Beloved Luminous Soul,

it is not easy to talk about this topic in a simple and brief way, as healing involves all parts of our Essence, recognized and expressed, or yet to be discovered, or to be illuminated.
It requires to bring the gaze on what we are living, what we have experienced, the immensity of the inner world, on everything around us, both near and far from us.
It is known as the physical or mental illness is the materialization of an already manifested disharmony in the aura.
This stems from the crystallization of 'invisible elements' like the intentions, thoughts and negative expressions, from what is repressed, by not living totally one’s Essence, or lived traumas. For this, the attention must be brought also to the 'subtle bodies', to the invisible real world and the Ancient (past lives).
Therefore I chose to limit myself to the flashes, both as comments and channeling, with the aim to allow everyone to bring Light inside oneself, and expand one’s knowledge, in the desired time and manner.
More than knowing, it is always necessary to experience personally, day after day, at one’s own pace, in absolute freedom.
Like every conquest, also healing and even more prevention, require a deep integrity in making choices, in accepting the awareness that we feel and we discover, in making the steps and actions required, in letting go of safeties, advantages, illusions, and many parts of the personality.
The messages of the Angels are especially aimed at the personal growth, at the attainment of the serenity and the peace of heart, at the realization of the purpose of the Soul.
This is because, as mentioned, the roots of disharmonies are in the history of the Soul, healing is part of the purpose of the Soul.
Before joining this global vision, move the mind away to understand, discover, choose and live only through the heart.
Accompany our inner Little Girl along the 'Way of healing', reassuring her with these words of the Angels.

"... And like a little girl gets on the swing, it will be easier to rejoice as children, to sing as children, feel the thrill of being rocked, the enthusiasm of being pushed up very high.
On Our swings, you can not fall ... you can get off from them in Our arms.
Never fear Our swings, although at first there may be confusion arising from the fact of not feeling your feet on the ground, or you are afraid of falling.
Fears and anxieties will disappear when on the swing with Me you will have played.
It will only remain the joy for having played, sung, smiled, and the certainty that My arms will always support you.

You will know the lightness of flying, and you will have proof that:

when it is necessary to walk, I will walk beside you;
when it is necessary to run, lovingly I will push you to do so;
when it is necessary to play, I will take you on the swing;
when it is necessary to rest, I will take you in My arms, I will wrap with tenderness, and I will nourish you with My Love.

You will feel and discover all this, only by getting on the swing.

Words can lead you to believing, but certainly not to feel and experiment.
And if you do not experiment you cannot really understand and fully.
Get on the swing with joy like a little girl, and you will become more than ever a happy and thoughtless little girl.
Get on without thinking about anything, with the enthusiasm that springs from knowing that there you can sing, rejoice, smile, feel the thrill of freedom, the ecstasy of flying.
By living this you will not feel the emptiness because your feet are detached from the ground, or you will miss something in the world.
From the swing you will have the total view of all: of what can bring you or take you away from satisfaction and happiness, of what is real or illusion.
And when like children one enjoys playing on the swing, one calls other children that can push it very high up ... then those children will get joyfully on it to be pushed by you very high up ...
On Our swings you can reach unimaginable heights, because We are nearby, to push you up very high with Love, to protect you with joy.
With enthusiasm get on the swing to play, to receive the gifts that I will bring to you continuously, to bring you closer to the new Love.
The true love needs the Light that illuminates everything, the total freedom that allows it to grow and fly. "

Meaning of disharmonies and suffering


To reach the healing, to live all that can be prevention, to accept lovingly disharmonies and then to be able to transform them, it is necessary to understand the meaning and the purpose of suffering.

"... Suffering is one of the many experiences that the Soul has chosen to live in order to learn, to grow, to evolve.
Suffering can be a means to heal the Past Lives and to discover the New World."

◊ Means of healing


Why do some people suffer so much?


"Not a few people but many people have great sufferings. Many of them are heart-rending, and are hidden in the hearts that try to express something else: these are the most intense, the deepest suffering.
It is not possible to classify suffering: it is however suffering.
A physical disharmony can be lived peacefully and not create a great suffering, if the person lives it with awareness, has accepted it, has already discovered in oneself the strength that will allow the healing.
If this is not, or if the disharmony touches a wound that is already in the heart, there will be a greater and deeper suffering. "

◊ Call of the Soul and of the heart

"... The body sends calls for something your heart needs, or for what has to be illuminated in it, to be cared, dissolved, transformed, let go.
The body draws your attention so that you can listen to the Soul and what it is asking you.
The Soul, with the disharmony that is in the body, can indicate the steps and the actions to be taken, that are hard to understand in that moment.
It can donate the awareness necessary to achieve the chosen purpose.
It can warn you of experiences you can avoid because not chosen and unnecessary and that would cause you more suffering.
It can help you realize that you left your path, and so bring you back onto it.
The body always reflects the state of the heart and of the Soul.
Each physical, mental, emotional disharmony can be an invitation, a possibility, a means of growth.
It can be a signal of prevention, an indicator that highlights at which point or moment of your life, of your Way, you are.
It helps you understand which part of you is demanding your attention, the thing with which you need to confront or reconcile.
A disharmony can give you an awareness that will make daily life lighter and life joyful . It can make you understand a useful lesson to you and to your Way."

◊ Call of the Soul to conclude to dissolve or to heal the 'Past Lives'

"... Suffering may bring you to the same point where you stopped in another journey because you suffered a lot because of someone, or because you made someone suffer: in both cases the suffering is the same.
Suffering can make you understand where you stopped out of fears, or to hold back certainties, or to have advantages, while the purpose of that journey was to continue up to the destination chosen by the Soul.
And when you get to that point, you have the same chance of that time and the same risk, although you are in a different place now, in a new guise.
If you are aware of this, there can be not only the conclusion of those Past Lives, but also a big raise.
Be serene: to make this happen it is not necessary to know that ancient history, but to understand it through the heart, because you will feel it in it.
And the Soul will show you the step to take, action to take, the expression to live. "

◊ Non expression of one’s Essence


I do not have a specific pain or a clear symptom, but I am not well: I feel I miss something ...


"It is a natural sensation when you do not express yourself and your Essence, when there is something in the heart that does not allow total freedom.
This feeling of failure, dissatisfaction, exist when you do not live the purpose of the Soul, and therefore you do not express its full potentialities, the beauties, the skills that you chose to express in this journey.
If there is not this awareness, external gratifications are often sought, but this increases the sensation of emptiness and absence.
You chase the illusions that the world offers, but these take away even more, thus increasing the emptiness.
Whereas living one's Essence satisfies the heart and the body.
Only if you fulfill the desires of the Soul you will feel the absences no longer and all voids are filled.
Only one absence will still remain: that of not being in the 'Luminous World' that belongs to you ...
But you can dissolve even this reassuring your heart that you will return there, that what you are experiencing is only a journey that will take you back to an even richer and more luminous 'Home'."

◊ Presence of thoughts and non luminous feelings

“... Even if you can totally conceal the non luminous intentions, thoughts, feelings, that are in you, there will come a time when your body will manifest them.
These come into the cells of the body and create disharmonies.
And the more one tries to hide, the more the disharmonies increase.
If very strong things have been hidden for too long, there may be the need to heal the disharmonies with intense expressions, because they free the heart and the body's cells.
If you understand that these are necessary for your healing, do not fear anything, because I will help you in everything.
Look at the lightness that will be later in the heart, at the room that you will create for receiving Love.
Rejoice, relishing the freedom you will conquer.
Smile, feeling that afterwards you will be able to love and give in a new way."

"... Remember that in reality nothing can be concealed.
You will have many proofs of this by observing what happens in you and in the Souls you meet.
You will have confirmation that the farmer collects only what he sows; that the Universe returns what it is sent with intent, thoughts, words, actions, vibrations.
And so the awareness will be sealed in you that everyone is the creator of one's happiness.
This takes you the responsibility for everything.
This will make you feel free to choose how to live your life, and you will know how to leave all free."


Finding out personally how the physical body is related to subtle bodies and how they interact, gives awareness that allows healing and facilitates prevention.
Knowing that a disharmony in the body appears as a manifestation of a disharmony of the heart, of the Soul, leads to expanding your view, to understand where and how you need to act, and so, to avoid the risk of wasting time, or do unnecessary things.
Often you can feel discomforts, perceive difficulties, due to a disharmony that is present only in the auric level.
A physical stress or trauma the body suffers, may create holes in the aura from which the energy comes out, or 'move' the aura, and thus creating a lack of balance, both physically and psycho-emotionally.
To transform it, it is not necessary to have the capability to see and read the aura.
We accept disharmony with serenity, we ask our Angel to help us understand its meaning, we open wide the heart and stand in silence: listening to the heart we will be able to recognize, understand, and feel everything, even what our Angel whispers us ...
Through the heart the Soul will show us the way to go and the actions to be taken.
The important thing is not to deny the disharmony, not to suppress it, not to be in a hurry to dissolve it, and to be thankful for what is indicating, teaching and permitting us.
As always, gratitude will open the right door and will attract what is necessary.
Expressing gratitude by the time disharmony appears or is felt, will allow to heal.
It is good not to want to understand the causes at all costs, not to judge, and act with lovingness.
Healing, dissolution may happen, without the understanding of the root, and often, the awareness will come later.
It is essential not to create resistance and not to choke anything, because suppression creates separation, while life requires to combine everything.
It is right to pay a lot of attention to disharmony, but do not pay too much attention to it: this would create other difficulties, it would boost the same disharmony.
Let us keep our gaze to the Sky, let us ask for help to our Angel, let us do all that falls to us, and then let us wallow serene, confident that it will happen what is good for us.

What the healing allows


If we dissolve or transform disharmony, we can experience what it impeded, we can express what it choked, rejoice at the gifts that it prevented from reaching us.
Listening to the call of the Soul, living what it shows us, will be much easier to move forward on the chosen luminous Path, and we will realize more easily the purpose of the Soul.
This can give us the motivation to do everything possible to heal, to transform disharmony.
We will find out what we considered before 'bad luck', will turn into 'luck'.
In addition to this, the healing creates and allows other possibilities.
Let us see a few.

◊ More serenity and fluidity in the interpersonal relationships


What can I do with the person that is creating to me difficulties?


"... First of all it is necessary your choice on how to act with you to heal what creates to you so much disturbance.
When you feel like this with those you meet, it can warn you that this should not have happened, or that that person has a particular significance in the purpose of the Soul. The relationships are a gymnastics, a school, a possibility of purification, of healing, of growth.
If your heart is totally healed, if the Past Lives are fully completed and healed, no one can disrupt or cause difficulties inside you.
Look at this person like a flower that can be a means to heal, to train yourself, or to understand something.
And when it will happen that another 'rose' will sting you with its thorns, say:
– Also this rose is a means to learn to live among the roses without being touched by any thorn, to go in the midst of the brambles without any fear of any thorn – .
And you will see how much easier it will be, how more quickly you will heal that part of you that creates these troubles and difficulties, maybe a part you brought from the Past Lives, or you have chosen to illuminate in this journey.
You will become so strong and you will go barefoot in the midst of brambles, or with cold winds, smiling and rejoicing.
If you bring healing to the heart, to the Past Lives, to all your Being, with my Help and Love, if you live consciously everything together with Me, no thorn will sting you, no cold wind will create cold inside you.
In this way you will remember another part of the Great Book of the Soul that is within you, you will write another page in the book of this life."


How can I overcome the disturbances the affection creates me?


"Healing your heart and giving Love in all its expressions.
Give a hug and ask for one. Give a caress and ask for one.
You feel upset when Love enters into you, or a wound of the heart is touched. This does not happen if you only give Love and do not receive it, but it all remains in the heart and healing does not occur.
Be aware that receiving a hug, a caress, your heart may still be troubled. In that moment observe what you feel: you will discover parts to be illuminated, or wounds to heal, you will become aware of needs and desires you try to stifle.
If a heart is upset in receiving Love, it is afraid to receive endearments, affections, it can always risk of being hurt even more.
Love and its expressions will touch the heart as long as it is filled by New Love that satisfies all Being, and fills all void.
Be aware of this reality, but the disturbance is something else: it must be dissolved, healing or transforming what creates it."

"... Be careful of the expression: – I need Love – .
This creates the risk of entering into stories of the past, into wounds, gaps, needs, that must be forgotten.
Be aware that the New Love has not entered fully your heart yet, and hence there remained the need of Love, of tenderness, of affection.
Together we will transform this need into desire, because the needs create problems, whereas the wishes attract joyful gifts.
Smile knowing that your heart will be satisfied and you will live in the New Love when, with my Love and help, everything will be healed, transformed, dissolved, let go."


The healing creates serenity and fluidity not only in the interpersonal relationships, but also in the relationships with animals, with every visible and invisible Creature, with everything that surrounds us.
Because behind every difficulty that is in any kind of relationship, with any person, Creature, thing, etc., there is always a part to illuminate, or something to let go, to be dissolved, to transform, to heal.

◊ Becoming new – living the new – walking on the Path of the heart

"... When your heart will be completely healed, you will live everything in a new way.
You will see what surrounds you in a new way, you will be able to appreciate, to relish and to live with intensity and joy.
You will feel what is happening in and around you in a new way, and nothing will touch you.
You will know how to receive and give Love in a totally different way from before.
You will not react to anything anymore, but you will act fully. So your action will be new in every situation, with everything, in every relationship.
Living everything in a new way, seeing and feeling everything in a new way, you will feel a different, new person: in fact you are new.
In your heart the seeds scattered in the garden will blossom where there were the wounds before.
If you behave during this healing with enthusiasm to achieve all this, to allow all this, you will live the healing in lightness, joy, driven by the desire to become new, to live the New.
With the healed heart you will raise your vibrations and bring fresh air around you, you will spread perfumes while going, your joy will be felt in the air, Love you will vibrate like a gentle wind: that is how you will walk on the way of the heart, on the way of Love."

◊ Possibility to give the true help

"... When your heart is completely healed, you will be able to express easily an infinite sweetness and a deep tenderness with a new intensity, the intensity that comes from the luminous strength that each healing creates and allows.
Only when the total healing has occurred in your heart there will be enough space for the New Love, and you will be able to express it with intensity.
When the New Love will come out from your heart, every traveler you meet, or who will join you, or that will simply pass by, will see, feel, perceive this Love.
It will manifest itself in its whole Being: your body will have a new Light, your eyes will be luminous, your vibrations will be intense.
You will not need either actions, or words: your being there will create all, that will. allow everything."

"... In the healed heart the desire to smile at everything and everyone arises spontaneously, the desire to sing, to dance, to play come up.
The smile on your face will invite people you meet to smile; your singing will be the balm for the hearts that will hear it; your dance will invite to dance; your games will attract other children to play with you.
The Love you will expand around you with joy, will become the dew quenching the thirst, the balm healing all wounds."

"Love is the greatest cure, giving happiness
is the only true and great mission of everyone"

◊ Possibility to enter in the total silence, in the deep meditation

"... The healing requires to empty completely the heart from what is not Love and Light, to free the body, to express always the thoughts, emotions, feelings.
This prepares the room for the silence, and allows you to enter in deep meditation.
And there you will find the nourishment for your Soul, the strength for your body and peace for your heart.
In the silence you will hear the new languages with which the universe expresses itself, with which all the Creatures will speak to you that live and vibrate in the Universe.
With the meditation you will enter that depth that encloses the immensity created by your Past Lives, and there you can sense and perceive the New.
In that depth you can also discover the roots of your difficulties, very long roots because they started from far away.
New insights can arise from them for other things that need to be transformed, healed, or let go.
But remember that a bud, a flower will blossom then for each root."

"... The healed heart creates a room for the Whole, and therefore it allows the union with the Whole.
That is how you will come in connection with your Divine part, with the Light and Love that the Divine manifests and donates.
Here you will emanate Light and donate Love continuously, simply, spontaneously."

◊ Understanding life

"... When your heart will be healed you will not fear anymore to observe what is inside of it or enters. So, you will not fear to observe your whole life.
With My Love I will accompany you to see it, helping you to learn how this can be done in joy, with Love.
But choose to do this only if it is necessary to learn, to heal, to grasp the Essence of a lived experience.
And with joy then, let go of the past, grateful for what it gave you, for what it allowed. So take away forever your gaze from it to bring it in front of you and to the Sky.
Comprehending life, you will not be afraid to let go of everything that prevents you from living it fully and in total freedom.
You will be able to transform or let go of your whole personality and so you will create the 'ego death'.
When you know the 'death' of what is inside you, you cannot fear death any longer, because you will be certain that in reality it does not exist."

◊ Possibility to create

"... The healed heart creates the room for the Light and Love, allows the complete connection with the Great Light, leads to expressing naturally the Essence of the Divine Spark, have the Power of the Soul manifested.
All this gives the possibility to create, to do miracles, and it will bring you what is necessary to you.
Believe in this, because you are a ray of that 'Sun' which creates everything and works miracles."

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Heal yourself and help heal

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.