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We will be honest with you up front -- we are huge fans of Country music! Like a lot of Country music fans these days, we are impressed with Country superstar couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. To say they are awesome entertainers is an understatement! And from all reports we’ve seen and their public interactions with each other, their marriage is pretty awesome as well.

Our love for these two Country icons has a whole lot to do with their wonderful singing and songwriting. Frankly, have you ever been more moved by a song than by the song they wrote together – recorded by Miranda (and sung on The Voice by Cassadee Pope) – entitled “Over You.” This great partnership in songwriting has resulted in the Country Music Award for best song, one for the ages. Hear the song, “Over You” once and you hum it for days on end. Check out the other songs on iTunes sung by the artists Blake has mentored on The Voice.

Blake and Miranda were married about a year and one-half ago (May 14, 2011). They dated some 4-5 years before saying their vows. This was his second marriage, her first. Blake is 36 and Miranda is 28.

While they have to be apart frequently due to their hectic schedules, they are rarely separated by more than two weeks at a time. Not allowing more than two weeks of separation is by their design. And given their concert schedules and Blake’s role as a judge on The Voice, it is remarkable and commendable at this stage in their respective careers that they can adhere to this “separation timetable!”

They both are immensely popular entertainers who have figured out how to make their marriage work. Many describe their marriage as “still in the honeymoon phase” after a year and a half of marriage. To marriage researchers like us that is a great sign and often a precursor of what is to come in their marriage.

Like most of the thousands of successfully married couples we have interviewed over these past three decades who have lived and worked in all 50 states of the USA, in 47 countries, and on all seven continents of the world, they have reported, “love at first sight.” The attraction between them was magnetic and soon after they met for the first time they tell of having this unusual feeling that pulled them increasingly together.

The truth is this – love transcends time, space, and distance. Whether Blake and Miranda are together or separated by the limitations of their careers – they love and cherish each other immensely.

We have listened to their interviews, read the many narratives about them, and followed their careers very closely. We are convinced – they are the real deal!

The truth is, Blake and Miranda are Country Music’s “poster couple.” They are the hottest couple in the country music field. Clearly, they are Country’s “super couple!” And we dare say, will become a great role model for newly married couples.

Blake’s role on The Voice for these past three years has led to unprecedented popularity for him. And frankly, most folks who watch the show (including us!) have reported that he is “the star.” His warmth, his caring and his supportive personality come through in his coaching approach and the comments he makes to these young performers. These are important underlying qualities required to have a great relationship in marriage.

Blake just had a Not-So-Family Christmas special on NBC, appeared on a Michael Bublé special on NBC, had a special on the Great American Country channel, and is the reigning superstar on The Voice. Miranda and Blake dominated this year’s Country Music Awards making it a “Family Affair.” Both Blake and Miranda’s singles and albums fill the charts, continuing to garner award nominations.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have, in our estimation, and based on our 30+ years of research around the world, a marriage based upon the seven criteria for a successful marriage as revealed in Building a Love that Lasts (Jossey-Bass/Wiley). For example, after the wedding ceremony Miranda said, “I’m married to my best friend! Looking forward to a lifetime of laughter.” The most successfully married couples we have interviewed around the world consider their spouse to be their best friend.

There is no doubt in our minds that Blake and Miranda are superstars in the country music business. But more importantly, they appear to have a great marriage. From all that we have seen and heard, their marriage is one for the ages!

Blake and Miranda are truly Building a Love that Lasts.

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

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