If you're looking for the ultimate model or surefire system for success, you will be disappointed. It's like trying to achieve the impossible task of building the perfect house to meet everyone's needs and personalities.

The good news is that much like the solid architectural requirements for homes, there are countless and diverse principles for success from which to build your customized action plan for success.

Below is a menu of highly effective success strategies that can be applied to your situation and your goals.

Define success - internal and external.

Identify the state of mind and emotions that you want to experience daily. Be specific in naming how you want to BE each day. Before your feet hit the ground each morning, connect with your intentions and stay focused on BEING that person despite the obstacles that will try to get you off course. Identify the triggers for toxic emotions like anxiety, worry, anger, fear, and guilt so you can take appropriate action to get back to your preferred state of being.

Define external success. Consider the kind of relationships, achievements, financial status, recognitions, and possessions you want to acquire. Set your targets so you can stay focused and take actions that bring you closer to hitting your bullseye.

Do things every day that give you great joy.

Notice what makes you laugh, cry or sends sparks of energy through you. Notice what other people do that makes you think, "I'd love to do that too." Make a list and begin to do at least one of the things on your list every day. Eventually, this will become a habit that will increase your energy and your enthusiasm for your life. When you live intentionally with this kind of energy you become a magnet for success.

Pursue your goals with persistency and consistency.

Adopt a mindset like "Failure is not an option" (from Apollo 13 movie)to help you persevere and be creative about attaining success. Treat setbacks as defining moments where you can transform obstacles into opportunities. Take meaningful action every day to build habits of success that will also move you closer to your targets.

Shift from limiting thoughts to liberating perspectives.

This strategy is not only fun, but it creates the fastest and most powerful results. Doors that seemed closed will when you see positive potential in what you had labeled a negative situation. For example, notice the shift in energy from "My financial situation is hopeless and I have to turn this project into an immediate money-making venture" to "I am so excited to write a cooking curriculum to empower kids to live long and strong." Liberating perspectives combined with persistent actions result in people and events lining up to help you achieve success.

Begin with the success principle that makes the most sense for you. If you've been struggling with defining your targets and living each day in a reactive mode, define internal and external success to begin living proactively. Or if self-sabotaging thoughts have slowed you down, begin by exploring liberating perspectives. There is no perfect, one-size fits all success model, but there are proven and powerful success strategies when customized to meet your needs will guarantee your success.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Brown, Ed. S, a certified coach, educator and speaker, works with leaders and entrepreneurs who want to live a life of success and significance and have a lasting impact on those they are called to serve. She offers workshops, teleclasses, retreats, and group coaching in addition to private coaching to develop leadership skills, mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and spiritual maturity. For further details, visit her website at http://susanbrowncoaching.com Please contact Susan at susanbrown@impactcoaching.us or at 678.787.2406. (In addition to being a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, Susan is a certified Live A New Life Story trainer, ChangeWorks practitioner and Certified Managerial Coach)