The end sounds final, ominous, and frightening to many. How about you?
Are you ready for the end? Are you ready to accept the end? What will you do at the end?
In all that we do, we should start with the end in mind. What is the end of this project, goal, or adventure? Only in focusing on the end, the accomplishment, the finished product, or the results, will we be able to chart the course necessary.
We are like ships. We go from one port to another. The key is to know where you are going before you leave the dock. Only in knowing where you are going, will you know what tools, equipment, and skills, are needed, as well as how long it should take.

Some people drift around in the sea of life going where the waves, wind, and tide may take them. Often, they end up aground and shipwrecked. One cannot allow outside influences, be it people or the ocean, to control where they are going and what they are doing.

Stop and decide what you are going to do. You do decide each day. The problem occurs when you decide to do nothing and just follow what others set out for you. That is a cause of frustration and disappointment for many. Seeing that you have the power to decide, decide on something that you like, enjoy, and empowers you?

The end itself is just the beginning. The end is not something to race towards as it is the journey that provides the value. The end is just the beginning of something new. The end is to be celebrated and enjoyed.
The end is not negative, bad, or to be feared. The end is just the time for a new beginning. We cannot begin a new journey, a new adventure, until we end the one we are on. So, allow and accept the end with joy knowing there is always the new, the exciting, and the challenging, awaiting you.

My selling the family insurance agency was the end of a 4th generation business. It was huge for all involved. For me, I knew the end of that adventure had come, and it was time for a new one.

The day the business sold I went home and felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. I felt light, free, and excited. The day the business sold was also the start of a new adventure. The end was an exciting beginning. Perhaps I should have been frightened, but instead, I knew it was good, and it was the natural progression of my life. I did not dwell on the end, but embraced the new beginning.

Enjoy the journey and enjoy the end as it is a new beginning. The end can be sad with the loss of a loved one, a fire that destroys your home or business, or being fired. There are many endings that do not appear positive. Yet, there is value in the end; and you can find and use that value to move you forward. The end will help you to grow and benefit in new and different ways as you embrace the end in your new beginning.

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Russell R. Shippee (b. 1949), an author, speaker, and coach. Russell enables and empowers people to be the best they can be in order to live the life they desire. His book, “Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary” as well as his eworkbook “Living My Life on Purpose” provides insight so others can change from the expected to the desired. Go to to learn more of his history, accomplishments, and services.