Discovering the Healer that is within us
How the inner Healer can act


When the healing is necessary, at any level, the Soul pushes you to look for, to know, to understand, to act, to reach it.
Almost always one looks for something or someone who can heal us.
Often one chooses to eliminate quickly the symptoms of diseases, without wondering why there have occurred: we consider the disease as a natural thing that can always happen and to anyone.
And when the heart suffers, the cause is easily attributed to something, to someone, to a situation.
One visits a doctor, then another one. If they can't solve the problem, one looks for healers or therapists, various remedies are tried, one experiments different healing techniques.
Someone stops at this point, someone instead continues the search until discovering that the only Great Healer is already within him.
He understands that the roots of all disharmony have always been within himself.
This awareness leads to taking responsibility for healing, and caring in a new way.
However, we can ask someone for help, and help us with something, but we will feel them only as means, as aid, and we will not delegate our healing to anything or to anyone anymore.
One can choose to start the dissolution of the disease with one’s own hands, (by using various techniques), with the Light, with all that Nature gives.
In this way the memories of healing methods already known in the Past Lives will resurface: simple ways of connection with the Love and the Light, to bring the Light and Love within oneself, to illuminate the roots, to dissolve disharmonies.
This is how one starts to browse the Great Book of the Soul and the Great Book of the Nature.
One starts to read with the eyes of the Soul, to learn with the heart.
This 'wandering' can happen even with the knowledges: firstly you look for them outside, in many ways, in many places, in many people.
And even in this you can stop at a certain time, or continue the search by acquiring many information and knowledges, looking for the person who can answer all our questions.
There may be a chance to meet a Master or more Masters as the growth continues, reminding that: 'when the student is ready, the Master appears'.
The function of the Master is mainly to help us rediscover the Inner Master, the wisdoms of the Great Book of the Soul and the Great Book of Nature.
In the search it is necessary to be very careful, because there are great sources of learning, of wisdom, but there are other sources creating confusion and pulling away from the true wisdom, that one of the Soul, which nurture only the mind and pull away from the heart.
And often these sources are well disguised: there seems to be Light in them, but it is 'reflected Light', and it does not come from the heart; words of Light and Love are used to obfuscate and confuse, not to help, as they would like you to believe.
Only the heart can recognize if they are really words of Light and Love, words that aim at bringing Light, giving Love, helping.
Before looking for the means of healing, the choice to heal at any cost is necessary, even if the recovery may require efforts or sufferings.
Accepting that the Great Healer and medicines that can actually heal, are within oneself, leads to feeling responsible for the healing and one's life, it leads to taking responsibility in all, with anyone, at any time.
Everything will be easier if one chooses to be ready to change oneself, and open up to the new.
Delegating the healing to others or to something, both of the body and heart will be apparently easier.
This can also lead to expressions of stoicism, of magnitude, because it proves to accept with resignation and strength, the suffering, disease, events and difficult situations.
In reality, you are running, you are definitely not struggling, or you are not doing what you are responsible for.
Without our action there will be no real recovery, or they will be temporary.
While acting responsibly we will reach the total harmony of our whole Being.
And the Angels will help us fully.

"... If you choose to search within yourself the Great Book of the Soul, I will help you to leaf through, to read with the eyes of the Soul, to learn from the heart, within the time and in the right ways for you.
If you choose to reach into the Great Book of Nature, I will come with you to find it out, together we will leaf through it, we will read it, and your heart will learn rejoicing.
And these Books will lead you to the knowledge, to the wisdom, ancient and new, to the union with the Whole, the awakening of ancient skills and qualities, the total expression of your Essence, to discover your treasures, to learn about the freedom to use them, always, anywhere, with anyone."

◊ Healing with hands and heart


Can my hands heal myself?


"If you feel them as a means of your heart, your soul, of the Light, Love.
And they cannot only help you, but also others.
If you are in total connection with the Light, if your heart is full of Love, you can give all the Light that shines and melts, the Love that heals and transforms everything.
Waves of Love and Light will be created that will depart from your heart, from your hands, to enter into the hearts and bodies that await them.
Live those moments in silence, allow your heart to speak, listen to the language of the Soul, the music of the silence.
Silence gives the opportunity to hear the voice of the heart and the Soul.
Feel the sacredness of those moments: it will make you remember the Great Light, your being a Divine Spark.
Accompany the sanctity with joy and enthusiasm to be a valuable means of the Great Light.
In those moments call Me, so I can heal together with you.
You will feel the joy of collaborating with Me, with Us, and your heart will be satisfied.
You know moments of fusion with the Whole and the person you are helping to heal.
This will happen also when you will choose to heal the wounds of your heart, the disharmonies of your body."

"... Join the Love that is in your heart, the Light that your hands can instill in many ‘Hearts’ and spread around you.
Your hands can be not only a great means of cure, but also carriers of the Light and Love.
For this love your hands, like your heart.
Observe your hands because, if you want, they will be more and more luminous hands that, with My hands, will act to bring Light and Love.
Rejoice, because your heart and your hands are means to cure, to bring Light, to give Love.
Look at your luminous heart, imagine that it is a beautiful sun.
Feel how your hands can heal your heart, as this 'sun' can make more luminous your hands.
If you choose to heal your heart, say:
– With my hands I heal my heart, with my heart I make my hands luminous – .
Say this, think about this, feel this.
But when instead you use your hands to bring Light and to give Love, to you or to others, bring always your hands before to your heart, imagine that it is a beautiful sun, enter in connection with the Great Light, and say:
– With my hands I make my heart luminous, with my heart I make my hands luminous – .
See that a beam of Light enters into you and makes your whole Being a luminous 'Sun'.
Then, call Me, and feel on your hands My hands that act with yours, feel My heart that envelops your heart, to give Love together with you.
In those moments I will instill into you and in those who is receiving from you Light and Love, rays of union, of care, of transformation, rays of joy.
You will feel that your heart will accompany the Light and Love you will instill in them, you will feel that your heart will melt with the other heart to understand everything and, therefore, to give what the heart is waiting.
While your hands will be instilling the Light, waves of Love will depart from your heart that will join the Light you are donating.
In those moments instill thoughts and expressions of Love in those who are receiving from your hands the Light, from your heart Love.
Your hands will become even more luminous, your heart will always be more and more a shining sun.
You will hear a new lightness, learn new joys, and your whole Being will perceive the infinite sweetness of Love and Light.
That is why these moments are to be lived in total silence: it will allow you and the other person, to discover, to understand, to perceive, to realize, to receive, everything.
So possibilities to illuminate parts will occur, to find roots, to understand the causes, to get awarenesses, to remember wisdom, which will create and allow the whole.
That is why there must not be words: they would recall that the mind in those moments must be taken away because it would prevent all this, and it may even suggest to escape ...
When one enters the heart, the mind always creates resistances and fears, but we will also understand them together along with Love, disband them with the Light."

◊ Healing with the Light

"... Light is a gift for yourself and for the hearts you would like to help heal.
The Light is an immense means to illuminate, transform, dissolve, heal.
Light awakens what is in the hearts, puts forth the most beautiful flowers, leads to the sources that quench their thirst and nurture.
If you welcome it and give it with Love, it accompanies you to discover the invisible."

"... And now I give the White Light to you. Feel it coming down on you like a waterfall, knowing that it is a waterfall of that Love and Light that I will always donate to you lovingly.
This is nutrition for your heart and your Soul. It will be a great means of cleansing, purification, of dissolvement.
Your heart must be light in order to follow the Soul, must be free to fly with it.
In many journeys much 'dust' may have deposited in your heart, but your Soul knows that all that 'dust' can be washed away by the Light.
Your heart feels that every day 'dust' can be deposited in it: reassure it telling it that with the Light every day you will purge this, that you will always loose with the Light what weighs on it.
When a heart humbly asks for the Light of purification, it will become pure; when it asks for the Light of dissolution, transformation, it will become light; when it will ask for the Light of freedom, it will become free.
If you want this, you can ask in this way:
– I am aware of the 'dust' that is in my heart there, that can always get into it. I ask White Light of purification, dissolution, transformation, liberation.
I ask you to help me purify my heart, make it light, clear and luminous.
Help me act enabling all this – .
With these words you will allow me to do everything and help you in everything.
Do this request with a smile, feeling that I will work in your heart with Love and Light, wrapping it with Love and Light.
Ask this with joy, rejoicing let everything happen, and everything will happen."

“... Lovingly I bring you a ray of blue Light, a ray that can penetrate into your heart and open it completely, to allow a cascade of blue Light to flood it, to quench your Soul, to refresh your whole Being.
And this blue Light will give birth in your heart to the so much desired peace, it will create waves that will help you get to the beach your Soul has chosen.
With the heart flooded with blue Light, with your Being wrapped by white Light, and all the fears to heal the wounds will dissolve, to remove the 'dust', to live the storms of life.
Ask Me this every day, see that this happens whenever you want.
So even the tiniest 'dust particles' will dissolve that can be in your heart and on your wings, and prevent your heart and your Soul from flying free in the Sky, from diving into the sea of Love.
When you ask Me, I will give you the Light that can dissolve what blurs your Light, which can take away what weighs down your heart, that can wash your wings.
The Light I will give you will awaken in you the old colours, it will get you to know the new colors, it will create rainbows of Light and Love that will join you with the Sky, the Earth, to us, to those who, with the Light and Love, you want to help heal.”

"... Remember that the Light and Love will always be the balms, the medicines, means of cure, that can heal everything and everyone.
Of course, if there is a real choice to heal, the humble request of Light, the full opening to Love.
All Souls seek the Light, all hearts are in need of Love, all bodies wish the Light that quenches, nourishes, strengthens, regenerates and heals, the Love that caresses them and wraps them in a tender embrace."

"... By giving the Light and Love with your hands, with your smile, with your heart, with all your Being, you cannot just heal what is in your heart and in your body, you cannot just help heal those who wants it, but you can also discover the most beautiful streets of the heart, the wonders of the Light, the fulfillment of Love."

◊ Healing with Nature

“... What Nature gives can become cure together with yours and my hands, together with your Light and the Light I will instil in that moment.”


How can I smell again the scents of Nature, the taste of its fruits that I can no longer smell after I had a bad cold?


"Go in the Nature with the enthusiasm you can feel thinking that you go there to play a great game with Me.
With Love take some earth in your hands, with them bring Light to that earth, and aloud ask Me to bring there My Light cure. Then, happily put the face in the earth and sniffs its perfume.
Do the same thing with grass, flowers, leaves, and with everything Nature is offering to you.
Play this game also to savor again its fruits.
First collect with Love and holiness, then bring in what you have gathered your Light, ask Me to bring my rays of cure, and then eat a little piece of that leaf, of that flower, of that fruit.
Do these things with certainty that are a cure for you, that your hands are very luminous, that adding the Love of your heart, nothing is impossible for Us, if this is good for your Soul.
Do not be surprised: these games were already remedies in ancient times.
They will help you understand how much what is in Nature can heal, help, reawaken, teach.
Believe in yourself, love the Nature, remember the Power of Light.
Rejoice, spells can always happen to children who play with Us, who believes in the Light, who likes everything that vibrates in the Universe."

“... Nature offers an immensity of treatment possibilities.
You can discover them by going there as a little girl, behaving with daughter's Love, asking Me to accompany you to discover and to help you remember.
In Nature there are the sweetest music, the most intense sounds, entering into the bottom of the heart, that nourish the Soul, healing the body.
There are colours no hand can bring back, the most beautiful images that can take the mind away, and awaken the ancient emotions and sensations.
These colours, these images and what they create and allow, can become a cure for you.
The earth, water, air, fire, are already remedies, and can be melted one another to create new treatments.
And if you have doubts, observe how many cure techniques have been inspired by Nature, use its elements and all that it offers."


Invisible Beings that are in the Nature can help heal this disharmony of mine?


"Of course they can, if you believe in Them, if you allow Them to do it, if you collaborate with Them, if you open up to the understanding of the disharmony."


Is it true that animals can cure?


"They are creatures that can help you a lot in everything.
Listen to them as means to express Love, sweetness, tenderness with them it is much easier.
These creatures can help you express so much Love, that this can become part of you, that you may become Love.
They can help you understand all the feelings that they give birth in your heart, even those of not love: there is always an injury that creates the non love towards the animals, towards the Creatures of the Universe.
Animals are also great examples of life, of Love. They are the means of expansion, opening.
They are possibilities of growth in everything, because they are large mirrors that reflect what is in you and around you.
For all this they can be therefore a means of treatment, and their Love is already a cure."

◊ Words - Sounds

“... Remember the creative power of words and sounds, and how much the expressions aloud create within and around you.
All words, even a part of it, create something: this can be a cure, creative force, it can be the materialization of what you express with that word.
Therefore, be always attentive to every word, because it creates but it can destroy, it heals but it also can hurt.
Talk to your body like a baby to love, understand, reassure, support, help.
Expressing him acceptance, understanding, help, for the disharmony that is manifesting at that time, the healing will begin that the Love so expressed will make happen.
After this expression, you can ask him to let go of that disharmony.
Merge to the expression the loving touch and the bringing Light together with Me.
Do not worry if you do not know the therapeutic sounds and be serene: they will arise spontaneously in your heart, if you ask Me to help you remember them, to receive them from the Universe, to emit them in the required manner and time.
This will happen if you have already taken away your mind, if you are there with the heart, in the absolute silence, in the total opening, in the union of the Light, with all your Love.
The words, the sounds and all expressions, may be a cure for your body, for your heart, and for all those who you want to help."

◊ Positive thinking andVisualization

“... Remember that your mind will talk to you about what it knows, so when you speak to it about the unknown or create the unimaginable, it walks away.
The mind cannot tell the difference between the reality that surrounds it and the images and the reality that you can create with your thoughts and your visualizations.
Here you can understand that now you are what you have created with your thoughts, words, actions and vibrations.
So you can become what you choose to create with them.
With joy imagine wonderful things for you, for all that is within you, for your heart, for your body, for your Soul.
Imagine the most beautiful and the biggest things for everything around you.
Allow the Little Girl that is in you to dream the unknown, to have all necessary space for her imagination, her creativity.
If your Little Girl can always express them, she will create not only healing, but she also will attract what is necessary to you, and what you can not even imagine now.
If your Little Girl is free to let her imagination fly, she will create a really wonderful reality, full of magics and gifts.
And together with her imagination, and her dreams, even your heart and your Soul will fly."

◊ Tears


Often when I think of the wounds of my heart that I chose to heal me, tears come down ...


"Do not fear them, they are tears of dissolution, it is not a call for attention as you are afraid, because now you are aware whether those tears want to draw the attention of someone or you want someone to act for you.
If they are tears of the Little Girl, they melt all that needs to be dissolved, even what has roots in the Past Lives.
Tears can untie the largest knots, open locked doors, break down the built walls.
They can wash away what blurs your colours and make you discover the ancient colors.
They may remove the dried leaves to give your flowers and antique flowers, the space necessary to grow.
Tears can loose your wings to allow your Soul to fly high in the Sky."


“... Go into the Nature with your heart of little girl and in the silence stay in sweet listening: its sounds, its music, its scents, intoxicate your mind and turn it away.
Open your heart and call Me next to you. Imagine then a beam of Light that connects your heart to the Sky, your heart to Me, and smile.
Of course, you can do this also in your home and in other places. Everywhere the silence, the opened heart, the smile, the union with the Light, allow everything to Me are indispensable.
Do not try to feel or understand, not even try to guess or sense: just stay there, like a happy and smiling Little Girl, who has the heart and hands open to receive the immense gifts ready for her.
If you do not look for anything, you do not wait for anything, all you need at that time will come to you.
In the silence you can discover the deepest roots, the unimaginable reasons, the farthest causes, of each disharmony that is in you.
You can understand how to act to dissolve it, or to transform it, or let go of what is necessary.
In the silence you can receive the Love of the Universe, and My rays of cure.
Beyond all this, the silence is already a cure for your heart, a liberation for your Soul."

◊ Love

“... With infinite sweetness I remind you how Love allows everything, creates space to all, attracts and gives everything, creates and dissolves everything.
I remind you this so that you can be certain that Love is the necessary medicine for every wound, it is the biggest means to cure, the most powerful, it is the sweetest balm for every wound.
Love is the expression of Light, thus the Power of Light is manifested through Love.
For this Love makes you be a healer, for you and for those who asks you for help to heal.
Everything that you choose to use for your or other people's disharmonies, wrap it with the Light, give it with Love.
And remember what love can make happen inside and around you, is not just the love you receive, but above all the Love that you give"

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Heal yourself and help heal

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.