There is a better way to achieve the success you want-a way that is simple and easy to understand because it is basic to your soul; in fact, it is the DNA of all success. It is the way people have achieved success from the beginning of time. It worked before there were self-help experts, it still works today, and it will continue to work in the future. It is the building block upon which all success is built.

Just as DNA is the chemical basis for all heredity, the DNA of success is something we all possess. This DNA of success has been with us the whole time. It is the cause of everything that anyone has ever done or will ever do. Because of it, the pyramids were built, new countries were discovered, men learned to fly and then walk on the moon. It is the cause of millions of other successes less
dramatic, such as learning to drive a car, run a marathon, or shoot par golf.

To accomplish what you want in life with any measure of satisfaction, you must identify accurately what it is you really hunger for. If you were lost in a desert, you would soon become hot and thirsty. You would do just about anything to get a drink of cool, clear water. This overpowering thirst is what I call a Core Desire.

Identifying and then wisely, faithfully pursuing your Core Desire is the one success concept that works every time. This is how people have created success for centuries- whether or not they were aware of it at the time. Any time you succeed, you tap into this intrinsic motivation and internal power.

You don't have to write down a list of goals to achieve your aims in life. Basketball star Michael Jordan is just one example of someone who did not set written goals and still achieved greatness. In his article "In Pursuit of Excellence," he writes: "I have the desire to be the best person and player I can become, but I approach everything step by step. It's all mental for me. I never write anything down. I just concentrate on the next step. I envision what kind of person and player I want to become,
and I approach it with that end in mind. I know exactly where I want to go, and I focus on getting there. As I reach that level, I gain a little more confidence. Each success leads to the next one."

Michael Jordan first focused on his Core Desire, and then he looked for coaches and mentors who could help him. When he achieved one Core Desire, he moved on, often with the help of mentors. "I'm not afraid to ask anybody (who can teach me something) anything. My attitude is 'Show me, help me, give me direction.' "

All success is a result of four basic concepts:

First, accurately identify your Core Desires.
Core Desires are those things you want so badly that you will do, or become, whatever it takes to get them-no matter how hard it is or what the risk. These Core Desires are things that your heart is set on-things you want with all your heart.

Second, unleash a powerful force that lies within you-the Conquering Force.
With this force, fueled by passion, you can conquer all obstacles in your way. Without it, you will most likely give in or give up.

Next, find a teacher, mentor, or coach to help you realize your Core Desires and focus your Conquering Force.
Without such assistance, especially in the beginning, you may not gain the knowledge, master the skills, or be able to endure hardships and setbacks along the way.

Finally, apply the Conquering Force to different areas of your life to make improvements or overcome challenges.
You will move from one Core Desire to the next in order to learn and experience growth, improvement, progress, and positive change. You will become a more balanced person with the capacity to achieve and sustain success.

If you seriously want something you will get it-it is only a matter of time. When you achieve one Core Desire, you ask, "What's next?" You discover and start pursuing another Core Desire.

These steps make the DNA strands of our success. You can start taking these steps today. You are never too young or too old to begin moving closer to what your heart most desires.

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Jack M. Zufelt is a bestselling author and has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life's mission is to impart the truth about-and dispel the myths surrounding-success and achievement. Want to achieve better results? How about live a fuller life with more happiness, joy, and satisfaction? Discover Jack's DNA of Success and live the life you've always wanted... Click Here ->