Theta level of mind is a state beyond that of our normal awareness, and deeper, even, then the relaxed meditative states of Alpha.

While Alpha levels of mind can hone our intuition and happiness, theta provides the energy necessary for deep healing and transformation. This state cannot be reached easily without help, but it is certainly worth any time or effort put into it.

In the slow pulse of theta, the mind is very relaxed or in a state of deep, meditative trance. At this stage, it is possible to open communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. It is the power to access the subconscious that makes this trance-like state so powerful for healing and changing one's life.

Within the subconscious mind, deep-rooted beliefs about the nature of life and our own restrictions stay buried. We cannot access these beliefs in our conscious minds, because we don't know how to look for them. We don't know that a negative belief in the unconscious mind may become a blockage or difficulty in our daily lives.

When we do finally realize we are being limited by a negative belief, the theta level of mind gives us the power to change it. Using a meditative trance, we can access and remold our deep, inner beliefs and overcome limitations. We can also confront past wrongs and things we have been avoiding to create meaningful emotional repairs in our lives and in the lives of others.

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Theta is the natural consciousness of the mind just moments before we drift into deep sleep. In this state, the brain is churning thoughts at at about 4 cycles per second. This is almost as close as we can possibly come to absolute stillness and pure being, and, in this state, we can experience many profound insights and undergo deep emotional and physical restoration.

While each mental state has its own wisdom and benefits, the theta level of mind is special for healing and for tapping into the creativity which exists, naturally, everywhere in the universe. Beautiful ideas, amazing inventions, even powerful artworks can be created out of a mind in a slow, natural, trance-meditation. Used correctly, theta can transform humanity and all the world!

Start working with this deep level of consciousness by meditating on the vastness of the cosmos, keeping the mind and breath slow and focused, and patiently allowing this deep state to come to you. You can also find seminars and guided meditations to help you achieve your goal even faster. Once you have witnessed the power and love available in the theta level of mind, you will be on your way to living a life of pure consciousness.

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