The Universal Love Attunements are a divinely unique series of healing based attunements designed to raise the love vibration of an individual closer towards unconditional love & understanding. The attunements themselves were received from ‘Spirit’ and have been described as being like stepping stones towards what is referred to often as the new consciousness.

Perhaps the best way to describe this series of attunements is similar to that of receiving a series of rather powerful distance healing sessions. All that is required from you is that you be willing to receive the love and healing which comes from the attunements.

Typically, as the energies are being brought through into your energy field, you will sit or lie down comfortably for around 15-20 minutes and you will often feel a soft awakening of love from within. Each level opens up our energies to a deeper and more profound state of unconditional love as we start to move closer towards the energies of the new consciousness.


This answer will vary from person to person as there are many different types of experience that can be had through the attunement process. Some may feel heat, warmth, peace, love and states of inner stillness or tranquillity as they melt and merge with the divine nature of the energies being introduced. Afterwards, there may be a glowing both in and around their energy field as they now reach a new level of vibratory understanding.

For others, they may have visions, feel some different emotions moving or shifting. They may feel some energy moving through different parts of their body or perhaps experience some physical sensations (such as tingling) in their body as the attunement takes place.

For others still, they may feel very little. This is normally true for those who are starting out with these practices or for those who find it difficult to truly open themselves up. For these people, it is quite normal to just feel relaxed during the attunement and in most cases not a whole lot more than this. This is totally ok; everyone is simply different and will therefore experience their attunement in their own unique way.

After an attunement has been completed, there is often some energetic healing to be processed in what is often a releasing of old or unwanted energies from within your consciousness. This process is referred to as the healing crisis. If you do feel any of these healing issues as they are being brought to the surface for healing, it is actually a really good sign that the attunements are in fact clearing away much negative or darker energy from within.

As you release and let go of these unwanted energies, you are helping to clear more room for the new vibration of love. Again, as you move through each level, there is a deepening of the healing experiences and a strengthening of the love vibration.


As was explained by the spiritual guides responsible for bringing these beautiful energies to this world:

"Raising the love vibration allows our consciousness to shift, enabling us to see the true concept of ourselves and our world. By raising the vibration, we reduce the filters, the haze or the glare through which we see our perceived reality. The shift in consciousness is the awakening of our mind through our hearts, to see our true selves, to hold the true essence of love. The transformation of our love is the key to finding our pathway to higher consciousnesses.”

It is this love vibration, the pathway to higher consciousness, that brings about so much healing from within us. It is this love and understanding that also helps us to grow and blossom in all aspects of our life - health, wellbeing, emotional balance, happiness, joy, laughter and many others are all experienced when our energies are flowing freely, happily and with love.


There are a number of phases and levels to these attunements and Love Inspiration offers all of these attunements to you freely and with love. As a not for profit organisation, their focus is on helping others to receive these healing frequencies so that we may all benefit as a collective consciousness.

As well as being a very powerful form of healing, the Universal Love Attunements also allow an individual to heal, grow and blossom without any need for any type of self-healing or meditation practices. The energies here are deeply connected with the new consciousness and with the energies of divine love and understanding and they have been brought through from a variety of ‘higher spiritual entities’ throughout this wonderful universe, hence the name ‘Universal Love Attunements’.

Each attunement will take around 15 minutes to receive and can be taken in the comfort of your own home. All relevant details are provided to you by email in PDF format and you will also receive a certificate upon completing each growth phase.

For those of you who would like to gain access to these powerfully healing energetic frequencies or who would like to download the first ‘manual’, all of this is all available for free via the Love Inspiration website www.loveinspiration.co.nz. Alternatively, you can email them directly to start your healing journey today @ love@loveinspiration.co.nz

May these attunements find whoever it is that requires them and may all beings be happy and free from suffering!

Author's Bio: 

After being diagnosed with FybroMyalgia in 2006, Marty travelled to Nepal where he would live for 3 years in meditation. He was guided to learn and explore many different kinds of energy based healing practices including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Lama Fera and other Guru based energy meditations.

Upon meeting his soulmate Gerry and with the creation of the not for profit organisation - Love Inspiration, they are now able to share their love, understanding and channeled teachings / energies which have been brought through to us via Gerry's gifts as a clairvoyant medium. May they benefit all.