Success, to many modern women (and men), is something to aspire to – to attain by stepping up, changing up a gear, or up-levelling. It’s something to strive for, something to chase. But do we really think about what success means to us? Well let’s do that now……

•What is a successful life to you? Your successful life?
•What is a successful business or career? Your successful business?
•What do they look like, feel like, and sound like?

Because until you can answer these questions you will always believe that the way to achieve success is by getting something, by acquiring something outside yourself.
When in fact, the way to achieve success is to go inside – to listen to your heart and soul. Because success is a process – it’s a journey rather than a destination, a dance rather than a race. And the process – the dance – starts with you, the dancer.

In order to have a successful life and business you need to feel successful, whatever that means to you, whether it’s a feeling of happiness, contentment, fulfilment, or satisfaction. And your feelings and emotions are always internal and subjective.

You can be running a ‘successful’ business, earning lots of money, living the kind of lifestyle you want and not be feeling happy and successful.

And, you can be struggling in business – not earning the kind of income you want to live the lifestyle you desire, yet still enjoying loving relationships with others, and not be feeling truly successful.

Which means that whatever your external circumstances you might not be feeling fully okay as a dancer! And to start to feel better about you as a dancer you must get comfortable with, embrace and learn to love your authentic self – the real You. And you must do it now!

Because until you do you will not fully connect to your dance. And it’s this connection to yourself and to your dance that provides your inspiration, energy and star appeal to your audience. It’s your interpretation of your dance and your creative expression, born of your unconditional love for yourself that shines through and showcases you as the unique and fabulous dancer you truly are.

So don’t think Me a Star Dancer – no way! I can’t even dance!!

Because if you accept that we’re all here for a reason, that we each have a unique dance to dance, then just because you don’t think of yourself (yet) as a dancer you still do have a dance. And if you have a dance to dance then you must be a dancer, however unusual or unique! So rather than judging your dance ability think

Wow – Me a Star Dancer! Who’d have thought it!!

Believe you’re here to be the star dancer in your own fabulous dance show (even if you’re not yet fully sure of yourself or your dance!) And know that every one of us is meant to shine in our own life and in our business.
So don’t hide your light – Step into it! And do it joyfully, because your dance is a unique and authentic expression of you!

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After experiencing unhappiness in her work and then a decline in her business results that affected how she felt about herself, her business and her life, Julie developed her breakthrough DANCE system to help business women reconnect with themselves to discover their own true path to success rather than simply following or modelling others. For free success information and details of her book Stepping into Success ...The 7 Essential Moves to Bring Your Business to Life visit