Do you live an abundant life? Do your blessings – including financial blessings – just keep hopping along? Do you know how to create exactly what you want, when you want it? That’s wonderful! Carry on creating!

Sadly, most of us find it a little more challenging than that. Many of us are spiritually constipated: we strain and strain, gnawing the woodwork, and finally after great effort a small manifestation plops out. Wouldn’t it be great to be as regular in our manifestation as in our digestion?!

If regular creation is not part of your life – if you have any kind of block to your flow of riches, money, prosperity or wealth – then maybe it’s time to re-align with the spiritual laws that govern prosperity. According to Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, these four laws are tithing, forgiveness, passion and planning. In this article we will focus on PLANNING.

What is planning? The dictionary defines planning as “a scheme, program or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective, a proposed or tentative project or course of action, or a systematic arrangement of elements, as in a configuration or outline.”

So planning is a methodical or systematic approach to creating what you want in your life. We create by seeing what we want, then speaking of it, then bringing it from the energy fields into manifest creation. In my world, we say, “you see it, you speak it, and here it is!”

How does this relate specifically to money? The universe is a very orderly place; every part of the universe is in exactly the right time, place and relationship with every other part. There is tremendous *purpose* in every atom, particle and wave of information… the information that with sufficient force or repetition coalesces into physical form. We have an impact on those energy fields when we align with that information, and create our information in a similar format. So when we picture what we want with precision, when we repeat it and add in emotional force, when we arrange and organize our goals with believeable timing… well, then we are planning our goals. And that planning helps to bring those desires more easily and gracefully into our lives.

Thus, planning involves identifying what you desire, and committing to the steps required to get you there. If you had endless time and money, what would you be doing with your life? If you were to project yourself into the future, what do you see yourself doing in two years? Or five years? Or ten? Or by the end of your life?

One method of planning is to take those end goals and work backwards to what you need to do in order to accomplish or attract that goal. If you want to be retired in five years’ time, where do you need to be in three years? In two years? Twelve months from now? What needs to happen so that enough money flows into your life so that you can support the quality of life you can picture for yourself?

Write down the twelve desires closest to your heart right now; make sure they are positive, and that you affirm them in the Now (as in, “I am now snowboarding in Alaska”, rather than “I will be skiing in Alaska.”) Write your desires down, organize them by the most important to you at this moment, and assign a date by which you will receive or achieve that dream. In my world, we say that “a goal is a dream with a date”. Setting dates for each dream tells the universe that you are serious about accomplishing your goals – and enjoying them.

As each goal comes to fruition, mark it off your list, and add in new dreams as they occur to you. Each time a dream comes true, it makes more of a track in your energy field, and it makes it easier to create the next goal, and the next, and the next. Planning helps you develop the muscles to manifest what you desire, and of course every time you have a successful creation, that reinforces your confidence and ability to create something similar, or bigger, or richer. We all learn in steps and stages, strengthening our habits and abilities until what was once a huge challenge – like learning to drive – we can now do easily, automatically and with unconscious competence.

Another benefit of planning is that it makes you identify and take responsibility for what you actually want to be, do and have. Many spiritually-minded people somehow think it is okay to be passive, waiting for whatever God/Spirit chooses to send them. My picture is that we are here to learn how to co-create, and we cannot do that unless and until we put some conscious effort into our creations. Spiritual progress is just like anything else: you have to start small and build up your willingness, ability, talent and experience so that you can take larger and larger steps into manifestation.

So there you have the final one of our four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, forgiveness, passion and planning. Try these four spiritual laws for just three months, and see how quickly your income goes up – and your fulfillment, too!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! Sign up now for your FREE one-hour strategy session at