I was busy in the kitchen this weekend. I had a yen to cook something that would slow-cook in a crock pot. I love how a house smells when there is something yummy getting ready for my tummy.

A friend called. She was complaining about her exhausting weekend. Relatives were staying with her. Each had an opinion of how she should live her life. Her career, potential relationships and even what she wore was picked apart and critiqued. Well-meaning family members had different ideas of who she was and what path was the 'right' road to travel in her struggle for success.

I've heard this story before. From many people. As I continued to slice carrots and potatoes a question came to my mind.....

Are you simmering in a stew of put upon me? Your kettle of clarity stuffed with ingredients you don't even like. You can't digest it all. Under nourished, your energy has left the kitchen. Or, perhaps there are too many cooks in that kitchen of yours. Each has his or her own recipe for your soup.

Here's the thing:

If you blindly let others direct your life or add their stuff into your mix of what you want you won't like what you get as a result. You are unique. There is no one else like you. The well-meaning opinions, judgments and 'shoulds' of other people is largely noise. If you want to sing your own song you have to create your own tune.

The good news is the music is already inside of you. It is your birthright. You have your own special theme song that expresses your authentic greatness. When you think, speak and act in harmony with that melody - your tune - life flows effortlessly in the direction of where you want to go.

Some people are tone deaf. Others have merely forgotten the lyrics. That's ok. Anyone can pick up the beat of what will make their heart sing. All it takes is reconnecting with who you really are and what you really want. Like a yummy piece of delicious chocolate, what doesn't work for you melts away and you are left with the sweet taste of vitality, meaning and purpose.

Allow the child within your heart to rise above. Break free of your gilded cage - your conditioned box. Muster up your moxie - the confident courage to achieve authentic greatness. Keep the influences of the expectations of your influencers - including our cultural society - out of your recipe for success.

"You can close your eyes
And see the world with your heart
Do what you wish, be what you are
What a victorious thrill." - Euphoria, Michael Jackson

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Valery is a Mentor, Coach & Author who provides an all in one toolkit and training course that give you the necessary tools and information to get over the unique challenges that come from success, fame and fortune. Championing those who have or aspire fame and/or fortune to maximize their potential is her calling. She's fully prepared to engage clients with her experience, extensive training, certifications. For more information please visit www.FameMentor.com