How to choose the means and ways of cures


With the experience I gathered on me and with the people to whom I gave the treatment methods known to me, and whom I stayed beside in the manner of cures they chose, I realized that there is not a right or wrong means of cure.
For this, let us simply give our known and our experience, so that the person who has asked for help to heal, have more knowledge and awareness in order to be able to choose the best for him or her.
Only he or she can choose, and we must be very careful not to influence her or his choice in any way.
Although we offer something 'miraculous', that could heal her instantly, however, the healing will not happen if she is not ready, if she does not believe in what we offered, if she has not understood what the disease is helping her to understand and learn.
I also experienced that a technique, a way, a means, can complete the healing that was begun with the cures previously made.
These had 'plowed the land', they had already donated the awakening or awareness that disharmony had brought.
The last used therapy had just completed the work.
If it had not happened what was necessary, also that means would not have healed.
This allowed me to understand how much, after the choice of wanting to heal, to do everything possible, to accept what it entails, it is also required the acceptance of the possibility that healing does not happen immediately.
This, of course, both for oneself and for the people who want to help.
There can be many reasons that prevent from healing as long as they are recognized, understood and dissolved.

Some of these are:

- If the disharmony has the purpose to make understand a lesson, it remains until the time of understanding of the same.

- If the disharmony is an excuse for not taking up a responsibility for a particular thing or situation, the person will hold it back, consciously or not.

- If the disharmony is a means to have advantages, or it is a way to draw attention, to receive Love, to ensure that someone will take care of oneself, it will remain as long as the person chooses to ask all this clearly.

- If the sick person is in a period of evolution because of which he or she is not ready to receive certain types of therapies, or looks at them with suspect, preclude any improvement.

- The disharmonies can be linked to Past Lives that must be concluded within the required time and manners, unknown to us.

- It may be that in the purpose of the Soul the healing has to take place with the help of a certain person. So it will happen only at that meeting.

- If a person wishes to receive treatments from doctors or famous therapists, or to use methods of 'special' cure, it will ensure that the healing is not given through simple or natural methods.

- Someone may also choose not to heal to confirm the futility of that technique or therapy to highlight the failure of the doctor or therapist.

These and many other reasons, there may be also if the person claims he or she wants to heal at all costs, demonstrates to do all what is possible, accept any proposal and help.
It is impossible to know the intimate person... Love and the respect require to us not to even want to know...
Anyway, the story of a Soul will always remain unknown to us.
With oneself a deep and total integrity is required, and the courage to find out the reasons which prevent from healing.

With others we are asked the total availability, accompanied by the respect and detachment that allows to observe what happens without any judgment, interpretation and expectation.
So we will always leave all free, also to choose not to heal...

“... Do all you can, so you will allow Me to complete what you start.
I can do for you no steps, no action, but I can quicken much your step, make big even a small action that you carry out.
No one who acts out of Love can invade, can force, can act in place of another, even for a good purpose: this is Love, this is freedom."

"... Everyone has to feel in one's heart what at that time can help him or her: this in everything, even in the healing.
Only in this way the means and ways can create and allow.
Next to a choice made with the heart, not with the mind, it is necessary the courage to accept and deal with what means and ways can create or bring to the surface, to allow then the healing.
Many may be the helps, the instruments and means.
It is necessary that everyone chooses one’s, calmly, with awareness, with attention, remembering that is often left aside what is the most needed at that time, for fear of suffering, to discover, to let go.
Sometimes you would not like to know the cause of the disharmony, because then you intuit that then a choice, a step, an act will be required.
These fears may also be unconscious, and they turn the gaze away, they make take another tool which is believed less painful, even if it is known that it will take much longer.
Sometimes healing slowly leads to suffering longer and may be more painful.
A tool apparently 'sweet' may be actually very 'sharp', a way seemingly simple can be very intense.
However, it is necessary to leave free in the choice, remembering that in everyone there is always the necessary strength to cope with everything a healing requires.
And whatever a tool or a way can create, you can live it with serenity and sweetness, calling Me beside you, collaborating with Me, allowing Me everything, wrapping everything with Light, doing everything with Love."

“... Cures need the total confidence, but there must not be the expectation.
Anyway, you will be always able to heal yourself...
And you will discover that the cure itself never heals, but all that is within you, what you choose with integrity, and how you act."

“... Before taking any action in your body, in your heart, call Me beside you. So you can act, or allow someone to act, with My help, to bring the necessary Light, to wrap it all with the love that allows healing.
On whatever you have on your body or inside of it, let first your Light with your hands come down, wrap it with your Love, and then ask Me the necessary Light and Love there
When you bring your hands on your body, feel My hands on them. Then imagine that the sun enters that part of the body along with My rays that I wll let them penetrate.
Listen to and see this also on what you have on your body or inside it.
Of course do this and imagine even when you give your cures to other hearts."

Accepting oneself and others
Accepting disharmonies and difficulties


I realized that I do not accept only my disharmonies, but even myself.


"Close your eyes, open the heart, and feel how I love you, how I always accept you unconditionally, totally, without interruption.
Feeling this, you cannot but love yourself and accept yourself.
So you will find out how much you are loved and accepted not only by me, but also from other hearts.
It is hard to hear this from someone unless you accept yourself and love yourself as you are, you can see it but not feel.
In order to grow it is necessary first to accept what will make you grow, and accept that the growth will continue as long as you want it.
You cannot continue the Way towards your goal if you do not observe where you are at that moment.
If you realize this humbly and accept with Love and joy, you will continue your Way and continue your growth in the Love and joy, you will always accept yourself with serenity.
And this is for everything, and it will be so in everything."

"... The growth, the transformation, the change, the healing, require choices, awarenesses, responsibilities, steps and actions, but first of all acceptance.
Jump on My lap and let me wrap you with My wings. Feel like a loved and protected little girl.
Feel that you are so accepted from Me that I take you inside my heart, and I wrap you in it with all My Love.
Think, see and feel this: it will be so easy to accept yourself and all of you, to accept the wounds of the heart, the disharmonies of the body, to recognize the parts to illuminate or transform those that are creating disharmonies."

“... From your heart not everything came out, in your heart not all is healed: accept this with equanimity and do not fight it.
But do not think about what should come out of your heart, of the wounds that are in it, the parts that need to be illuminated, transformed, let go.
Smiling, observe, instead everything that shines in you, all that you are manifesting around you, your luminous Essence, your colours, your perfumes.
So there will be no fear, you will not feel fragile, and you will be able to accept all, to heal, transform and let go, with patience, serenity and Love.
Give Love, express your Essence, manifest your Light, rejoice for the courage you have, for the strength that is within you: everything will happen sweetly."


I am struggling since a long time against this disease but I cannot heal.


"Do not fight anymore, but look at it with Love and accept it with serenity.
This will allow you to recognize its meaning, to understand the message that is leading you, what the Soul wants to tell you through it.
It is important not to refuse it, not to try to suppress or stifle what it is telling you.
Bring the hands to the heart, raises the eyes to the Sky, express gratitude for it, for what healing will bring you, and ask Me to help you.
Everything will happen if inside you there is a deep gratitude, the total acceptance, the serenity in your action, the joy for the gifts that disharmony, that difficulty, surely will bring you.
Never fear anything about you or what is in you, do not judge anything and love everything, certain that behind every cloud there is always the sun."


With joy I give you these two games that can help in the acceptance of oneself.

○ Look at yourself in the mirror, say your name and, smiling, express to the reflected image, (to yourself):
Love, admiration, pride, for the Light that is in you, for all that you are already, you already do, already express, already give, for what you already love, and already help.


a) Imagine in front of your Angel that smiles at you
that looks at you with Love, admiration, pride, and listen to him: let me tell you all the good things that you would like to hear about you.

b) Do the same thing imaging in front of you someone you know.

c) Now do this imagining in front of you many people.

d) Now imagine yourself on a stage: you hear the audience applauding to you and express how wonderful you are, good, great, beautiful, you feel that it is telling you how important is everything you do, and what you are doing.

e) Done this, smile to your Angel, to this person, to the group of people, to the public, and thank them for the truths they have expressed, for their recognition and appreciation for their Love.


I think that only when we accept ourselves, fully, we accept everything that happens in and around us, then we can really accept others, everything and at all times.
It is said it is easier to accept and forgive others than ourselves, but often it is not.
If we observe with integrity, we will see that we will not always accept fully a person, in any situation.
It is difficult to accept him or her with Love when he or she is our 'mirror' because it reflects a side of ours we still do not accept or do not want to recognize, although we understand that this is a help for our growth.
Even more so when it is a 'talking mirror', and tells us things we would not like to hear, even knowing that they are true and which can be help messages.
It is not easy to accept serenely a person when he or she refuses our help or tramples our gift, especially if he or she requested them to us before.
It is not easy to accept with indifference her or his actions that take away from healing or from the goal, after we were asked for help to reach them.
It is even more difficult if to do so, we have given much time and energy, done everything possible, and even given up our needs.
Not always we are able to remain indifferent when we see him or her suffer because he or she does not take the necessary steps or actions, even the easy ones.
It is not easy to accept him or her with compassion when he or she complains about what he or she does not have, what he or she cannot do or achieve, while we see that he or she could have all, do and achieve, if she or she put into practice her or his knowledge.
To reach the total acceptance it is necessary to remember that everyone is free in all, also to suffer.
He or she is free to lose what he or she has, not to receive what he or she is looking for, not to be as he or she would like to be and really could be.
Even more we would be able to accept all if we see them as Souls who are helping us learn the art of giving, of assisting, of expressing unconditional Love.
If we remember this, and we feel it in our depth, we can thank everyone for everything, even when they refuse us or react violently against us, because of what we have given them, for as much we loved them.
That is why the acceptance leads to gratitude, and both leads to serenity.
And they always attract great gifts.


“... A magical world whose doors are closed can reveal if you open them, they can then bring you countless gifts obstacles, they can make you discover understandings and wisdoms disharmonies in your body.
Therefore, when you meet a difficulty, you discover a wound of the heart, or your body manifests a disharmony, first of all thank with intensity, turning your gaze to the Sky, smiling at everything that is great, beautiful and magic, that is already behind and is coming to you.
This gratitude will open the most impregnable doors, it will bring down the walls of the strongest ones, it will let you overcome the greatest difficulties, it will bring healing and transformation in all.
Thanking first of all, leads to acceptance, understanding, total vision, transformation, healing, and let you take the necessary steps, the required actions."


It seems absurd to give thanks for what we do not like or is making us suffer, for what we would not like, or that is preventing us from something, or is changing our plans.
But really to thank for everything, first of all, creates and enables the unimaginable, what we consider impossible.

“... The acceptance of everything and everyone, made with Love, joyful gratitude, the humble sharing of the difficulties you encounter in accepting and being grateful for all, leads to achieving huge conquests, quickly completes many healings, including healing of Past Lives, and allows the arrival of new gifts for yourself and for others.
Continue to accept with Love, to give thanks with joy, smiling at everything and everyone, without interruption, remain detached from everything, from everyone, and from yourself, keep your gaze to the Sky, to the goal of your Soul: you will live joyfully the spells that will happen, now unimaginable for you, you will feel transported by the wave of Love that bring you up, which will allow to your Soul to fly free in the Sky."

Remember that:

○ The difficulties are:

- tools that shape,
- strengthening trainers,
- means to extract what is inside,
- possibilities to express the luminous Essence,
- steps to climb higher and higher,
- mirrors to reflect oneself,
- test benches.
- teachers of life.

○ To overcome the difficulties it is necessary to disarm the mind and open the door of the heart.

○ For each problem there is a solution,
for each question there is an answer,
for each defeat there is a victory,
for every failure there is a success,
for each end there is a beginning.

Observing the past to heal, understand, forgive, love

"... If you want, I will take you with Love to watch a great movie: your life.
With joy I will teach you how to observe it.
I will give you a new strength so that you can do it simply and quietly.
So you will allow the awakening of a great strength that will come out while you are doing this.
So you will understand that all that is in you and around you, is part of a film not yet finished.
You will see the images in a new way and with a new light, because now you have brought into your life a new light.
When you watch a movie you like a lot, you live intense emotions, knowing that it is a film: that is what happens in life, this is life.
In some pictures we will stop to look better, to be able to grasp the essence of the experienced situation, that experience made, that meeting that took place.
We will focus to understand if there is a need of a healing or transformation, if you can learn a lesson or become understanding.
So you can learn and understand what you have not learned and understood either while you were experiencing that situation, that experience, that meeting, or later.
We will bring Light to the past to increase the Light in the present, to call even more Light for the future.
A part of you will push you to watch this movie together with Me and watch it again several times, because it is attracted, because it understands all the gifts that are behind.
A part will push you instead to run away, because it fears to discover things that can still make suffer, or touch the wounds.
A part will push you to come with Me, because it knows that we will travel the road leading inside you to discover your beauty, your magnitude, your treasures, your Essence of the Luminous Soul, of Daughter of Light.
A part will call you instead to other roads, to other places, feeling that the road to oneself is the most tiring one, even though it knows that it is the most beautiful, the richest one in gifts and magic.
A part will make you feel too fragile and weak to watch the film with Me. Call Me in those moments, and with the Essence of the 'Warrior of Light', say:
– I am not fragile, I am not weak, I just feel my heart fragile and weak, but now with my strength I will heal it and will make it strong – .
Say this aloud to feel the full force inside you, which allows you to watch the film without suffering, without wanting to flee, that will bring you to love it and find out how nice it is.
After you have watched the film again together with Me and you will have understood, transformed, healed everything, you will feel much stronger, you will not fear anything of what you will experience in the movie of life, feeling that in reality life is a movie.
You will not flee from anything, you will not suffocate feelings and emotions any longer, but you will cope with everything with enthusiasm, you will live with intensity.
This is how you will live your life like a little girl who is playing, you will discover your greatness, remaining humble.
Joyfully you will reach out to Me and you will run to the adventures life will give you."


I am afraid to do this because I still suffer when the memories resurface of what I suffered from my parents. I am afraid I have not really forgiven them...


"As a little girl jump on My lap to observe together with Me those parts of the movie that you have been living with them.
You will smile to them and to your parents, because they will find out how you are protecting yourself now and defending with the same means, ways, and expressions used by them.
Easily you will discover the roots, the causes, the fears, the needs, which led to those expressions, to using those means.
You will simply detach from them, joyfully you will understand that they did not need to protect themselves and defend themselves, as in reality you do not need to.
You will discover how those expressions, those ways, those means, in reality do not protect, do not defend, but prevent the Love from satisfying the heart, the Light from making shine the Essence of Light, Our gifts from arriving.
In this way you will understand your parents and forgive them even more, you will love them as Souls who gave you a great opportunity of growth and evolution.
The other beauties of yours will re-emerge.
You will be able to give new helps, because this will allow you to sense more what it may be behind every expression and action, or non expression and non action.
You will give the wisdoms that your experience now can give you, and these are the most beautiful gifts, are the biggest helps."

Daily life as a means of healing

"... Bring the attention to the place where you are, bring awareness in everything you do and live, observe with detachment the emotions that are in your heart, the sensations you feel.
All this can be a means to understand the roots, the causes, the motivations, the purposes, of the disharmonies of the body, of the sufferings of the heart.
Besides being able to grasp it all, you can guess the way and the means to use to heal, to dissolve, to transform.
Places can awaken already known emotions.
The sounds, the images, the smells, can help you remember.
Words can contain Our messages, beyond the sources from which they come.
When an athlete prepares for a competition he or she does not think of anything else, does not look beyond his or her training ground, does not get lost in the memories of the past or in the thoughts for the future, but lives intensely his or her training, he or she is constantly attentive to its preparation.
If you live the daily life so you will be able to live consciously the feelings and emotions, you will be able to discover to remember, to understand, to grasp.
And in addition to what can lead you to the healing, you can seize the occasions for growth, you can learn new lessons, you can remember ancient wisdoms.
This is also a way to turn the mind away, clean up 'antennas', refine the senses.
When the heart is emptied of all that is not Love, is not Light, is not Joy, the Light will have the possibility to make it strong and make you strong, Love will be able to fill it and satisfy you fully.
So it will be easier for you to perceive and understand the invisible and the 'subtle' of all.
Even if you have not completely emptied your heart, behave the same as I suggested to you now, because that leads you to reaching the fulfilment of the heart, the freedom of the Soul.
And as you see, there is no room for the memories of the past, for the anxieties of the future, for the illusions of the world, but only to dream of what is waiting for you."

"... When two ‘Hearts’ meet a lot can happen, be born and end.
The Souls meet to grow and evolve together, to illuminate more and more one other, to heal together, to close what they have started together in other journeys.
Many times it happens that one makes more journeys to close what has not been closed when there had been the opportunity.
This is because at that time the necessary attention was not brought, it was not lived with awareness, it was not grasped what happened, it was not done what was necessary.
If one does not live with attention and awareness, occasions do not create what they can create, do not close, do not conclude, do not dissolve, what is possible.
And the healing, which could take place at that time does not occur.
Therefore always pay a lot of attention to the meetings you have, seize everything that comes out, whether you understand it or not.
Feel the meetings as gifts of Love, even if at that time you do not feel Love towards those whom you meet, or you have feelings that are far from Love.
If that meeting has a purpose, if it is part of the purpose of the Soul to come to a healing, this will happen when you are ready, when the time is right, whether you remember it or not.
If you feel with certainty it is really a gift, you will also feel Love, because in reality all that leads to healing, growing, they are gifts of Love.
And as always, to feel them so, there must not be the mind, even for a moment, but only the heart, and the silence that allows us to understand many things.
Call Me and feel Me beside you to help you live the whole.
Close to Me it will be easier for you to feel yourself as a Soul who meets other Souls, to see everyone like Souls on a journey, behave like a Soul who chose the Love and Light.
And so, you will approach more and more the Love of the Souls."

"... The non luminous feeling and of not love, prevent Love from flowing, the gifts of Love from arriving.
They limit your and the other’s expression, blocking the achievement of all that there might be.
These feelings prevent you from understanding or perceiving the reason of that meeting, of that relationship, thus they make you miss that occasion.
Keep your heart free from these feelings, keep it light, noting clearly all that it contains in order to have a clear vision.
So you will know how to act in order that there is only Love, Light, joy, peace in your heart.
Everyone is a living 'mirror' for someone, because it allows the other to discover himself or herself.
This can help you not to judge and not to blame anyone or anything.
You will learn to love the 'mirror' that is reminding you that all of it that creates difficulties to you, is also in you.
It can be a tiny part, or expressed by you in a very different way."

Creating changes

"... When you suffer, when the healing does not come despite your efforts, observe if you can change something around you.
Many times the external changes allow the internal changes and vice versa.
A disharmony can be a help for you to arrive in the best places for you and your growth, or to help you understand that the place where you live is already outdated, it was useful for the stages you have reached.
New places, new images and perfumes, can create healing.
A big change may be required: of work, place, the way of life.
It may be a little change, or a change in small things, that creates in you the breeding ground for the flower of the healing.
A new awareness can be enough to change an attitude, a way of behaving, of reacting.
This will make you feel, see and experience everything around you in a new way, as if everything had changed, even though in reality nothing of your daily life or what is around you has changed.
You will have confirmation that nothing in life has the same meaning for everyone, or it is experienced in the same way: it all depends on how you react to people, situations, on what you live."

Acting with intensity

"... When you have understood what healing requires, act intensively, because the intensity in the steps, in the actions, leads to great healings, leads to reaching them quickly.
The intensity expresses your wish to heal, and this stirs great energy in and around you.
The intensity allows Me to act intensively with you and on you, and to complete so what you started.
Do not fear if you feel inside you many things moving and very quickly.
Love what is happening, remembering that the intensity diminishes the suffering that can be in healing when you touch the wounds."

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Heal yourself and help heal

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.