The Korean wave is expected to continue to spread with Manhwa webtoon's "weapons" - a combination of web and cartoon, in relation to American superhero comics and Japanese manga.

Manhwa webtoon's birth date has been calculated since 2003 - when the company owned a Korean search engine - Daum - published the works of two famous comic artists: Yoon Tae-ho and Kang Do-young.

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Two years later, the Naver search site entered the Naver webtoons service. Since 2006, some of Kang Do-young's works began to be adapted into feature films such as Apt, 26 years, Timing, I love you, The Neighbors ... However, it was not until 2013 - when Secretly Greatly - adapted from Hun's online comedy Covertness - which was born, attracted 6.95 million viewers, became the most adaptable work of Korean cinema history, the heyday of the new webtoon. head.

So far, webtoon is a gold mine for film and television filmmakers to exploit, creating popular films like Steel rain, Along with the gods: The two worlds, What’s wrong with secretary Kim? (TV). In 2018, 2019 is the year of webtoon landing on the screen with a series of medium and upcoming adaptations such as Tale of fairy, Something about us, Love alarm, Dogko rewind. Check this: cracked ios apps

The new industry was born :

According to data from the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the country's comic market is estimated at about 1,000 billion won (894 million USD) last year; in which, Manhwa webtoon accounted for more than 70%. According to data from the National Information Industry Promotion Agency, Korea's webtoon industry grew 8.6% a year.

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Korean webtoon business units gradually expand their markets abroad. Manytoon Comics are available in the US. The site offers free webtoon comics, the excellent titles of Manhwa or Manga are also provided and updated daily. is truly the right place for the followers of Manhwa, Manga and Comic. More than 500 comic books are provided for free. In addition to free online comics, also has 500 royalty-free comics, which provide platforms like desktops, mobile phones to tablets. Manytoon distributes globally and serves readers in China, the US, Japan, Europe and Latin America. You can Read online comics for free

The strength of webtoon lies in the richness of genres (horror, adventure, romance, fantasy ...), diverse topics (entertainment, education), suitable for audiences of all ages (from sample). Teachers to teenagers, middle-aged people), content is not too lengthy, interesting drawings, impressive storytelling and hidden practical lessons worthwhile.

Blockbuster Along with the gods: The two worlds, based on the popular webtoon.

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Conquer the US market :

However, according to Stan Lee - Korean businesses will face many challenges when expanding their markets in the United States: “Although webtoon is a potential cultural industry of Korea and is entering the market. International schools, Korean characters in general are not popular in the Us public compared to films, Western characters like Marvel's or Dc Comics. Korean comics or webtoon in general are not popular in the United States, especially when compared to Japanese products (manga) ”.

Sharing about cooperation with the United States, Ms. Mary Lee - Business Development Manager of Glenda Studio, producing movies and TV shows - expressed confidence in the potential for cooperation, especially the full market. The potential is the United States and the ability to cooperate in producing some animation production stages.

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It is still too early to talk about webtoon expansion in the US market, but with what webtoon has been doing over the last time around the world, the United States should probably soon worry about a sweep. New Korean wave.

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