There is a lot of talk these days about The Secret and what we might be attracting into our lives. Some celebrities are attracting situations that give them the opportunity to enter rehab and clean up certain aspects of their lives. Paris Hilton is a good example of someone who has the opportunity to learn some lessons about life and use her time in jail to make some positive changes. Martha Stewart is another person who has taken a difficult situation and turned it into lessons for herself and gifts for herself and others. What are you attracting into your life? What lessons are you learning? What gifts are you being given?

I have attracted a wonderfully organized assistant to help me with some business projects. My, what a gift she is! I feel she is a blessing in my life—making everything easier, thinking of creative ideas, keeping me on task, anticipating my needs, following through on details, getting things done that have been in the wings for awhile, etc.

Something else I attracted that isn’t such a warm fuzzy is a distancing in a close friendship. This has been a gift of learning the sensitivities of another, being more careful about my words, choosing the loving and understanding path instead of the selfish path. This too has been a blessing because I can catch my behaviors without losing the friendship. This opportunity for growth has brought some warm fuzzies but before that some porky pine quills and rose thorns. We all have to remember, “What goes around comes around.” Putting our energies into good communication, being honest and caring are requirements for the nurturing and growth of ourselves and our relationships.

So, I wonder what you have been attracting. Look at the things that are draining you and see if you can find the reason you might be dealing with them. What choices did you make that may have brought these into your life? Can you find the lesson or what you may have to learn from these? How about looking at the things that might be hurting you or making you angry? How did you create these? What can you learn from these? What gifts can you find in these situations? Is there a person you have attracted into your life that is creating some difficulties? They may be coming as your teacher, bring with them an opportunity for you to learn something you have not yet mastered in life? Can you see what the gold is among all the rocks? Some of these experiences may not appear to be good at first examination, but a reasonable assessment may reveal hidden treasure for your personal development.

Select an upsetting experience and write how it is a lesson from which you can learn. State what specific three things you have learned that may improve your life in some way. Really let yourself feel the joy of receiving these gifts. You might even think of them as birthday gifts from the universe. Then write a commitment to do a particular action that will demonstrate one of the lessons you’ve learned. Enjoy your gifts!

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D’Arcy Vanderpool is a highly respected leader in the field of personal growth. As a visionary coach and therapist, popular radio personality, and sought-after motivational speaker and seminar leader, she has reached thousands of people with her Diamond Method. D’Arcy is a relationship expert, using positive psychology to facilitate her system of love, healing, happiness and the search for meaning. Her passion is empowering transformation for individuals, couples and organizations through consultations, workshops, retreats and keynotes. or

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