Given the newness of intervention programs for disruptive physician behavior, there are few outcome studies relative to the effectiveness after programs for this client group. In the absence of research on aftercare programs for disruptive physicians similar program should be considered.

Continued research in the Sub Abuse field calls out the critical importance for strict adherence to aftercare programs or continuing care programs for those afflicted with alcohol addictions and/or substance abuse disorders combined with co-occurring disorders.

Statistics in the addiction field indicate that the period of highest vulnerability for relapse to occur within the first 30-90 days after completing treatment. Anderson & Anderson has experienced similar results from participants in its’ Executive Coaching/Anger Management program for disruptive physicians.

One of the proven solutions used throughout the industry that can significantly improve results is for programs to offer a further step-down option involving the use of a long-term drug treatment program counselor or specialist to assist the clients and families in plan implementation and accountability.

Currently, Anderson & Anderson has one physician client whose Hospital is requiring that he continues in bi-weekly sessions for two years. In the interest of promoting best practices, Anderson & Anderson will consistently recommend a minimum of three months aftercare for each physician client.

Author's Bio: 

George Anderson is a Harvard University Trained Psychotherapist who specializes in Executive Coaching for "disruptive physicians".