A lot of people who are trying to quit smoking often turn to vapes. Cigarettes are paper rolls filled with shredded tobacco. When one hears about vaping or e-cigarette people often make the mistake of thinking that it is a more advanced or high tech form of a cigarette, which is absolutely not true. Electronic cigarettes or vaping devices serve the purpose of replacement of cigarettes or to help people quit smoking. You can easily buy Vape online or find a stationary store in you city. Unlike cigarettes which along with nicotine also burn toxic amalgamation of chemicals, vaping devices do not contain nicotine. However, vaping devices also have their own set of hazards. As much as one would like to be concerned about the over usage of vaping devices if one is trying to quit smoking, there are things that one shouldn’t say to someone who vapes. We have compiled a list of the same.

The liquid inside your vaping device is hazardous

A lot of people are under the confusion of the substance used in electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. The liquid inside is not some kind of oil, and even though it has not been proven that it is absolutely hazard free, and some regulations keep to a check on the constituents of the liquid that is being used in your vaping devices. All e-liquids in your vaping devices should constitute - PG, VG, Nicotine and flavourings.

Vaping devices are more addictive than smoking

It is important to note that vaping devices are made to serve the purpose of helping people quit smoking therefore by its fundamental rule it is made in such a way with substances that help you combat your smoking addiction. Even though prolonged usage of vaping devices is not very healthy, vaping devices do not get you addicted to them. More often than not, people who are vehemently against smoking and do not understand the intricacies of withdrawal symptoms and how quitting isn’t just as simple as the word. People tend to build up their facts and own hypothetical studies and come up with concepts about how vaping devices are more addictive than actual cigarettes. Various studies have proven how the substance does not cause addiction and only a tiny percentage of people in the conducted surveys, have mentioned how they are addicted to vaping or electronic cigarettes.

Vaping isn’t any cheaper than cigarettes

Yes, it’s true that vaping devices are very expensive especially in comparison to cigarettes. However, given how it helps the addicts combat tobacco addiction, vaping devices and electronic cigarettes are a good investment for the same. Also, even though the refills are expensive too, these refills last longer than your average pack of cigarettes. So, if somebody bombards you with comments on how vaping isn’t cheaper and how you do not actually save a lot, you can let them know that it is helping you quit and everyone has hobbies. Whether you use vaping devices to help you with the addiction or just as part of your hobby, everyone is allowed to spend some on what they like doing, irrespective of how expensive it is.

Quitting is easy, and you do not need the support of anything else to replace your need

As much as it is true that some people are talented enough or have a stronger will that helps them easily quit substances that they were previously addicted to, not everyone can do it as quickly even though they might really want to. There is nothing wrong with seeking help either in the form of devices or therapy to quit the addiction, and it doesn’t make you a weaker person by any means. Usually, the withdrawal symptoms of any form of addiction make it even more difficult for people to quit and is one of the major reasons of people going back to it, despite their repeated attempts to quit. Using devices that emulate the act of smoking, such as vaping devices or electronic cigarettes help you slowly get yourself of the addiction by still continuing it in a way. It also doesn’t immediately reduce your tobacco addiction but reduces your need for it gradually. However, despite knowing and using it as something that might help you quit, there are chances that you might continue vaping. Prolonged use of vaping devices has very minimal but definite health hazards. Everything is good to use as long as you can use it judiciously.

False reports about the inflammability of electronic cigarettes

Anybody who has a piece of basic knowledge about how e-cigarettes operate would know that there is a liquid inside the device, which on the heating of a coil, that is connected to a set of batteries, produce a vapour or what you see as smoke from vaping devices. There are false reports on how the liquid used in these devices are inflammable. It is essential to know and research thoroughly and also check out any cheap vaping deals online if you wish to use vaping devices so that no false report can mislead you.

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