Many people have tried to put the Law of Attraction to work without success. While “The Secret” has done more than any other body of work to help people manifest their dreams, there are 2 missing steps to the formula. Here are the steps to putting the Law Of Attraction to work successfully in your life and the 2 missing steps to make it work for you each and every time.

1. Everything Starts With a Dream

What are the things you really want to have, do or become in your life. Start by just making a list of the dreams you wish you could fulfill in your life. Think near term and in the future. Think about things you don’t have and making things you already have better. Think about the type of person you would like to become, and how that differs from the person you are today.

Nothing is out of bounds. Make your list as long as you like, and with whatever you like. Plan on keeping this list somewhere safe, as you will go back to it time and time again for ideas of what to manifest next.

2. Pick 3 to 5, but No More

Select 3 to 5 items from your list that are the most important to you. Some of them may take longer to manifest than others, and some may come immediately. It is also possible that on your way to manifesting this short list, you may manifest items from your longer list. The key is to focus on a shorter list.

One of the issues many people encounter with the Law of Attraction is that they take on too many items, and then find themselves not manifesting any. Instead, start with a smaller list. As things come off this list, replace them with items from your longer list.

3. Write It Down…The Correct Way

Your dreams must be written as specific goals in the present tense and in the first person. When you say, “I want to lose weight”, what you are manifesting is more wanting to lose weight. Instead, you may want to say, “I weigh ‘x’ pounds.” When you say, “I am becoming debt free”, you are manifesting becoming debt free. Instead, you may want to say, “I am debt free”. When you say, “I will run in a marathon”, you manifest the will to run in the marathon. Instead, you may want to say, “I run in a marathon”, or more powerfully, “I complete a marathon in the top 25 in my category.”

There is a lot of debate in self-development circles about adding timelines to our goals. Adding a timeframe to your goal is good, provided it is based in reality. Some people do not add timelines, because they don’t know all of the factors required to make them into a reality. Also, if your goal is not manifest by your pre-determined date, you may become discouraged. Try adding timelines to some goals, and leaving one out for other goals. Over time, you’ll know what works best for you.

4. Create the Vision

Cut out or create a picture that represents what you chose to manifest. Then, carry that picture with you and look at it multiple times a day. You can even post it on your mirror, on your computer, where you work or in your car.

You can take this further and create a collage of all pictures that represent everything you wish you manifest. This is also referred to as a Vision Board. With a collage, you can post multiple pictures to capture what you wish to manifest, a representation of what it will be like to pursue that dream, and how you will feel once it’s accomplished. Magazine cut outs, photos, your own drawings, and pictures from the internet can all be used to put together your collage. Many people report that not only did they get the house of their dreams, they manifested the specific style and size of house that they put on their collage. This is a powerful tool.

5. Review Your Goals & Vision Every Day

Earl Nightingale, one of the pioneers of the self-development industry is quoted as saying, “You are what you think about all day long.” Make a habit of reviewing the pictures or vision board you created every single day, multiple times per day. Post your vision board somewhere where you can see it easily every day. Keep a copy of a picture of some thing you wish to manifest in your wallet or purse. Take a cell phone picture of your collage and make that picture your wallpaper on your computer or on your cell phone.

Now, here are the 2 missing steps to manifesting anything you want….

6. Take Action Today

After we take the steps necessary to manifest what we want, we have to take immediate action. Today, do anything related to one or all of the dreams you chose to manifest first. What typically happens is that you’ll be led to the right people and circumstances to help manifest what you want.

There have been people that decided to go to the library to get more information about a business they wanted to create, and met someone in that line of work in the coffee shop they stopped at on the way. Others that wanted to move to a different geographic area have suddenly found themselves attracting business and employment opportunities in those area. Deals on new cars, information on houses, new employment and business possibilities, and new people will start to come into your life. However, you have to begin with action, and be open to changes in direction you may have to take to bring about the changes you desire.

7. Detachment

According to, detachment, also expressed as non-attachment, is a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective. There is a difference between a desire and a decision. Treat the dreams and goals you’ve outlined as decisions. Know that they will come to pass without question, and understand that you do not have control over when all of the people and circumstances will come together to make it so. Decisions are based in faith.

Desire is based on a fear of lack. We tend to hold our desires close as things that we don’t have. As stated earlier, your focus determines your reality. Therefore, if you focus on the fear of not having, you’ll get more “not having.” In religious terms, when you desire, you don’t “let go and let God”. You continue to hold on to the fear that you will not receive what you’ve requested, and in that way, you never allow the thing you want to come to you. However, when you decide, you have the faith to know that God will deliver it to you in the most perfect way. Decisions are resolute, solid and without fear. It is an inner knowing that what was requested will be delivered, and that it will come to you in the most perfect way and in the most perfect timing.

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