Why do we put things off? Believe it or not most people procrastinate because of anxiety. The list of defense mechanisms (otherwise known as excuses) is:

* Unprepared
* Waiting for the right time
* Feelings of inadequacy
* Not organized enough
* Waiting for inspiration
* Not enough money
* Too busy

Let's get clear here!

There is a difference between coming up with a strategic plan and procrastinating. To cut to the chase I'll tell you what the common denominator is with procrastination, FEAR. When you get clear that you are an adult and no one can hurt you unless you allow them to, it brings tremendous peace and calm in your life but more importantly freedom. Like any muscle we are not used to using, we must start to learn to exercise it and actually catch ourselves when we start delaying things and get to the root of what's really going on and start being proactive and take control of the situation. Understand that people pleasing and perfectionism are disastrous and destructive to human development and are great contributors of procrastination. When you start to recognize the impact procrastination has had on your life and the things you've missed out on you start to react to life in a different manner. You start to assess all of the opportunities you've missed out on because your thoughts paralyzed you with indecision. YOU know the answers YOU know what needs to be done, now TRUST YOURSELF AND DO IT!

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Michele Cooley, also known to her colleagues and clients, as “The Myth Slayer and the Truth Sayer”. is a dynamic, comical and entertaining International Speaker, Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Author. As CEO of Life Investments Inc, and the creator of the “Feel It Thru Method”, she uses her signature speech the “F Word: we all do it but no one wants to talk about it….feelings.” to help people break through barriers and learn the truth of what's blocking them. Jodi understands the importance of identifying the truth of your feelings to allow your authentic self to shine. Forced to take on the mother role at the tender age of six, Jodi, experienced some of life’s most trying difficulties as disappointments flourished, placing Jodi on an emotional roller coaster. Today, Jodi shares the process she used to move herself in 3-D: Dysfunction and Depression to Dreams Fulfilled. Providing a refreshing and realistic look into what really matters, Jodi Michele Cooley is quickly becoming a global walking inspiration to others, as they realize their own power to turn dysfunctional environments into opportunities for personal and professional growth.