Stick to your resolve in spite of whatever is taking place. For if you don’t, not only will your obstacles linger longer but they will charge towards you.

Just like a dog will attack you if it smells fear in you; obstacles are prone to harass you the most when they sense panic and apprehension. They usually bark first to see if you are a fun person to attack.

If there was a time to down play your fears, your doubts, and your insecurities this is it. Show composure a little longer and you will be left alone. Become apprehensive and fearful of their barks and they will charge at you like an angry dog.

“If you think barks from your obstacles are frightening, you don’t want to see an attack.”
~Andres Lara

Repeat this statement

I remain calm, relaxed, and courageous at all times because I know that a universal force bigger than all forces is always looking out for me.


1-Create Miracles: If you were guaranteed that no matter what you are going through, things will ultimately work out at the end for the best, would that give you some peace of mind? Act as though you have that guarantee and see miracles happen.

2-Choose a Great Attitude: Sometimes life will test your resolve to see what you are made out of. It’s on this crucial moment that you will pave a road ...a road towards a great life or a miserable one. Here is clue....the first step, on the road towards that grand existence you always wanted, is choosing a great attitude.

3-See Great Things: A challenge is nothing more than an opportunity to practice a great attitude. Ask yourself “What’s great about my current situation?” If you cannot see anything will keep furnishing these opportunities till you do. Start seeing great things in everything that happens and see how your life will change for the best.

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Homeless at 16...Millionaire at 26. Andres is the author of the book “Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within” which is published in Korea, Africa, and USA. His second book “How To Stay Motivated During Difficult Times” is also an international success. For more information visit