The term, “emotional Intelligence” refers to the ability to asses, identify and control your emotions or that of others or groups. The process can be acquired through learning although it can also be in born in some individuals. You can actually use emotional intelligence to get ahead in life if you care to know the secrets involved in using it.
The secrets you have to know are mainly hidden in the four branches of emotional intelligence. Let’s take a look at them.
• Perceiving Emotions
Learning how to perceive emotions is the first secret you need to discover. This might require the understanding of nonverbal signals such as facial expressions and body language. You have to perceive emotions through such signals in order to get ahead to the next level of life.

• Reasoning with Emotions
This is yet another secret you need to know about using emotional intelligence. This involves the use of emotions to promote cognitive and thinking activities. You can reason out with emotions to know issues you have to pay attention to. You can equally reason out how you can respond to issues emotionally in order to garner the required attention. Reasoning with emotions also involves your brain and thinking faculty. Your ability to develop your mind power can actually help you a lot in the reasoning process.
• Understanding Emotions
This is another vital secret you need to know about using emotions. You have to discover how best to understand the emotions you’re having. Oftentimes, the emotions one expresses carry along deep or wider meanings. If for instance, you’re hurt, someone who understands emotions can easily decode that and also interpret the cause of your hurt. Again, if your loved one is angry, you can easily read meaning into the emotion he or she portrays and then interpret the cause of the anger.

• Managing Emotions
This is perhaps the greatest secret you need to discover in order to ahead in life. Many people fail at this point. They find it difficult to manage their emotions especially when they are angry. If you’re not able to manage your emotions when you’re angry, you can easily strike someone dead with a weapon only to regret afterwards when your emotions are gone.
Indeed, the ability to manage your emotions is the major key in emotional intelligence. You have to practice how to control your emotions in order to get ahead in life.
The following tips can help you use emotional intelligence properly
• Decode your feeling
• Share your feeling with others
• Learn to understand others’ feelings
• Learn to tolerate others when they react
• Think of various options when you’re faced with a decision
• Marshall out realistic life goals and try to pursue them
• Use the power of positive thinking to fight bad emotions

With these secrets and tips discussed above, you can always discover how to use emotional intelligence to get ahead in life. There’s every need to put the secrets you learn into practice. The more you practice, the easy it becomes for you to use the techniques discussed.

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