A good belief to have and one I personally hold is that everything happens for a reason. Even if you can't see through the tears and outrage now whether through relationship breakup, failures or embarrassment, chalk them down to experience and learn from them – they will help you on your road to self improvement and you are hence one step closer to attaining your goals.

What's the starting point, then? What's the link between self improvement and success?

‘Self perception. Don't perceive yourself as a failure and accept yourself as you are. You aren't a failure and if you can't see that then how can others?'

‘We are all subjected to images of the seemingly ‘perfect' body on TV and in the media. Don't look and compare yourself to them – if you really want to improve yourself, why not focus on your inner loveliness?'

‘Don't let people pull you down with them when they are low. You'll go down with them. Instead, help them pick themselves up and get on with their lives'

‘The world is the largest classroom in the world, and lessons don't end at school. Feelings of failure and gloom just because you failed your driving test should be turned into plans and preparations for your next test, along with a good dose of optimism.'

‘You can't change in a day, no one can. Take things step by step and self improvement will come faster than you think'

‘Self improvement brings with it personal development, and personal and emotional stability. To achieve it you need to master how to appreciate yourself, have faith in yourself and have self esteem. Once you've achieved this you will benefit from the best result of all – success!

‘Be realistic. Break things down into manageable chunks. Don't aim to be just like someone else, instead, aim to be a greater you'

‘Small things go a long way, even something that seems so little as saying ‘good morning' to our neighbor, or complimenting a girl on her new haircut (whether you like it or not!) Appreciate those around us and they will begin to appreciate you.

‘Don't try and force your self improvement exercises on anyone else. It's personal to you and you must accept that not everyone wants or is ready to do it themselves. The world is an eclectic mix of personalities, morals and values. Accept that and enjoy your journey.

There is no particular set route to self improvement and in fact everyone around us are our teachers. Without even realizing it, they are teaching us acceptance, love and indeed every other emotion and how to deal with them as well as with others. Self improvement won't come overnight, but it will come if you work hard, and on its heels will come success.

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