“There’s no such thing as too much hug!”
— Winnie the Pooh

How many times a day do you hug your family, spouse, or children? Once? Twice? Never? The power of touch is grossly underrated, undervalued, and underutilized in today’s world. We are energetic beings in a constant flux of creating, radiating, and receiving energy. We crave energy in the form of love and touch. The lack of feeling and being loved is the number one reason why people have addictions. People resort to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes to fill the void in their hearts. No amount of drugs, alcohol, sex, and material possessions can replace the internal belief and knowledge that we are loved.

Believe it or not, we all possess the healing touch. The power of touch in the form of a caring, reassuring hug or pat on the shoulder, has been repeatedly demonstrated to have a powerful impact on healing. Patients will frequently get better just by touch alone. Part of the process of healing is the bond between patient and physician/healer. Call it trust, faith, or placebo. Ultimately, call it love. The power of love is the power to heal.

In my office, I hug all my patients and anyone else who accompanies them. I have some patients that just show up to get a hug. Many of my senior patients have told me the hug is more healing than any technique or modality I perform on them. In ten years of practice, I have only had three patients that preferred not to be hugged.

Occasionally, I get asked, “Aren’t you worried about a potential law suit?” My response is, “Absolutely not!” Touching patients is an occupational necessity in my profession. Hugging my patients may not be an occupational necessity, but it is just as important as the other modalities performed. I hug my patients to convey caring, compassion, and genuine love. There is nothing inappropriate about it.

Studies have shown that patients respond better to doctors that project genuine compassion, warmth, and love rather than a cold, formal disposition. Every day, I hug my patients, staff, and (yes) my family. I try to hug my wife and kids at least five to ten times a day. If you want to start sensing the feeling of love, warmth, and compassion within your heart, start giving more hugs. Hug your friends. Hug your family. Relish in hugging and embracing your spouse, children, and pets too. Life is so precious and fragile; if you let those moments slip by you may never have another chance to hug the ones you love.

Is it possible that human touch has the power to heal? We, as humans, have been comforting each other for centuries with a touch or hug. At the first sign of pain or discomfort, a mother’s touch is there to comfort her child. A warm, inviting hug from friends or family eases our stress.

Studies have shown that the more patients are touched and comforted by their health care providers, the better they respond better to care. Is the positive response from a touch or hug just the power of the Placebo Effect taking place? Absolutely! The placebo, as we have already learned is real, true healing.

That said; science now has the ability to measure the healing effects from human touch. We are energetic beings; there is more to us than our dense, physical body. Within and around our physical body lies an electromagnetic energy field. Every cell and tissue in the body has the ability to generate electrical fields. We now have the ability to measure this energy field and its effect on healing and we have found that there is more going on than just the Placebo Effect.

Using a Superconducting Quantuminterferometric device (Squid for short), Dr. John Zimmerman has determined that electrical frequencies emanate from the hands of healers, Shamans, Qi Gong Masters, and other hands-on healers. The frequencies range from .3 to 30Hz, averaging at primarily 7-8Hz. These frequencies continuously pulse back and forth between these ranges. Additional research on this subject by Sisken and Walker has demonstrated that healing and regeneration of connective tissue, bones, and capillaries occurs within the .3 to 30Hz frequency range. Sisken and Walker also found that nerves regenerate at 2Hz, bone regenerates at 7Hz, ligaments begin to heal at 10Hz, and capillary formation occurs at 15, 20, and 72Hz. It is also interesting to note that not only do these frequencies emanate from healers’ hands; they are also present with our brain wave activity.

Robert Beck’s work determined a remarkable similarity among healers from all cultures (psychics, Shamans, faith healers, and Kahunas). Each healer’s brain waves registered around 7.8-8 cycles/second when they were performing healings.

When emanating from the practitioner’s hands or brain, these pulsed electromagnetic fields, radiate throughout not only the healer, but they also synchronize the brain waves of the people being healed.

Vianna Stibal, developer of Theta Healing, believes that healing occurs when brain wave frequencies are predominately at the theta range of 4 to 7Hz. Stibal also believes that when our brain waves are in Theta, we become connected to God or “all that is.” The field of brain wave mapping is just beginning to quantify what healers and Shamen have known for centuries.

Science has also found that electromagnetic frequencies travel throughout the body via two pathways: the Perineural System and the connective tissue cytoskeleton matrix. The Perineural System encases and connects every nerve in the body. The Perineural System acts as a direct current nervous communication system that directs the body to grow, heal, regenerate, or repair itself.

In each of the body’s cells lies a microtubule cytoskeleton framework called the cytoplasmic matrix. The cytoplasmic matrix connects every cell and particle in the body. The cytoplasmic matrix, according to Oschman, acts as a continuous interconnected semi conduction electronic network. The cytoplasmic matrix allows for the explanation of why touching a certain area of the body can illicit a change in another region of the body.

Even though we are physical beings, we are also electrical beings. When we affect one part of the body electromagnetically, we affect every part of the body. Electromagnetic frequencies allow total body communication, regulation, repair, and regetion.

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Dr. Corey Sondrup is the author of Reclaiming Your Power, a self help/personal growth book on whealth and wellness. Dr. Corey has been a chiropractor, nutritionist and energy healer for the last thirteen years. Besides maintaining a busy holistic oriented practice, Dr. Corey teaches seminars and workshops around the United States and Canada.
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