An unlimited power to create lies within you. When you act on your Core Desires, the outcome is often far grander than you might imagine. "Outcomes are often not what I expect," said Wally, "and yet I always find myself feeling completely satisfied with the way things work out. When you have faith in the outcome, no matter what it may be, you cannot stop yourself from living and working with enthusiasm. As I put what I feel into action, I am filled with vitality and happiness."

When Wally was forced out of his own cookie company, it seemed utterly unfair. But he refused to be a victim:

When my company rejected me and gave me lemons, I decided to turn those lemons into lemonade. I remembered that doors had slammed in my face before, yet others had always opened to more brilliant prospects. I chose to see my current situation as the necessary impetus for creating a fabulous future. So I drew myself up and began to radiate a confident attitude. My intuition told me a divine plan was at work. I reminded myself that life is a process and that everything works together for the best. I came to a place of understanding which turned my heart right around. My suffering and rejection turned into a sense of comfort and peace.

This acceptance recharged me and became a powerful force in my ensuing renewal. I decided not to give up, or complain, about what had happened-I refused to think that I was a failure. Rather, I threw aside all the negative beliefs I had been taught in my life and I began to explore the possibilities ahead. I managed to triumph over financial misfortune because I drew on the power within to turn a seemingly hopeless situation into an absolute winner.

You, too, can use the creative power of the Conquering Force to confront and shape your unique reality. You can love and enjoy everything that you do when your projects and experiences are an extension of yourself. Your Core Desires become a reality to the extent that you pour yourself into them. You will say along with Wally Amos, "I go out with a heart filled with passion and actualize what I desire. Everyone who achieves greatness or fulfillment in life starts out with a dream or desire and these call up limitless spiritual resources."

I once met a man who entered the Hawaiian Iron Man race, one of the toughest races ever devised. At seventy years old, he was the oldest entrant. As he was introduced, at a meeting with the company that sponsored him, the speaker said, "Im forty-five years old, and I could never do what he is doing."

The athlete responded, "When I was your age I couldn't either." Amazingly, he hadn't started running until he was sixty-four years old.

Such latent ability lies within each of us. Some people constantly tap into their Conquering Force and use it to enhance and prolong their lives. When the late George Bums was asked if, given the chance, he would do anything in his life differently, he said, "Not really, I'd rather be a failure at something I love doing than to be successful at something I hate. I've always been in love with show business, and I still am. Show biz is and has always been my main desire."

Core Desires stimulate our senses and awaken our entrepreneurial spirit. They fuel our imagination, release our creative energy, and draw a deep sense of commitment to action. It's difficult to take action toward something you don't desire.

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