Covert hypnosis is commonly known as the art of persuasion or the subtle way to alter another person's views and beliefs and replacing them with a totally different thought. It has a lot of diverse forms and manifestations when there are times that people use it unconsciously.

It is also known as conversational hypnosis that can be used in different industries. This is usually applied in normal discussions wherein the user aims to get the conversation focused on him, which eventually will end up in positive results.

The subtle art of covert hypnosis is frequently beneficial in the business world. There are just some people who have become experts in the process of negotiations and there are those that excel in implementing marketing strategies. Salesmen must always appear credible in order to be successful in their fields. They may seem talkative at some points but the way they act is just a part of it. They would try to make clients agree with what they want by creating the rapport to close a business deal. Sometimes we look at salespersons as people who need us. It may be true, but when you analyze everything, during the entire process of the sale, you are the one being influenced into believing that you need them to give you the product. This is simply the subtle way of making another person to think the way you do.

Covert hypnosis is of course also used by psychologists for therapeutic treatments for certain conditions like; mental stress, insomnia and phobias. This is used to create a bond with patients by listening with what they have to say and what concerns those most as well as in making sure that the patients clearly identify their beliefs and ideas. Once the patient starts feeling that the therapist is listening and agreeing, they start to build trust, and the treatment will go smoothly.

Covert hypnosis is also used in monologues, which can come in different forms like; advertisements, announcements or speeches. Use of this technique allows the speaker to capture audience attention at once. The way the monologues go from beginning to end should be as effective as the start in order to keep the audiences' attention from wandering away from the speech. In TV advertisements, companies use voices that are deep and commanding. They do not use comforting voices because they want the viewers to watch and listen and get the message within the few allotted minutes. In most cases this is a very effectively advertising technique.

The subtle art of covert hypnosis is the way to manipulate and persuade, no matter what we call it. People use this technique to control the minds of other people to give in. Salespersons use it to make potential buyers make purchases and maybe return for more. Psychologists use it to make the patients think that they are safe, and it is alright to discuss anything. Speakers need to use this technique to capture and maintain audience attention. It is not a way to deceive but rather just an art of making other people think the way you do.

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