Before, not everyone are aware of the health risks one could acquire just by drinking water alone. We cannot detect and physically see these bacterias and viruses so we won't know if it is safe. Sometimes, we could be deceived by a clean surrounding and later found out that one of our family member is rushed in the hospital for immediate medical attention due to cholera.

Never Put Health At Risk

There are many speculations about the liability of Reverse Osmosis (RO). But none of them proved to be true. In fact, RO is safe and healthy like the rest of the water purification systems out there in the market. Contrary to the speculation, RO is using a specialized filter membrane that eliminates the entrance of large particles, viruses, bacteria, metals and other impurities that might endanger our health.

Because of the use of this specialized filter membrane that not everyone is accustomed to or familiar with, it guarantees the safety of the water. Drinking tap water is never a safe way to assume that the quality of the water is good. That the tap water is a healthy option. The filtration done by these water companies might be limited. Who knows? We wouldn't know? But to be able to avoid illnesses or for us to be protected from this, going for the option of having your own RO.

The Membrane Is The Key

The use of the membrane technology has increasingly improved over the span of years. Because of this technology, safe drinking water is now easily accessible. Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration has contributed a lot of the use of membrane technology. Hence, membrane technology has a promising future in terms of water purification and in Reverse Osmosis System.

This commercial reverse osmosis membranes can eliminate up tp 99% of the solid content of water in just the first stage alone. The treatment costs with increased TDS makes RO practically attractive for desalination.

Types Of Membranes

1) Cellulose-based membrane

2) Thin film composite membrane

Reverse Osmosis Removing Bacteria

Just as previously mentioned, RO can eradicate bacteria. Reverse Osmosis undergo different filter stages:

Propylene Sediment Filter – it removes any solid substances fed im the system. Solid substances such as metals, sands and any other sediments.

Carbon Water Filter – removes chlorine, lead, aluminum, pesticides, herbicides and any other contaminants from the water. It also removes unwanted taste and smell of the water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane – a synthetic semi-permeable membrane where only molecules as small as the water molecules can pass. Bacteria are filtered out because of its size. It is notable to mention that it is not bacteria proof, uless there is a contamination.

With all the detailed info of how safe and clean RO system is to our health and the environment, it is no wonder why RO system is gaining traction. The reliance of Reverse Osmosis over the tap water is an advantage.

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