalibur Soul Discipline' created long ago by a now evolved druid witch called Rhiannon, who once taught it to the ‘once and future king ’Arthur. Read an excerpt from the book: then buy it at: