There is a big shift happening on this planet, a shift in consciousness, a shift in possibility, for individuals and the whole.

The Self Connection - Shelley Hawkins - The Voice of the Soul. We are moving from the information age to the intuition age where our connection with ourselves is as vital as ever.

And everywhere I turn, with friends, with clients, in my own life, I hear a similar story–big changes–the kind of changes that lead to questions of the soul from wherever that person is at the moment–a new way of doing life.

For some it feels like depletion. You’ve had a lot more “going out” than “coming in” in the form of personal resources, thinking you were being kind, creating abundance, doing what you were ‘supposed to,’ or being a good friend, employer or spouse. It’s time to turn your old patterns of giving and receiving on their heads.

For others, you are waking up to your sensitive nature–male and female–to discover it anew as a strength rather than a liability; to realize who you are and surround yourself with people accordingly; to replace the heaviness, pain, addictions, helping, chaos, unhealthy relationships and mismanaged power with a new wisdom, fulfillment and dance with the pleasure of life.

Some are experiencing it in relationships that are changing, that need changing, that they don’t know how to change (yet). Relationships that hurt, deplete, and relationships that inspire you like you couldn’t have imagined.

Entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs are experiencing it in their businesses, eager for changes to their business that feed their soul and their income, that energize them physically, financially and spiritually.

Each one is looking, even if they haven’t realized it, for a way to move out of the efforting (my own word) to a new intimacy with themselves, past their heads and into their own divinity and connection with the Universe, where they are truly fed, feel safe, inspired, accomplished, vibrant, joyful, giving and free.

It is here that your business, your relationships, your health, your weight, and anything else you would like to change, changes.

-One of my Monday Wisdoms™ says it this way:
-Your soul called today. Apparently you’re right on schedule.
-It’s concerned, though, there may be some confusion about the struggles. Something about you thinking the struggles mean you’re off course.
-Soul apologized for any inconvenience. It had to crank up the volume to get your attention. Some old conditioning has been causing static in the communication channels.
-Sometimes becoming who you are is painful as you grow out of who you’ve been.
-Soul said, rest assured, truth is coming through. Everything you’re doing to sincerely grow, heal, and transform is making major waves, really shaking things up and to just remember, the next step can be so obvious you’re tripping over it or not hearing it because it is so familiar.

Just passin’ on the message,

If this describes some of your experience, know that it truly is part of your journey of growing out of who you have been into who you are becoming. Engage it intentionally, courageously, playfully, with surrender. Carolyn Myss calls it “piercing the veil of the ordinary life.”

Yes, it can be painful. And yes, it can be exhilarating. It takes a lot of courage to break out of the “ordinary life” into the intuitive life, out of patterns, relationships, and even ways of serving and being that you have held dear.

It’s even more painful not to. Give yourself the gift of whatever it takes to help move you through it–books, coaching, healing, friends, walks by a river, more play, transforming your business, journaling, changing your diet, and learning to manage your energy.

You are your business, if you are an entrepreneur. It is time for a prosperous approach to your business that feeds ALL of you, brings your gifts to the forefront, that serves many more and to step out of the old efforting ways of doing business.

It is time to be grateful for the way life IS and the way it has been WHILE being fully engaged in authentic, inspired action and change.

It is time for an openhearted way of living that leaves you protected, connected with your feeling, your intuitive nature, and free to redefine giving and receiving.

And it is time for you. You have everything you need to take your next step, to make your next wise choice. To live from the voice of your soul.

Author's Bio: 

Shelley Hawkins, MS, As a Teacher, Author and Intuitive Coach, Shelley works with conscious and creative professionals and entrepreneurs who desire a streamlined, playful way of living and doing business. They've invested a lot in themselves and want to break through their unique obstacles to moving forward personally and professionally.