All functions of the body are manifested and born in the mind. It is the mind that takes in information through the ears, eyes and every other sensory organ and then puts those thoughts or ideas into action that the body makes. So, one way one can control their body and mind is by filtering the information they absorb and only take in what is positive and motivating. Once you can control the brain’s intake of information or how it functions, you then automatically determine how the body fares on as well. Inside the brain there are things called neurons that are responsible for releasing electromagnetic waves that send signals to each other. They are in millions and this shows that the brain can at certain times have the electromagnetic currency. The currency is measured in Hz as brain waves. There are several brainwaves that are responsible for producing certain actions or functions in the brain and body depending on their frequency. At low frequencies they will be able to enhance the memory capabilities of the brain and at high levels the brain becomes very alert. So, how do you really attain control over body and mind?

A technology known as Brainwave Entrainment is characterized by use of certain sensitive equipments that read the electromagnetic waves of the mind at desired times to make them produce desired results. This technology aligns the brainwaves in certain frequencies that will form certain brainwaves that produce the desired results mentally and therefore physically. These brainwaves are produces at certain times only like in deep sleep state or before sleeping and without this technology, one cannot be able to manufacture the required body state physically. Brainwave entrainment is used on people who need hypnotherapy treatment to gain control over their body and mind. Although it is argued that hypnosis is not brain control because at that moment the patient is at the mercy of the person practicing hypnosis on them. It is after the hypnotherapy session that you as the patient gain control over your mind because you were tuned to taking in the correct kind of physical instructions into the brain and your brain tuned to the best frequency required to provide optimum health and well being. Once this practice is administered to someone, they are enabled to function in the best way possible and however they wish to easily without much interference or loss of focus.

So, brainwave entrainment can help you gain control over your body and mind if all is taken well and precaution is exercised because the brain is a sensitive human organ that if wrongly altered, can pose severe consequences and dangers later on. The process needs to be administered by a professional who understands it very well and is able to use it to align the brainwaves to a frequency that is desired because if a mistake happens and a different frequency is set, the brain will do the opposite of what is needed hence beating logic of the whole process.

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