The Western Diet may be responsible for more deaths than all the wars America has been tragically involved. Daily,over 2,000 people die from heart disease. Almost 1,000 more die from complications of diabetes. Recently, our government released statistics noting that 26,000,000 people have diabetes. Tens of millions more have prediabetics (their blood sugars are not high enough to be called diabetics). Where does all this misery come from? Our diets! Embedded in the American diet are huge amounts of sugar, in many forms. There is the obvious pastries in various formats. But more sinister is the way manufacturers and food processors have carefully ingrained sugar into their products. From cereals to can foods, from chinese cuisine to pizza, carbs are highly concentrated in these foods. In the early 1970s high fructose corn syrup(HFCS) was introduced into the food chain. This sugar is a balance between fructose and plain sugar, commonly called glucose. Manufacturers find it easy to work with HFCS and find it economically palatable to utilize. Concomitantly with this sugar's introduction, the number of diabetics has increased exponentially and is getting worse. HFCS attacks the pancreas destroying the beta cells that make insulin. The manufacturers of this poison deny their is a problem, but the medical literature speaks otherwise. From 1970 through today the intake of sugar has doubled to approximately 180 pounds for each citizen. The reason for the level of obesity in this country is obvious. The media pays lip service to this problem, and unfortuantely so does the government. When we set out to derive a diet, thousands of patient diets were reviewed. When certain foods and food groups were curtailed, people lost weight safely and rapidly.These were the origns of the regimen that became the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss. This is a program based on patient experiences. The Western diet is a killer. Too many people are dying before the age of fifty directly related to their eating habits. Next article will discuss ways to reduce your weight in a very effective manner.

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Mark Davis, M.D. a native of Brooklyn New york, earned his medical degree from SUNY at Syracuse in 5/78. For the last 14 years his medical practice has focused on weight loss and nutrition. His book the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss has an avid following and is quickly becoming the standard that other programs are compared. Dr.Davis' second book Demons of Democracy is based on his experience with lawyers and legislators as a lobbyist and healthcare stratagist. It discusses how these groups are deconstructing every major institution that made this country great.