Many people understand the importance of personal language. There have been several articles and books showing that successful language can help you achieve success. If you are focused on seeing positive sides and using positive language to describe any situation you find yourself in, you soon discover that there is always a positive side. In every problem there is a solution and usually a lesson that will move you closer to success.

If you are only at the start and currently use language that leans more toward failure (focusing on the things that are going wrong, seeing problems not challenges, looking at things from the position of what going wrong instead of what's going right) then you know you must make a start somewhere. And the best place to begin is through adopting successful language from others. Do you have someone you look up to? Who is achieving the success that you long for? Start adopting their words into your own vocabulary. A fabulous way to actually shift your language without having to spend too much time monitoring your words is through reading. Have you noticed that when you are reading a book you get caught up in the style and tone of it? I often find my own writing picks up characteristics from books that I'm reading. You need to carefully choose your reading material. Choose books on success and personal development, or if you want light reading choose stories that are empowering and uplifting. You'll probably find the language in these books more postive then mysteries and thrillers.

You will start to notice that you talk a bit more positively about your situation and circumstances. Those niggling little thoughts that had you feeling nervous and unsure of your future will begin to disappear. It will become easier and easier to think, speak and focus yourself more positively. At this stage you will need to start tweaking your language even further to make it sync with who you are and your values to help you make the next leap toward success.

There is a problem with simply adopting someone else’s success language. You won't share the same FEELINGS toward the words as the other person. Trying to make yourself use words that don't fit in your worldview and values will actually hold you back and make you feel that you are "faking it" or a fraud.. Some of the shifts I applied to my language were affirmations became manifestations, gratitude became appreciation, and serving became assisting.

Just by making tiny shifts in your language you can feel empowered and successful. But you must personalize it. A great way to find what you need to tweak is to think of the primary concepts you follow in your personal development and think of what IMAGE it conjures in your mind. Do you see someone in charge of their life, making things happen…or someone faking it, someone out of control? Identify the culprit and then begin to look for a replacement word the resonates better with you. I often simply look in a thesaurus online and search until I find the “ahhhh…that’s it” word. Make your personal success language and watch yourself and your results transform.

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