Understanding how to find bed bugs is very important, especially with the high rate of bed bug infestations that are occurring across Australia and the world. Once these pests move into your home they can be extremely difficult to get rid of and can cause a range of problems. These insects can be found in homes that are spotless as well as homes that may need a good cleaning and are not a reflection on housekeeping or personal hygiene.

Since bed bugs stay in bedding and on furniture they may be difficult to detect and confirm. Many times the only indication of a problem at first is signs of bites when you wake up in the morning. Just because bites occur this does not always mean a bed bug problem is present though, and many people get bitten by a variety of other insects while sleeping as well. It is critical to identify a bed bug problem as soon as possible because once these insects have started to infest living spaces they can be very hard to eliminate completely.

Many exterminators are trained in how to find bed bugs and identify these pests. If a live specimen is found then this can be conclusive proof that you have a problem with bed bugs. Most of the time the bugs are identified by their fecal droppings, but if these droppings are highly visible then the infestation may already be severe. Many people have started checking their bedding several times a week so that any early signs of bed bugs are detected quickly.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and they can travel long distances in some cases. There are reports of people who have sold homes after spending large amounts of money and not being able to get rid of bed bugs. The skin and fecal droppings of the bugs can cause medical problems in some individuals, including those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

It is important that every adult knows how to find bed bugs so that these pests are identified and eradicated as early as possible. Check the corners of your box springs and mattresses, looking for dark drops or smears. This may be digested blood that has been excreted by the bugs after feeding. If bed bugs are suspected then a professional pest control Mareeba should be consulted.

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