Subliminal hypnosis is a method of inducing someone to respond to questions and suggestions through the use of a subliminal image. The hypnotist can use the process to prompt the individual involved to do things he or she was unable to do before in real life.

In the field of hypnotherapy, the idea of using subliminal images to hypnotize is very rare. It’s usually different from the common hypnosis being performed by experts. In normal traditional hypnosis, the hypnotist doesn’t normally see what is actually going on with the person being hypnotized. In most cases, the person still has some privacy to keep. On the other hand, in subliminal hypnosis, the hypnotist can engage the person involved in so many other activities. They can have a dinner, move around, jog and do other things together.

Meanwhile, it is very necessary to state that subliminal hypnosis comes with some underlying dangers which you need to know. In the first place, the method can cause great dangers if the person is being hypnotized has medical cases or if the person is suffering from certain ailments. The process can make the ailment worse if care is not taken.

Another danger inherent in the method is the fact that the privacy of the person being hypnotized can be assessed. In most cases, the process makes lots of impressions in the subconscious mind of the individual involved. This can easily influence the conscious thoughts, feelings and actions of the person to a great deal.

Again, there are side effects that can accompany the process just like in any other kind of hypnosis. The individual involved may become very weary and weak while the process goes on. There’s also the possibility of encountering identity crisis in the process.

While the course continues, the person involved may encounter series of panic attacks, fears, irritability, and distorted sense of self, unexpected trance, confusion and a lot more. The sexual life of the individual may also become distorted in the process. Oftentimes, the individual may develop insomnia, nausea, histrionic reactions, impaired vision, depression, and total change in his or her personality.

On a general plane, the underlying dangers of subliminal hypnosis can also be as a result of issues arising from unintended suggestion and other issues concerning the health status of the individual being hypnotized.

In any case, there’s every reason for you to hypnotize yourself the normal way instead of allowing someone else to that for you. You can make use of good subliminal images and messages to enhance the perception of your subconscious mind. If the images and messages you use are positive in nature, you are sure to attain a sound mind in the process. The impression in your subconscious mind can go a long way to influencing your conscious mind including your feeling, actions and the way you think.

Having seen all these, there’s need to guard against unnecessary involvement in all forms of subliminal hypnosis since they can pose great dangers to your overall mental system. You need to avoid them at all costs.

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