There are many methods to achieving wellness and contentment in life. One of the oldest is based on the chakra system. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning vortex or wheel of light. Egyptian, Chinese, Hindu, Greek and indigenous people of the Americas have spoken of and written of these for centuries.

We all have an energy field or “biofield”, which is made up of our chakras, meridians and our aura. Chakras or energy centers interact with the layers of our biofield and our physical body. They are often described as being shaped like a lotus flower. There are seven primary chakras in our body with over 100 secondary chakras on our organs, joints and throughout our bodies. When these chakras are in balance, they are open like a flower in bloom.

Our life experiences are stored in our chakras. These stored experiences can cause blocks and eventually disease if the chakras are not brought to a healthy state and then maintained. Each chakra reflects and influences the health and wellbeing of the organs and systems associated with it. They also reflect and influence our emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

The Root or Base is the lowest of the seven chakras. It is located between the base of the spine and the perineal floor. It is the place where we connect with mother earth – it is the source of grounding.

When this chakra functions well, we are not worried about our survival. A healthy first chakra keeps us feeling connected to our community and to abundance in all of life. It particularly supports financial abundance. A strong first chakra allows us to handle stress with grace. Stillness and patience are easy and comfortable. Rather than breaking, we are flexible and able to bend with life. Functioning successfully on a physical level feels natural. When this chakra is in balance, we manage our lives well and little stands in the way of manifesting our desires.

When this chakra functions poorly, we may have anxiety and fears that are out of proportion. We may hoard or experience scarcity. Rage may be present, or we may have an unrealistic view of life that is not grounded in reality.

Following are a few facts about the Root chakra and ways to support it.

Color: Red
Wear red clothes, red shoes or paint your toe nails red to enhance grounding and your connection to the earth.

Element: Earth
Care for both your physical body and your financial health.

Sound: Drum
Dance, drum, or listen to music with a good beat.

Stone: Hematite, Ruby, Garnet, Fire Opal & Bloodstone
Wear a stone necklace, bracelet or carry a small stone in your pocket.

Archetype: The Serpent
To get in the vibe of the serpent, feel your connection to the earth. Slither as you move from one activity or location to the other, noticing sensation on your skin.

Organs, Systems and Aspects of the Body Governed: Adrenals, Spinal Column, Kidneys, Feet and Legs and Procreation

Other activities you can do to support the Root Chakra involve Self Care. Get outside and walk, connect with nature, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, make sleep a priority, meditate and receive regular body and energy work.

So, when you are feeling like you might not survive -- whether it’s a busy day or a financially stressful time, pull out some red clothing, put in a CD with a good rhythm, take a few minutes for meditation or a walk, find your own way to connect to the power and abundance of the root chakra.

Using the chakra system as a guide to caring for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health can be a powerful tool. Take some time this week to honor and work with this chakra and notice what changes in your life.


Wheels of Light -- Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body by Rosalyn Bruyere

Wheels of Life – A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

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Cherry-Lee Ward is certified in both Shamanic Energy Medicine and Healing Touch. She believes that we change the world most effectively by changing ourselves and helps clients in the deep and sacred work of that pursuit. As a mentor to apprentice healers in Healing Touch and beyond, Cherry-Lee supports fellow healers as they grow and step more strongly onto their path. She has created and taught classes including “Shamanic Techniques for Healers” and a teleseminar "Chakras ~ Transformation for You and Your Clients". It is with passion and enthusiasm that Cherry-Lee approaches her work. Her mission is to bring healing, wholeness, and a joyful sense of possibility to the lives she touches. To Sign up for her Newsletter: