If you have been on a hunt, to uncover the most beneficial and basic therapeutic techniques of the Root Chakra, then you have stumbled upon the right object. Do you feel restless, worthless, fearful, and absent minded? Do you also suffer from the sense of not belonging, lethargic behavior and phobias? If your answer was “Yes” for most of them then you need not to worry, help is here. Now, for those who answered “No” for the above questions but are still curious about the chakra and its techniques, here’s a quick explanation about the chakra.
There are a total of seven chakras in our body. Out of them, Root Chakra is the foremost and sets a path for the energy flow in our body. All the forces and energies inaugurate their journey from Root Chakra and then follow their way up to other chakras. This chakra is situated at the base of the spine and it acts as an energetic doorway which grounds us to the life of earth and forces of nature and planet. When Root chakra, also known as “Maludhara”, is in good vigor, it initiates a desire to create and to succeed and also forms a sense of safety and comfort for us, in this world. However, when this chakra is thrown off balance, a number of ailments and problems arise, reaching to the extent of casting a threat to the very survival of a human being.
Although, as the saying “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” goes, we present the reaction to the above problems here. You will come across the simplest and the most useful ways to heal your chakra. The Root Chakra is associated with the color red and the astrological sign of Taurus, the bull which represents passion, fire, heat, and strength and stability respectively. The most basic technique of boosting the power of the chakra is by donning and consuming red colored objects. For instance, red chilies, cherries, tomatoes, red colored clothes, red rose, etc. Since this chakra is also allied with the earth, therefore, earthly substances like carrots, garlic also aid in boosting the powers of the chakra.
Other techniques to heal the chakra are stomping feet on the floor, walking barefoot on the grass, dancing and the following:
Hold your hands over your Root Chakra, paying attention to changes in air thickness, temperature, subtle sensations in the hands or fingers.
Visualize the energy move through your chakra as the first step in clearing it. We can intentionally increase our chakra’s rotation simply by willing it.
Place a black obsidian or hematite stone in between crossed legs during meditation, and focus your attention on the sensations and the thoughts that pop into your mind. These stones offer protection, grounding and strength and they balance body and soul.

Visualization is one of the best ways to heal your chakras.
While relaxing or meditating, imagine a deep red light begin to cast a shimmering glow in your Root Chakra. Feel the warm radiance of the light pulsations and see the energy begin to move there in your mind.  Spinning into existence in the midst of that energy is a deep red lotus flower. It unfolds its four large petals on the silken screen of your mind. You might note that there are patches of stalled energy in your chakra that are breaking up as you concentrate on absorbing energy and breathing into the chakra. Notice the sensations as the chakra begins to open and pull in energy to your body and let that feeling of power and stability wash through your core.

Take a moment to appreciate your body for the ways that it supports you throughout your life.
By following the above given techniques, you will be able to soothe your senses and the working of your Root Chakra. Keeping the chakra in good health is particularly important as it sets the course of your well-being and personality.

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