It's me, Cameron.

So, being less than two, I guess you expect me to write about the
rules of the sandbox.

Well, you are partly correct. The rules of the sandbox are no
different than the rules of the game, and the rules of the game
are about the game of life.

We were all born knowing the rules of life. As little kids we know
and live the rules most of the time. Sure, we get selfish, and
sometimes we don't share but, after all, we are human. The fact
that we all violate the rules at times does not mean we don't
know the rules. Yes, sometimes we throw sand at one another.
Adults do the same thing with words and deeds.

Amazingly, adults often forget the rules of life itself. That
forgetting results in all sorts of rules and regulations that are not
always known, understood, or followed. Religions, governments,
organizations, and clubs all seems to have their own special rules
and regulations.

If we were to follow the basic rules of life, I dare say, we could
eliminate many, if not all, of the other man made rules. Often the
man-made rules are made for those who ignore the rules of life

We would not need the rule of ‘Don't throw sand at another
person' if we treated others as we would like to be treated. None
of us wants sand thrown in our faces.

Are rules made to be broken? Sure, some man-made rules are
made to be broken, are often broken, and some should be
broken. Sometimes we break our parents' rules just to show
them we think on our own and to test them. Yes, it's fun to push
the limits of parents' rules and watch their reactions. I bet some
of you do that at work.

Yes, people argue about the rules of life, what they are, and how
many there are. Below is my list. It is the list I was born with and
the list my family reinforces.

• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• The secret to living is giving
• As ye sow, so shall ye reap
• We are all one
• What you do to another you do to yourself
• Make it a win win situation for all
• There is enough for all of us
• Honor thy father and mother

It seems to me that if we all lived by the above rules we could
eliminate many laws and regulations. We'd need fewer police
and prisons. We'd be without war. The world would be one.
We all know the rules, and I suspect we all agree with them. But,
do we live them? Do we live them daily in our actions and
interactions with others? No. Not all the time. But, if we all live
the rules consciously, we'll live them more and more. The more
we live them, and others live them, the better we will all be.
Live the rules. We'll all be better off. You'll be glad you did.

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Russell Shippee enables people to live the life they desire. An author, speaker, and coach he motivates, empowers, and enables you to be the BEST You Can Be. He is the author of Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary and also an e-workbook Living My Life On Purpose. Russell also has a free newsletter at